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  1. Ive found out that alot of whole grain and soy milks…got bad fats, coconut water brteaks fats to and it has vitamins because is natural 🙂

  2. proud to be a vegetarian that gets enough of these proteins hhaha!! Lots of nuts, beans, whole grains, milk, yogurt, eggs, and lots of veggies!!

  3. U all here are making some pervert comments linked with protein and I don't understand why???
    are you all weird perverts or is there something I don't understand because I'm not English?

  4. 0.8g of protein per kg of body weight is the formula used to determine how much protein is needed per day by the average person

  5. @jminzey1

    Yes chicken is meat, but unfertilized eggs (ex. Store-bought) do not have pieces of chicken in it o_0

  6. ovo-vegans dont exist, vegans dont eat any animal products, that would be an ovo-vegetarian, such as me.

  7. Some people don't believe that the actual fetus is a living organism yet. I get plenty of protein by eating macadamian nuts, legumes and whole grain oats and basmati brown rice also hummus and Greek yogurt. If I avoided any of these things as a vegetarian, I find myself weak and without energy. I have to eat these things EVERY day to find myself just as strong if not stronger than a meat eater. I also take lots of supplements and herbs. I'm trying to stop eating eggs though its a transition.

  8. I also eat carrot juice every morning. I tried 20 attempts to become a vegetarian and didn't get it right until I started reading extensively about it. I think the best vegetarians are southern indians. I got this book called "Dakshin: vegetarian cuisine from south india" I started following the recipes and making sure I eat fresh greens and plenty of fruits and I feel amazing. I also eat nuts everyday. I'm a female mma fighter and have been winning all my tournaments every since.

  9. When I was just eating tofu and meat supplements I found myself weaker and my skin was getting dry but every since I started doing this my skin is much brighter and I have my old muscle tone back. Sorry for the rant. Lol.

  10. I'm going to save so much money being a vegetarian! I'll take a note from my aunt and eat seafood so I'll be a half vegetarian!

  11. I was just scrolling through the comments and noticed there was a bit of confusion about whether or not eggs count as "meat."

    Commercially produced eggs — a.k.a the kind in the grocery stores — are non-fertilized, meaning they would not be able to hatch a viable chick even if anyone attempted to incubate them properly. A new multi-cellular organism produced via sexual reproduction can only happen when you have the sperm and the egg — then at that point, the egg turns into an embryo. The old saying, "It takes two" applies very accurately in biology and sexual reproduction. Birds like chickens will lay unfertilized eggs in much the same way that mammals drop an unfertilized egg during menstruation, because their bodies are naturally making way for fresh new eggs to be potentially fertilized. That's why pregnant women don't have periods! (during pregnancy, I mean.) With a little knowledge of basic biology and manufacturing processes, we can eliminate such misconceptions.

    In principle, vegetarians are allowed to eat anything that does not come directly from a slaughtered animal, and are allowed to consume animal products that do not result in the death of an animal — which is why traditional vegetarian cultures like Southern India enjoy animal products such as yogurt as part of their diet. Vegans, however, typically do their best to avoid any foods made with animal products, by-products, or animal tissue, so essentially, their diets are more strict in comparison.

    In conclusion, no baby animals are harmed when eating the egg itself unless is has been fertilized into an embryo; an egg from the grocery store is not a "baby chicken," but animal tissue that might have been used by the body to create a baby chicken. However, some people may object to the conditions in which the eggs are collected or manufactured (read up about it, if you want), so some vegetarians and definitely vegans will object to eating them.

    I hope that clears up some confusion.

  12. Soy is beyond the worst thing for men. Plz do your research. Why do I find most vegans look pale and sick.
    Hey, to each is own though.

  13. I'm 15 and I've been a vegetarian for almost two years. I don't want to go back to eating meat but I'm starting to lose a lot of hair and I'm getting wrinkles…

  14. THANK YOU! I haven't told my mom and dad i'm vegetarian yet, because my mom gets mad at me when i don't eat my meat. She says i will get "Anemic" so, i'm here. Wish me luck to tell my parents i'm vegetarian!

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