How To Lose Weight Fast With The Fruit And Protein Diet

How To Lose Weight Fast With The Fruit And Protein Diet

how to lose weight fast with a fruit and
protein diet given that most people can probably lose a little bit of fat and
gain some muscle it’s no surprise that new diet fads are always coming out
while calorie and portion control are the fundamentals of any weight loss or
weight gain goals simple yet sustainable diets can sometimes do the trick in a
report by ABC News they revealed that the quality and type of food you consume
is just as important as counting calories so why don’t we explore some of
the best foods and exercises you can eat and do to lose weight and also what
kinds of things you should avoid if you’re trying for weight loss but before
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Maya feller who is a dietician from New York said in an interview with ABC News
the takeaway is that the quality of what you eat is incredibly important you may
or may not need to eat an 1800 calorie diet but what you need is a diet that is
based on whole and minimally processed foods without an excess of added sugars
salt and saturated fats that’s why Maya suggests a diet that is
rich in Whole Foods and filled with fruits and vegetables
a report by LIVESTRONG suggested the use of a fruit and protein diet since it
provides dieters with energy for daily activities and weight training they
explain that protein is a nutritional component required to help muscle tissue
recover and repair after weight training on top of that fruit provides good carbs
for the right kind of sugar fueled energy when you combine these two foods
along with some vegetables you get a low-calorie diet that helps you lose
weight and build muscle the beauty of this diet is that it’s inherently filled
with nutritious Whole Foods protein coming from an animal beans nuts and/or
soy products is mostly natural and fruits which are seated are almost
always from the earth the article went on to stipulate this specific type of
protein that dieters should try to ingest they explain that when choosing
proteins for a diet avoid fats foods like red meat milk and eggs have high
amounts of saturated fats which are bad for cardiovascular health you should
choose lean meat like skinless chicken and turkey when it comes to fish which
naturally contains omega-3 fatty acids along with protein you should choose
mackerel tuna trout or salmon fruit while considered a carb tend to be a
good source of energy they are also low in calories and are
almost always natural fruits like apricots melons peaches and tangerines
are full of healthy sugars these are good for snacking in between meals
grapefruit is a very low calorie fruit full of vitamins and nutrients grapes
and cherries are also very good for a portable healthy snack bananas are
beneficial for their potassium content and of course any good diet for the
purpose of weight loss needs to include some form of exercise according to a
study from the United States National Library the increase in muscle mass
causes an increase in metabolism which in turn helps the dieter burn more
calories thus a focus on strength training and
gaining muscle will greatly increase one’s calorie output the LIVESTRONG
article explained that cardio exercise is the way to go if you want to burn
calories if you went over your caloric intake target a good cardio exercise can
burn off all of those excess calories to top it off you can add resistance
training to increase your muscle mass muscle burns off more calories even when
you’re just sitting and according to the Harvard School of Public Health
there isn’t one perfect diet for everyone because of individual
differences in genes and lifestyle but the data doesn’t lie
Harvard stated a calorie is a calorie is an off repeated dietary slogan and not
overeating is indeed an important health measure rather than focusing on calories
alone however emerging research shows that
quality is also key in determining what you should eat and what you should avoid
in order to achieve and maintain a healthy way
rather than choosing foods based only on caloric value think instead about
choosing high quality healthy foods and minimizing low quality foods so while
many diets have grown prominent over the past few months a diet rich in whole and
nutritious foods such as protein and fruits is essential not only for weight
loss goals but also for health and longevity now that we’ve explored the
do’s of weight loss why don’t we explore the don’ts the following things are
stuff you should totally avoid if you’re looking to shed a couple pounds
number one french fries and potato chips while potatoes themselves are pretty
healthy french fries and chips are in fact not healthy in the least bit in
fact they’re closely linked to weight gain one study even found that potato
chips are one of the biggest contributors to weight gain more so than
other foods you’ll even want to avoid baked fried or roasted potatoes because
like most things those contain cancer-causing substances called
acrylamide x’ bottom line avoid potatoes in general unless they’re plain boiled
potatoes hey stay away from that McDonald’s drive-through yeah just keep
driving number 2 sugary drinks there are a lot of unhealthy foods on this planet
the affer mentioned potato chips candy ice cream however soda and sugary drinks
are probably in the top 10 for worst foods for weight loss if you’re drinking
a lot of soda just know that it’s going to have several disastrous health
effects on your body not to mention that it’s an absolute killer for your weight
loss you see the brain doesn’t register sodas calories like it does with solid
food you won’t be getting any fuller and you’ll just be drinking more and
getting fatter our advice if you’re trying to lose weight avoid sugary
drinks all together hey get away from that McDonald’s drive-thru trust me I
understand how we refreshing a cool diet coke would be right now but you’ve got
to avoid it just keep driving number three white bread while it’s
undoubtedly better than brown bread it’s best to avoid this refined sugary grain
product it’ll spike your blood sugar levels plus eating just two slices a day
will up your chances of weight gain and
obesity try one of the healthier alternatives
oopsie bread cornbread and almond flour bread are all great options the best
option however is Ezekiel bread which is said to be the healthiest bread on the
market today number four candy bars we can hear you
through the phone laptop desktop spaceship monitor well duh besties
obviously well we didn’t know that you were suddenly a health expert viewer
maybe you’d like to make the video that’s what we thought
candy bars like white bread are packed full of sugar unhealthy oils and refined
flour they’re high in calories and low in nutrients which isn’t what you want
when you’re trying to lose weight unfortunately they’re everywhere an
often position near the entrance of the grocery store to try to take advantage
of your hunger instead of buying a candy bar with two or three hundred calories
maybe try something healthier more like fruit maybe an apple or a handful of
nuts yeah I know it’s not the same but at least you won’t get fat number five
pastries this includes cookies cakes and all sorts of pastries but all of them
are more often than not bad for you once again these babies are chocked full
of refined flour sugar and other unhealthy ingredients they also contain
a lot of trans fats which are linked to many diseases and health problems
finally there are high in calories and low in nutrients plus they’re not very
satisfying should you decide to eat one of these light foods you’ll most likely
still be hungry later as they’re not very filling so what can you do how do
you satisfy your sweet tooth if you can’t eat pastries in candy bars
why not try some dark chocolate it’s rich and a lot healthier for you than
the after mentioned two candies number six alcohol this one applies to some
types of alcohol but especially beer these are low in carbs and protein but
high in calories there are a lot of asterisks when it comes to this point
however for starters we’re mostly just talking about constant heavy drinking or
at least not drinking in moderation alcoholism or drinking a lot is often
associated with weight gain also while beer is often pretty
unhealthy drinking wine in moderation actually might be good for your health
so drink but not that much they put that shot glass down that’s way too much
number seven Pizza this is one of the most popular fast foods in the world but
unfortunately it’s awful for those of us trying to achieve weight loss we are
however mostly talking about commercial pizza’s here
so keep that in mind they tend to be pretty high in calories and often
include processed meats and cheeses just in case you didn’t know processed foods
aren’t good for you they also usually include one of the biggest culprits on
the list refined flour so try to make your pizza’s at home okay what are you
doing in the McDonald’s drive-through how do you learned anything no they
don’t serve the mcpeet z”e anymore gosh darn it viewer so what about you what
foods do you think you should eat to lose weight how about exercises what
should you do to lose weight and finally what should you avoid if you’re trying
to lose weight let us know your thoughts in the comment section below enjoyed
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  1. What foods do you think you should eat to lose weight? How about exercises, what should you do to lose weight? And finally, what should you avoid if you're trying to lose weight? Let us know in the comments section below your thoughts on weight loss. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

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