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  1. Radu plec din tara cateva saptamani. crezi ca o sa pierd puterea la sala sau masa musculara in timpul asta?(3 saptamani) nu am posibilitatea de a merge la sala acolo unde ma duc, as putea doar sa fac ceva flotari. Mersi pentru timpul acordat

  2. Radu, I train fasted about 3 times a week. So on the days that I do train, eat in a 300 cal surplus & the days that I don't, eat in a 300 cal deficit? Just want to be clear.

  3. Hi Radu, such a great video as always! Even if it's not related to this topic, i'd like to ask which are your top 5 books (all kind) and how do they "impacted" your life or your way to think. Maybe it would be a good topic for one of your videos!
    Greetings from Italy 🙂

  4. Bravo Raducu!
    Foarte interesant articol, mai ales pentru mine, momentan sunt la cut, doar cu dieta si inot, inca ma supara hernia de disc, din ianuarie-februarie vreau sa incep si antrenamentele, incerc pe cat posibil sa pastrez masa musculara si sa slabesc, insa de la inot s-au evidentiat si umerii si spatele :))))

  5. Hey Radu very good video.Could you do a video about who is a beginner or intermediate lifter? Do you use strength standards to classify beginers/intermediates or how many months/years of Weight lifting ?

  6. Thanks Radu, you are now my top fitness youtuber. l been following Matt otis, loa, Chris jones, Hodge twins (hipper quits), Cali Muscle, CT fletcher, Brandon Carter, Marc lobliner, Mike Rashid, and Rich Piana to name a few. But Now, when i launch youtube your videos are the ones i look for first! Great Videos, your on the right Path! And just so you know, I been watching those other guys for Years! Oh and Greg Ogalegher is my number 2 now.

  7. If you see recomposition – means your training scheme is on point.
    I see like most weak guys care waay too much about "bulk and cut" shit and don't gain muscle in the process cause they don't lift properly in the first place. No gains.

  8. Radu,I'm 38 years old, 5'9" 190lbs.  I follow a full body routine 3 times a week consisting of military press 3×5, squat 3×5, pull ups 3×5, deadlift 1×5 and incline bench 3×5.  On my off days I take a 30-45 min walk.  I calculated that my maintenance is 2500 calories so I figured:training days 2900 caloriesoff days 2200 calories.  Does that look about right?  Love your videos.

  9. Hey Radu, I really like your channel, great videos and a lot of content. I was curious to know why you advocate training 3 times a week only? Is it because Greg does it? I'm not a big fan of this approach to be honest. I think It kind of reinforces the idea that working out is a chore, and that you should seek to spend the least amount of time in the gym to get your results. This won't really help people cultivate the love for the process, and just enjoy being in the gym and lifting weights. Do you really only train three times a week? Other than that great stuff! Peace

  10. I have tried the 3 day method in the past but nothing happened or changed, I'm now convinced that you can't change body composition by staying the same weight

  11. Great as always, Radu. You're a truly inspirational guy and I've been reading your free pdf docs. They're fantastic. You are the Professor IMHO. I wish you all the success, chocolate bars and oven baked fries in the world 😉 I'm currently using the info. I've got from you and Greg to drop fat and gain muscle. I'm stage 2, I have lifting experience but never really put the whole equation together, so I'm cutting hard until I get the abs out, then I'm going Greek God! Wish me luck!

  12. Very very well made video! I have a question. I am a fan of intermittent fasting and like to work out first thing in the morning in the fasted state. Right after I lift, I eat a shit ton of food. Is this optimal? because you mentioned placing your workouts WITHIN your feeding windows, as opposed to fasted states. thanks!

  13. Thanks for this excellent and informative video Radu, which confirms what I have found from personal experience using calorie cycling and a mild average weekly deficit. Body recomposition can definitely work, provided there is some body fat to lose. No need for traditional bulk/cut cycles.

  14. Haven't watched the video yet, but I think the sensible answer is "you don't have to, just gain muscle weight and keep fat weight the same and body fat percentage will go down."

    Also, insulin resistance intrigues me because a few long-lived animals seem to be insulin resistant and Rapamycin, the drug that induces longevity, also causes insulin resistance.

  15. hello radu if my diet is basically protein, i cut off the sugar and eat carbohydrates until the night its possible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time?i mean, with that way its possible to gain weight(that its muscle of course) and get lean at the same time?thank you and nice channel dude..

  16. Ok, so let's say that I decide to go for the fastest route, which is losing fat first and then build muscle, what should I do during the fat loss fase? Should I still lift heavy?

