How To Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle (MAINTAIN MAXIMUM MUSCLE MASS!!)

How To Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle (MAINTAIN MAXIMUM MUSCLE MASS!!)

– What’s goin’ on everybody? It’s your boy Tanner
Wideman of Barbarian Body. Today we’re gonna be covering the topic of losing fat while maintaining
as much muscle mass as you possibly can. As always, let’s get
straight into this one. So in order to lose as
much fat as possible, while maintaining as much
muscle mass as possible, we’re obviously going to need to be going through a calorie deficit. However, we don’t want
that calorie deficit to be so severe or so strict that we begin losing our muscle mass. Rather, what we wanna do is go through a less intense deficit that we can prolong over a longer period of time. Hence me releasing this
video in early March so that you guys have a headstart
on that summer physique. And I’m gonna mention, the
way that I’ve structured this calorie deficit for you guys is going to have you absolutely
crushing your workouts. And that’s one of the
most important things that we need to execute here. Yes, we wanna be at a calorie deficit but we do not want that calorie deficit to affect our workouts. We still wanna be going with
as much intensity as possible, if not at the same level
that we were going through when you were in your bulk or when you were eating regularly. Now, for this process,
I’m going to recommend we just start with a 300
daily calorie deficit. This is not going to prevent you from losing your muscular gains and it’s just a good place to start. Obviously, you wanna tweak
this based on your results, but a 300 daily calorie deficit, it’s a pretty good place to start. So the normal way most people
would recommend doing this is just do a 300 calorie deficit
all seven days of the week. Which would give you a total
of a 2100 calorie deficit over the course of an entire week. Take a look at this, this is interesting. So firstly, the blue box as you can see represents that days that
you’re gonna be training. For this particular example, the individual here is gonna be training three times per week, so
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Now the total is still a
2100 calorie weekly deficit, meaning your still gonna be
losing the same amount of fat as if you were doing a
300 calorie daily deficit every single day of the week. Now, you’ll notice that
I’ve changed the structure of the calorie deficit. Tuesdays, Thursdays, those are gonna be a 600 calorie daily deficit. And then Saturdays and Sundays are 450 calorie daily deficit. When it comes to your Monday workout, your Wednesday workout,
and your Friday workout, well that’s just gonna be
the same amount of calories that you’ve been
consuming for however long you’ve been just eating the way that you’re eating right now. This is gonna result in you being able to maximally perform each
and every single one of these workouts and not feel like you’re starving yourself on a daily basis. This is gonna result in
you guys being able to put out a lot more performance
on your training days compared to if you were gonna be in say, a deficit of 300 calories
or even a 400 calorie or 500 calorie daily deficit. Stagger your deficits so that they’re a little bit more strict on the days that you’re not training and
try to up your calories on your training days so that you can maximize
your performance in the gym. And before we get into a little bit more of my strategy here, there’s one thing you guys need to follow. This right here is hugely important when it comes to maintaining
your muscle mass. And what I’m gonna
recommend on a daily basis is to get one to one and a half grams per pound of body weight. The reason I’m recommending you guys to go even up to one and a half grams per pound of body weight is because you guys are in a deficit. So your body’s gonna have a tough time already maintaining the muscle mass. And for some of you guys, actually having one and
a half grams of protein per pound of body weight, will actually yield you
guys a lot of results without you actually
putting on a lot of fat. So I kinda want you guys to gage what’s gonna be the best for you. Peri-workout nutrition. Now, what peri-workout nutrition refers to is your pre-workout nutrition, your during-workout nutrition, and your post-workout nutrition. Now, I don’t really focus too much on the during-workout nutrition. Some guys do, but these
are the guys that are really like super strict
on body building and stuff. Listen, that’s not really me so I’m not really even gonna
be talking about that. When it comes to before the workout, the most important thing
I want you guys to think is to aim to get a majority of your carbs, a high amount of carbs,
before the workout. And when I’m talkin’ about
pre-workout nutrition, we’re talkin’ 60 to 90 minutes before, so that your body has the
time to digest everything and it doesn’t have an
impact on your work outs. Because digestion takes a lotta energy and you don’t want that
process to be going on while you’re trying to train maximal. So the main goal is to try and consume a majority of your carbs
