How to Get Bigger Shoulders (LIGHT WEIGHTS!)

How to Get Bigger Shoulders (LIGHT WEIGHTS!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, We’ve all heard the phrase before. “If you want to get big, you’ve got to lift
big.” Today I’m going to show you how getting a
little bit weaker is going to allow you to get big, or at least feel as if you’re getting
weaker, which is going to allow you to get big. When it comes to training shoulders, specifically
– we’re talking about getting bigger shoulders – you want to know how to lift both heavy
weights and light weights. The light weights are going to require that
you leave your ego at the door. I assure you this: if you do what I show you
here today you’re going to get bigger shoulders. Let’s start here with a big lift. Let’s say it’s a push press. Why does this concept work? Because on a push press, if I’m going to do
this exercise it is not just my shoulders. I’ve got a jammer here, you can be doing it
with a push press or the bar. If I’m going to get this implemented up, over
my head then I’m going to need much more than my shoulders. I’m going to need my shoulders to contribute,
I need my triceps to contribute, I need a little bit of my upper chest to contribute,
I need my core, and I even need my legs. So if I’m going to move this sucker
you can see there’s a lot going on to get up there. So can I increase my strength on this exercise,
and therefore get my shoulders to get bigger over time? Of course, but it requires a lot of step by
step, small progressions to be able to improve my strength here. On the contrary, if I were to check my damn
ego at the door and go grab some dumbbells and do something that is going to more effectively
isolate the shoulders I can actually increase my shoulder strength. Now, I said ‘more effectively isolate my shoulders’. That doesn’t mean going and grabbing the heavy
dumbbells and doing side lateral raises where I start bringing my traps into it, bringing
my arms into it, bringing my back and momentum into it. What we want to do is do a zero momentum exercise. So I’m going to come all the way down here
to 15s for a side lateral raise. Now, how do we do it? It’s so important. Listen to the details here. As I go to raise these dumbbells up I’m not
– the first move is not this. The first move is not this. It’s not this, with the bending of the arm. If I keep my arms straight what I’m going
to do is I’m going to lift my arm out to the side by initiating the contraction from here,
to here. Right in the delt. You can see the delt from here, to here. I’m going to just initiate the contraction
like that. Okay? Now to ensure we have zero momentum, stop
halfway. You’re going to have fun with this. Take whatever weight you normally do this
exercise with, and then cut it in half, and then see how many reps you can do. You’re going to instantly see – you’ll feel
weaker – but you’re going to get stronger. If I go halfway, right here and I stop, the
contraction is, right now, in the side delt. As much as I can possibly make it. Now I’ve got to initiate from there. This is the hard part. From a zero momentum state with tension already,
I come up to the top. Finger positioning is important here. Pinkies are down, thumbs are up. Now, come down halfway – oh, don’t go down
all the way. From here, go back up again. This is 15lbs and I am struggling mightily
to perform one rep. It’s obviously one and a half, or more reps,
but I now have to go into my next rep. Initiate. Strictly from the deltoid if I can. Stop for a second. Re-initiate up to the top. Really difficult. Come down halfway. Come back up again, and then down. The muscularity that you can develop from
this approach is off the charts. Why? Because I’m actually directing the tension
into the muscle for, probably, the first time that you’ve ever done this exercise. Most of the time you’re distributing it amongst
all the other muscles that were helping you. Not to mention, momentum. So the overall impact that you have on your
shoulder is that you can increase the strength, specifically to the deltoid, by cutting down
all that crappy reps that you’ve been doing, focused more on driving the tension into the
muscle itself, and now, over time, I’ll start to see “Wow! Maybe it is 15s I started at.” But I’ve got a lot more room to grow. I could get into the 20s after doing this
for a few workouts to start building that strength. Then up to the 25s. Now I take the increased shoulder strength
that I got from using those light weights and I head back to that exercise again. And we’re doing this for every other muscle
group, too. When I get back over there, if my core is
stronger from training it in this fashion. If my legs are stronger from training it this
way. If my upper chest is stronger from training
it this way. If my triceps are stronger from training it
this way, and I get under that bar; I’m going to be way stronger on that exercise. You’re going to be able to transfer your individual
strength of the contributing muscles to the compound movement when you get back over there. And now you’re hitting it from both sides
of the equation and you’re going to start to see some real gains. So please, guys, leave your ego at the door. Focus more on driving tension into the muscle
you’re actually trying to grow and the results will be remarkable. It’s going to make a huge difference on how
you start to look and more importantly, it’s going to start to build your confidence on
the actual strength you have in your muscles. It can be humbling. It was for me, but I assure you, over time
it’s going to be what you need to be doing. Guys, if you’re looking for a program that
puts the science back in strength, trains you so that you can get the best results over
a 90 day span of time; head to and get our ATHLEANX training system. In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what you want me to cover here
and I’ll do my best in the days and weeks ahead. See you.

