How to get stronger muscles ( 5 mistakes your probably making)

How to get stronger muscles ( 5 mistakes your probably making)

The title ” How to get stronger muscles ( 5 mistakes your probably making) ” muscles now five mistakes you’re
probably making when it comes to building strength long term and
optimizing your training plan to get the the strongest amount you can and break your
fitness limits faster this is Nicholas Dettinger hope you have a great day
Awakendgainz! the number one mistake you’re probably making is overdoing how much
the volume you have in your training routine and training plan volume is one of those
perfect triangles when it comes to training volume sets reps weight all of
them intertwined to create damage and muscular tension for your muscles to
grow this also has the caveat that volume is one of those ones that’s like
weight can be very tricky when it comes to balancing in our properly long term
volume is one of those ones that if you overdo it long term you can have the
greatest amount of recovery that affects your life volume
basically means the steps time threats equals the total amount of work you do
in a workout let’s say your average workout is an hour and a half and you
start adding more volume line to make your transition to two hours to get more
accessory movements in to help you fill in the gaps your training that you might
not be doing by not adding compound movements the effects of added volume do
not correlate linearly with muscle mass gains or even strength gains because you
have to be able to recover from the work that you do in order to even get a
benefit if you don’t recover from the work you do you’re just wasting your
time to come through training this has the added effect of also causing the
most amount of burnout when it comes to exercise because you don’t see the
results you’re trying to get Plus if you continually add more volume and you
don’t see a benefit you might have the trick of adding more volume over time to
see if you can get more of a benefit because you’re like well I can just add
more to the problem and it’ll go away the second mistake you’d be making when
it comes to your training to lower the amount of strength you’ll be having is
not incorporating imagery type training imagery training is one I haven’t talked
about a lot on this channel but it’s essentially active meditation when it
comes to building adaptations for movements you actively imagine your mind
this has the added effect of increasing your muscle mass activity from your mind
to your muscles while also helping you strengthen your motor pathways when it
comes to the techniques you do for your training this has the added benefit of
being able to be done during your exercises so you don’t waste time in the
gym and also can be done after exercising
let’s say on rest days to actually help a ward off muscle atrophy let’s say you
are working out for two to three weeks because of family plans something
happened you couldn’t go to the gym work was really busy if you were doing
imagery type training studies have shown it can ward off muscle atrophy in the
long term programming imagery type training it’s very easy
essentially in between your workout sets or maybe right before you do a big lift
close your eyes imagine that movements imagine the key points of it how the
weight feels how your muscle feels how your muscles phone.there contracting at
the peak and minimum points if every lift and the overall emotions you feel
all the time doing this over and over can help build an image in your mind ie
imagery training and when you get better you can add color add clarity increase
the sharpness add more detail add no ways to the effects all of it creates
these perfect image essentially this YouTube video in your mind to get you
better and stronger at your lifts imagery training also has the added
effect of increasing muscle activity one from the brain so you can actually have
a higher muscle tone and your muscles because you’re so in tuned with them
that you could have a higher resting bicep tension to have maybe a larger
bicep bulge or maybe veins popping up more but that also depend on your body
weight and your fat levels so if that really isn’t a huge thing but it could
be true this is also specially true if maybe
potentially activating higher types of muscle fibers like type X fibers without
doing so much exertion or having to warm up as much you can do higher amounts of
your force output right off the bat the third mistake you could be making is
neglecting recovery practices recovery practices are there to help you recover
from that exercise you’re doing to help you get better at better your sport you
have your regular sports training you have your regular weight training that
you’re trying to make better your sport but you’re not able to even recover from
the sports training you’re adding weight training it’s a recipe for disaster to
come to strength and even performance because your body’s they start to
plateau and regress to save itself to save its muscle mass and so neglecting
those practices to get you faster stronger your lifting is going to hurt
you very hard in the long term so what a recovery type practices the big three I
like talk about most is ice bath therapy my
fashion will release and massage therapy ice bath is really easy if you basically
just do it jump into cold baths or maybe take a cold shower after your exercising
your lifting to help you add blood flow to areas decrease inflammation and also
have an increased mental confidence when it comes to exercising because you do
want a cold shower man you’re gonna have some mental toughness coming out of it
the second one myofascial release is really good to have especially in the
foots and ankles and it can even relieve muscle or tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow
myofascial release is essentially taking a baseball or a type of object digging
into muscle mass or fashion and helping to spread around tension to alleviate
inflammation and damaging tissues that could be building at the time this is
most often seen with holding a baseball underneath your foot and rubbing it
around your foot to help relieve some tension in your ankle third massage
therapy bug your girlfriend bug your boyfriend bug your family get a little
massage or even take the 60 bucks or I get a gift coupon for 40 bucks for an
hour and take the massage once a month just to help de-stress yourself and know
that getting and relaxing sensation focusing on recovery adding meditation
even keeping your muscle mass and strength progress consistent of the long
the fourth mistake you could be making when it comes to your strength training
or even muscle mass journey is neglecting compound lifts compound lifts
are one of the perfect and recipes for a building athletic looking body and
overall a better overall muscle build in general because comp remove minuta lies
multiple different muscles perform the same activity they don’t necessarily hit
a muscle better than let’s say a unilateral moving one so let’s compare
it to chin-ups versus the bicep curl chin ups activate biceps brachii even
triceps when you go long even when triceps when you relaxed down the end
portion of lift your rear delts your overall shoulder girdle they’re amazing
for building a whole overall structure while the ice of curl is much better
targeting your actual bicep breaky but the thing is but what a thing is if
you’re doing a training do your compound lifts first and if you do compound list
properly you’re gonna be pretty much tired when it comes to those extra
exercises and you really need that many to overall get a
good really work out afterwards the biggest benefit is that you overall bill
stabilizing muscles the muscle bulk in an area proportional to other sub parts
of your body so it comes to adding more weight on during a squat or adding more
weight to your bench press you have a stronger shirt or girdle and a stronger
back together in the same exercises you don’t have to do multiple different you
know that exercise are multiple different dumbbell variations just to
get the same amount of actual volume you can get from practicing your chin ups or
practising push-ups edge of compound movement the fifth and final tip I could
give for you to get stronger muscles and mistakes you’re probably making is not
incorporating posh training paws training is just how it sounds it’s when
you take a lift you pause at certain ranges of motion during that lift to
augment the effects of that type of exercise there are three main areas on a
lift that you can probably pause the beginning the end and the middle both
those have different leverages associated with them for this instance
I’ll use the squat pause squats are an amazing activity
especially in the recovery days to get a huge amount of muscle activation
adaptations and build strong athletic muscles pause training allows you to
also increase metabolic activity in an area because it forces your mind to
activate the muscles tectonically tend to tonic tightness activation which is
awesome when it comes to building metabolic activity also when it comes to
it makes every rep much harder to do so you can actually make your reps you
don’t have to always increase weight and sets because you reduce the stretch
reflex when it comes to doing let’s say the pause squat we squat at the bottom
and you squat all the way back up top that’s a very hard lift to do and so
it’s much harder to do all in all there are hundreds of tips for you to get
stronger especially it comes to muscle mass and building muscle but for this
one this was five common mistakes you could be making that are hurting your
progress in the gym and you can optimize this for your training plan to get a
better I got to get better at exercising I hope you had a great day in burkas
limits it’s been Nicolas Detinger if you liked it please like comment subscribe
and it break your face limits together Title ” How to get stronger muscles ( 5 mistakes your probably making) ” Awakendgainz !

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