before your workout. This is gonna fuel you up
and give you the resources that you need so that
when you go into the gym, you attack, you go beast mode. As a consequence of this, this is when you’re gonna
be getting, you know, a lot of calories as well, high amount of calories. And we also wanna focus on getting a high amount of protein, as well. Now, here’s a quick example
of a peri-workout nutrition. This is the ideal situation that I personally try to go after. Do I hit this every single time? Absolutely not! A couple of days of the
week, I actually will. Those days I’ll be proud. For the most part, I’m just
trying to follow this structure as closely as I possible can. So from the point that I wake up, which by the way is about 7:30-8
A.M. till about 11:30 A.M. My goal is to get either no carbohydrates or a low amount of carbohydrates. Instead, what I’m going to be focusing on consuming at this point is obviously a high amount of proteins
and then I can throw in some fats in there as well. Things like avocado, peanut butter, and any form of nuts and seeds. Alright, 12 P.M, this is lunch. This is when I’m going to be getting in a little bit more carbohydrates,
a moderate amount. As you can see right here,
my lunch is either going to be a form of a stir
fry with a lot of protein, a lot of meat, and some
vegetables in there. But a moderate amount of carbohydrates, which is going to be either in the form of brown rice or white rice. The carbs here is just to
keep me mentally going. This is just what I feel that
my body best responds to. And then after that lunch, from
about 12:30 P.M. to 5 P.M., again my goal is to get
either no carbohydrates or a low amount of carbohydrates. And then we hit 5:30pm. This is when I’m going to focus on getting a high amount of carbohydrates. Now, you’ll notice that
I’ve planned this meal about an hour, sometimes
it’s an hour and a half, before I get into the gym. This is just so I can give my body the time that it needs to digest, so that when I go into the gym I can go absolutely ape shit. And then essentially
directly after that workout, about 15, 20, 30 minutes after, that’s when again I’m going to focus on getting a high amount of carbohydrates so I can replenish my body
with all of the energy that I just burned off and just consumed. And then directly after
that meal, which is dinner, from about 8pm onto the point where I’m going to be going to sleep, my goal again is to have no carbohydrates or low amount of carbohydrates
for the rest of the day. Now when it comes to your training this is one of the most important things that you guys can do. Track your maxes. Now for those of you
guys who don’t understand what I mean when I say track your maxes, those are exercises, your compound lifts. The big movements, your squats, your deadlifts, your bench
presses, your overhead press. Now the importance of this is very simple. If you’re going to be
going through a deficit, there is a good chance
that you’re likely going to lose a little bit of your muscle mass. Now you want to ensure that you’re losing as minimal muscle mass as possible so the best way to track that is to track your max effort lifts. So whether that’s your one rep max, your three rep max, or your 5 rep max, consistently, week after week, tracking that as you’re
going through your cut. And the main goal of this is to try to maintain those numbers
for as long as possible. And for some of you guys who just learned about peri-workout nutrition right there, you implement that, probably
you’re gonna notice actually that your maxes are going
to go up a little bit because you’re properly
fueled to kill your workout. The main thing to notice is if
you’re bench, your deadlift, you’re overhead press, and you’re squats, for like a single week, they’ve all gone down
by like 20 to 25 pounds, then guess what? The calorie deficit that you were trying, of 500 calories on a daily basis, is a little bit too strict. And you gotta bring it up to about a 400 or even
a 350 calorie deficit. And that’s just something that tends to happen when your deficit
gets a little bit too drastic or if you’re really trying to
cut in a short period of time. Hence, me recommending the
strategy of starting right now, starting as early as possible, and prolonging this cut for
as long as you possibly can, so you guys can maintain and
hang onto as much muscle mass as you humanly can. So there you guys go. That concludes today’s video. I hope I was able to present a lot of information for you guys. And if you made it this far in the video, then be sure to leave a comment down below and let me know exactly what this is so one, I can see who made it this far, and two, we can throw off everybody else in the comment section when they go, why is everybody commenting cactuses in Barbarian Body’s video? I’ve always got some random
shit for you guys to comment. If you guys enjoyed the video then be sure to smash that
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joining me, you guys. I’ll see you all in the next video.

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