  17. I was on a Winstol and i gained like 10 kilos of muscle and i lose alot of bodyfat and my body weigh was going up it was amazing . Should take winstrol again ? Greatings from Bulgaria

  18. Also I got a question I'm 5'6 and 130 lbs I'm a skinny guy so I'm trying to burn what fat I have and build muscle at least to the point where my abs are visible

  19. Man Radu, you rock! I've made a similar comment on one of your other vids, but even though I know you're not one of the "famous researchers" like Alan Aragon, Brad Schoenfeld, etc., you explain these fitness concepts more clearly than anybody else on the net. Keep up the good work!

  20. Radu, u said daily for lifting add some cals and for rest days minus cals? coz my daily cals were 1500 co basically on my lifting days im going to add 400cals? then rest days stay in my normal cal 1500? thank you bro

  21. Radu, I noticed you avoided the topic of fasted training in the AM. For those who follow your lead and fast in the morning, but want to train before work, about an hour after rising, what do you recommend? The LeanGains model? Thanks

  22. Dude you are awesome man. Something about you and Greg's means of communication and view on life just translates through these videos and connects to me. You have a great gift of intellectually stating your points and making them very concise clear and easy to understand, but at the same time get me emotionally invested in wanting to accomplish my goals with inspiration. Thank you for what you do man, it means a lot. I see you going very far because you are adding so much truthful value to people's lives.

  23. Great video! I am trying to lose body fat. Following the recomp procedure seems to be working for me. Thanks for the info!

  24. Great vid man. I tried the changing of calories on lifting vs not lifting days a couple of years back but didn't have much success. Went for eating the same calories everyday but only eating carbs after 4-5 pm and was able to drop fat and keep muscle no problem (this was always major for me. I'd bulk and get big and then cut and lose a lot of size). My next bulk was at or just above maintenance. I only gained 3-4lbs over 5 months but can't notice any fat gain in progress pics and gained a half inch on my arms. Slow and steady keeps maintaining a lean body so much easier while keeping the gains

  25. I needed this. I am like 13 percent bf skinnyfat but really skinny if I lose much weight I'll be underweight and needed to build muscle and lose fat and I'm a beginner. I was lifting weights at maintenance calories and seeing results but someone told me It couldn't be muscle gains because you need a surplus but now I know what I'm doing is working:)

  26. This might be a dumb question but if someone were to attempt the recomposition, while eating at maintenance and they did not cycle their calories, they just ate at maintenance every day and worked out three days a week, would they achieve the same results or would it not be successful?

  27. I just started following your videos as I have started my body recomposition journey and I find them so so helpful. Just a question, why is having more than 25% deficit a bad thing?

  28. In seven days, I was able to shed more than 10 lbs. Google “sowo hope site” for more info. Due to Google, I could find fantastic plan

  29. My mate we’re talking among each other about their diet program and how much weight they had lost. At first I of course wanted to make this happen and I have dropped a grand total of 13lbs from the “sowo hope site” (Google it). This specific really was a life transformer for me and I feel much healthier.

  30. I'm starting a new plan to workout hard about 8 times a week (with one complete rest day) and target each muscle group about twice a week, and eat a surplus of about 100-200 calories daily. [stats- 57kg, about 11% bf, 17yo, training for about 2 years]. Should I make any changes to this plan? I would rather have a more consistent daily plan rather than cycle every 3 days

  31. ok this is how it is done my mannn…4 to 5 days about 500 cals below maintenance 2 to 3 500 above ! soooo lets say u are at 2500…..that would mean most days 2000…2 to 3 days 3000…amazing recomp

  32. I am currently 5/6 months into body recomp and happy aesthetically with my growth. I have however gained a couple of % of body fat, while at the same time probably looking better than when i started. Is there a way to combat this? Maybe a mini cut?

  33. I’m at highschool, and i know that doing directly lean or bulk would be faster, but i still don’t want to look that skinny at the lean time, so is the difference between direct leaning and bulking to this method considerably faster for taking the risk? How much time difference would there be?
    Hope you answer 😀

  34. will it happen too, im 22% body fat weight 72kg/159lbs. and my end goal is i want to build muscle and lose fat and i want my weight stay to 70-75kgish,… is this possible for me?

  35. I have a question though. What if your body type is ectomorph with a small amount of fat. Can you both lose weight and build muscle? Or you have to take one route only?

  36. Do you need a certain amount of protein while ur on a caloric deficit and tryin to build muscle ?? Or can I just be on a caloric deficit and lift weights and still build muscle without protein ?

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