How to Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle | 3 Easy Steps | NO MAGIC, Pixie Dust, or Potions Required

How to Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle | 3 Easy Steps | NO MAGIC, Pixie Dust, or Potions Required

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47 Replies to “How to Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle | 3 Easy Steps | NO MAGIC, Pixie Dust, or Potions Required”

  1. I definitely agree with the bit about not dropping calories too quickly. Accidentally done this myself a few times but now that I know, I try to make sure others don't make the same mistake.

  2. bro i have been cutting since i started lifting and gained a ton of strenght/muscle and went from 30% bf to 15% right now.
    when you are a beginner you CAN build muscle

  3. Do you recommend leptin shred? It's a pill by mike chang i think…keep up the good video's and i love your honesty👍

  4. Is 1850 calories too low ? i work of weight lifting 6 days a week a bit of cardio and my height is 179cm/5foot9inch and i weight 202pounds/92kg been dieting for 11 months.

  5. Dude, your advises are neat and your research sounds strong. But please stop using those commercial like thumbnails.. Also choose a good background like a gym, so that you seem more reliable! thumbs up

  6. what's best glutamine or whey protein? this question might sound dumb for some but I'm new into going to the gym and I would love more info. and also thanks for the videos bro I already lost 10 pounds thanks to your low carbs video bro. 💪

  7. This guy is like one of the world's best trainers.He should have more subscribers and he helps me so much in building abs/muscle

  8. Thanks bro ,with this video I got all the answers..
    One thing I wanna ask u is glutamine comes in tablet form too?

  9. Hey, I have a question
    If I'm at the point of losing weight and I want to consume 1600 calories a day (I usually get at least). If I assume I did a workout with 300 calories, do I need to eat 1900 calories or keep the remaining calories?

  10. BCAAs aren't going to help even on a cut if you're getting enough protein. Something like 50% protein / 30% fats / 20% carbs. Starting initially high with carbs then dropping maybe 200 carb calories every couple of weeks. This is the proper way to cut without taking a big hit on performance and making sure your body doesn't sacrifice any muscle in the process.

  11. This must be for non-obese. 3 days of cardio seems a little low when trying to lose 100+ lbs. I workout 5 days a week. Cardio 4 days and 3 days of weights. Yes, they over lap.

  12. How come you can find videos of doctors saying you don't lose any muscle mass when fasting. Bottom line is everybody has their own opinion. It's whatever works for the individual person everybody's different.

  13. keto diet with intermittent fasting works really well for bulk cutting for me at least. ive gone down 41.8lbs in almost 5 months, and kept my muscle. ill be working on bulking more while cutting the last fat ive got now. 🙂

  14. Bro is it me or does this guy lie a hella a lot on one of his videos he said he doesn't eat four times a day and that he does intermittent fasting he only eats one time now he's saying he eats four times oh my God

  15. You need calories for muscle, you need to lose calories to lose fat. You lose muscle instead of fat, then you're thin framed and fat. WTF

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