How to Get Bigger Muscles (VERY SAFELY!!)

How to Get Bigger Muscles (VERY SAFELY!!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Look, if you’re going to get bigger you’ve
got to make sure you do the big lifts. The thing is, you’d better make sure you do them
safely. As a physical therapist I make sure that I don’t teach you just how to do the
big lifts, but how you do them safely. For instance, one of the things you’ve got
to be doing if you want to start building a bigger back, better legs; you’ve got to
deadlift. The think about the deadlift is you want to make sure that your lower back
is in the right position. So when we’re here in the deadlift we push. We start with our legs – not with our back
– and we come back down and it’s the same thing. See, lead with your legs, never with
your hips. When you come to the top you always finish in full extension, okay? Same thing
if you’re going to be pulling. Then you’ve got to make sure that you push. A big lift here, the incline barbell bench
press. I like the inclined press because it allows us to do a little bit more for the
upper chest, which tends to be a little bit weaker for most people. So you load up the
plate, then what you want to do is, you want to get inside and make sure you’re focusing. Not just on what’s in front of your body when
you’re pressing, but what’s behind your body. For here, when you press you’d better be aware
of what your shoulder blades are doing. They have to sit down and back. You literally want
to squeeze your shoulder blades down and back to provide the stability for you to be able
to press off a stable base. Just like that. Of course, we’re not done
pressing because one of the things we could do to give us a total body press is a thruster.
Again, now we’re going to focus the press a little bit more onto our shoulders and at
the same time, incorporate our legs into the move so we can make it a little bit more explosive. With a thruster, what you want to do is never
lose your thoracic extension. The second you start rounding here is the day the thruster
died. So what you want to do is keep your elbows up, keep them there, and head straight
down toward your knees, from there, and press up. What it also allows you to do is tie the
legs in with it so you can be explosive just like that. Explosive, like that. Next we’re back to pulling
again. You probably can tell I love bar curls. It is an exercise that you can load up. The
thing about it is, you can do it cheaper version of the barbell curl, which allows you to overload
the eccentric, as I always like to tell you to do. So what we do is, we cheat up on the
positive portion. We lean a little bit forward and we cheat
just to vertical. So up, and I continue to curl, and down slow. Up, continue to curl,
and down slow. We don’t want to lean back. If we do that we’re going to lose our balance
and bad things can happen. Now, we still have another one for the upper body that allows
us to continue this onslaught of heavier exercises because we’re going to do a dip. But we’re not just going to do a regular dip.
We’re going to load the dip. We can do that with what I always use here. This is a dog
leash. It’s really easy. Sort of like a home weight belt. Get it right inside, step in,
step in, hang it from your hips, come up top, now from here, the key here is the position
of the shoulder; how low you’re going. I don’t want you going down this low. What
you want to do is, you want to press from higher. So with all that weight beneath you,
you come down, you lean in about 90 degrees at the elbow, and you press back out from
there. Just like this. Never any lower than that, or you’re going to endanger your shoulder,
okay? But we’re not done yet because what we have
is the opportunity to actually do something that most people don’t consider. That is,
you want to finish off with the muscles that nobody likes to train because that’s what
keeps everything healthy. For us, those muscles that no one cares about? The rotator cuff. We never let the rotator cuff go ignored.
You could do it so easy, and so simply with just a piece of tubing. External rotation,
elbow stays tucked. What I see wrong all the time is people lead with their elbows. That
turns into a side lateral raise. You want to keep your elbow tucked to the
side, right here, working on the external rotators of your shoulder, and counteract
all that internal rotation. So, the fact of the matter is, here at ATHLEANX we don’t
just train like athletes, we train safely. If you want to start looking like an athlete
you’ve got to train like an athlete, but you also have to stay healthy. Every day that
you’re out of the gym because you’re injured is one less day you’re going to grow. I hope
you guys found this helpful. If you’re looking for a complete training
program that will guide you through every single day, that’s the ATHLEANX training system
over at In the meantime, I hope you found this video helpful. I’ll be back
here again in just a few days.

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  1. Is this a dream? When I wake up i will check if this comment is still here. If yes I should stop eating granma's special mushroom sup…

  2. I loved it Jeff but it was a little distracting. I was trying to listen but the Pokémon demanded my attention

  3. hey Jeff, i loved this video, and the sense of humor by adding Pokemon!!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  4. I pulled some ribs doing sissy weight deads. Sad part is I can't even brag about the weight. "Bro.. I was like dead lifting like….. 500lbs bro.." Lol. Now it's been over 2 weeks out of the gym and I know I got fatter and weaker than before. 😣

  5. Hi Jeff love your channel, great information. Any chance of doing a different video, on training chest and back at the same time please. Rip it both ways. Which is how I like to train a lot, chest and back together and then arms together, which I've had great results. However you have opened my eyes to realise variety is the key, so now I like to even mix my bro splits not all the time but every now and then. I'm training at home, smith machine, Lat pull down machine ( high low cable ), variety of bars , 2 X sets of adjustable dumb bells, chin up and dip bar, and now I've also incorporated bands into my workouts from your advice. Thanks ever so much for the awesome channel.
    Adrian from Australia…

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