How To High Protein Meal Prep As A Vegan | Bikini Bodybuilding

How To High Protein Meal Prep As A Vegan | Bikini Bodybuilding

alright guys we’re not going to reinvent the wheel on this breakfast these are just your basic oats with chia seeds over you can top them with anything that you like but what you see me doing here is creating a chili mocha roasted chickpea which was of course inspired by Starbucks new chili mocha drink and I add that because it gives it a really nice flavor and crunch and of course it’s much more protein packed into your breakfast this way okay like everybody else in the world I’m obsessed with sriracha so here is some garlic sriracha fried rice I’m just going to take tofu mash it up add all of the ingredients that you see below make sure that you get a little bit you know so that it’s kind of crispy like so you get those little pieces like you get in a traditional fried rice dish as you see here and then what you’re going to do you have to have to add fresh garlic to this dish so just mash that up you know you can cut it by hand but if you have a little chopper even better and then you just want to add whatever vegetables I used peas and shredded carrots but you can add anything that you like throw that into the pan and let those just kind of simmer in just like a little water or soy sauce and then add in the rice mix it all together depending on how crispy you like your rice that’s how long you let it cook add the tofu at the last minute and you are ready to go top with spring onion okay chilli cilantro avocado quinoa is protein packed and delicious you need really ripe avocados for this so just go ahead and scoop them out and cut them up and then you’re going to add fresh lime and you’re going to mix all of that together now obviously you just need quinoa and then you’re gonna mix in fresh cilantro get that good and mix together I chilled it and then I added the lime and avocado mixture put it all together and you have magic okay guys I know it’s going to take a leap of faith but this soup is worth it so you’re going to boil some mirlitons and then take any kind of white bean and vegetable stock put it in a blender and you’re going to puree that for two cycles through chill the mirlitons Brown the onion take fresh mushrooms throw those in with the onion you’re going to peel the mirlitons cube those and roast them in the oven ingredients are in the downbar below then you’re going to allow that mushroom mixture to simmer for about 20 minutes because you want it to get nice and thick you’re going to add a flour again listed below add the white beans stir them in throw in the mirlitons mix and I promise you this stuff is magic but do not forget to add liquid smoke because it really gives it that smoky winter flavor that is just irresistible alright guys if you do not know what jackfruit is it’s one of the most versatile and amazing vegan meat replacements I’m unable to find mine locally so I just order on Amazon and the price is really good that’s what it looks like right out of the can so you can see why it’s a really good barbecue meat substitute I spoke mine in water just to get rid of excess sodium and then put in the pan at barbecue sauce and spices and simmer on low for 30 minutes for the coleslaw portion I just bought pre-shredded coleslaw because I felt like I was preparing most of my stuff anyway add lemon vegenaise and then of course you’re going to mash up some fresh avocado because this is going to give it a really creamy consistency and you’re just going to throw that in the bowl hi Ava and then if you’re lucky you have a little helper to help you mix and that is your vegan coleslaw it is so good and then you are just going to put both of these on toasted ciabatta bread and enjoy I hope you guys enjoyed this bye

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  1. !i love it NEW VEGAN. . NEW SUBBIE FROM JAMAICA. yayyyyyy. i just started vlogging myself i try to show jamaica as much as i can. i cant wait to see more.

  2. Wow!! These look delicious! Especially like how you added avocado/lime to your quinoa! Sounds like a super yummy way to get protein! I am a new subscriber following along on your journey!

  3. I love your channel!! I didn't realize you can order canned jackfruit!! I am getting some today, thank you so much!!

  4. Hey guys, if you have questions or suggestions about vegan meal prep, please leave them in the comments section below or tag me at #askRL. I always include all of the products that I use in my videos in the description box above. Thanks for spending a few minutes with me and I will see you in the next video.

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