100 Replies to “How to Get Bigger Shoulders (LIGHT WEIGHTS!)”

  1. One exercise, trash video man. Wish you would put workouts in the description instead of 100 paragraphs.

  2. some peoples also says that jeff can even ripped his muscles by drawing muscles fibres over his skin with black marker

  3. Can someone help? How long should you pause halfway in between? And I used to do 15 lbs with bent arms and swinging a little towards end of sets, i now do 5 lbs the way this video reccomended but I still feel a lot of work being done by my lats, any suggestions?

  4. Omg.. .this one is very hard. Can only make it 7x per rep with 15lb. 😩
    I think I'm doing wrong a bit. Feels like my tips of Delts are working more. Eh..

  5. i discoverd that method some time ago, i do it with 5 – 7.5 kgs per side. it is growing slowly, but its growing, that awesome steelropes. 😉

  6. I was doing this excercise with 10kg's (22 pounds) and felt that I had trouble keeping a perfect stable form, so I then dropped to 6kg (15 pounds) and I felt ashamed of going so low. But jeff makes me not give a shit about going so low 💪

  7. Alot of people at the gym where I go to misses shoulder, abs and legs workouts. They have good uppers but skinny legs and most of them you see wearing trousers not shorts lol

  8. So is he saying to flip flop low/heavy weights in one setting Or having a low weight day and heavy weight day?

  9. It's all about technique and listening to your body. It's taken me 18months to see a difference. I could only do 3 press ups to start with….I had to force myself to do 1 extra a week. Now I can do 100. Diet sleep and plenty of water. Just a natural diet boy is it hard work. I still do not look like any of these guys on here.

  10. This is a great exercise to do at home so you can look like a puny weakling without an audience !!

  11. Hi Mr Jeff, I ask you a question that bothers me. Is it Alright if I do that alternately??? I hope you notice me…

  12. So Good Thanks! My traps are always activated and messes up my shoulder workouts so I have overall under developed delts comparatively. This has been a revelation! I do it at home and not the gym tho 😂

  13. Hi JEff, thank you so much for your videos. Always inspiring 🙂
    Is this safe to do for persons with rotator cuff injury? I have muscle tear on my rotator cuff from playing badminton and suffering from popping at times when I raise my hand or take some stuffs to shoulder height.

  14. Jeff plz tell me if we feel some tension like a muscle tear has happened on any part of d anterior deltoid
    Should we perform the front raise with dumbells?

  15. An easy trick here is cutting off your arms before performing this exercise. It makes the movement more efficient and you can perform many more reps.

  16. How about a video of guillitine(bench) press, vs decline dumbell press vs cable or band crossovers for overall activation of chest.

  17. Jeff you are the dopest trainer I’ve seen on social media and your style works incredibly precise thanks man👍🏾

  18. Having what seems like both shoulder joints being weak, cracking/popping, in pain somewhat everyday, I've gotta figure out what to do. I've stopped doing any shoulder excercises for about a year now, and just started doing some light weights, I wanna get back to doing isolated exercises again to build them back up.

  19. "Check your ego at the door…"

    Jeff's insanely ripped. He could be lifting pillows at the gym and no one's going to question his manhood.

  20. Legend says that Thanos lost his infinity stones because one day Jeff found Thanos internally rotating his shoulders

  21. So if i want to work on 3 muscle groups, lets say, chest, triceps, shoulders. Should i have like a 1 group of workouts with all 3, or should i knock out that one muscle group with just lifts that pertain to that one muscle group?

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