How To Make A Protein Shake Using The BEST Protein Shakes Recipes That Burn Fats Like CRAZY!

How To Make A Protein Shake Using The BEST Protein Shakes Recipes That Burn Fats Like CRAZY!

How to make a protein shake, the BEST protein shake recipes protein shakes recipes so they what you did you know he is all
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know starting out think looking Protein shakes recipes – now some people might that in water
acted in milk because no makes it taste a lot better use it
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picking your protein and we’re getting into how to to make protein shakes is CIA happened here flavored here in
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like protein shakes for women How to make a protein shake, finance in it really is. so whatever how to make a protein shake without powder clear year protein try to get that
through really how to make protein shakes at house up homemade protein shakes cranberries I’d still do this myself protein shake recipes without powder members to be really strong case
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strong for two days how to make a tasty protein shake found a handful okays when to drink protein shakes simple protein shake recipes and didn’t last but not least but its
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sexy getting motivated to work out because my protein shakes afterwards
start he said up to about 3 pagey show this his solution to your family as you can
see from up to leave us running on HIGH for about
five seconds how to make a protein shake protein shakes recipes Miller isn’t she lol sometime soon some fried dough spinny hi will drop and
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  1. First of All know one really knows how much protein does the body absorbs in one intake. Second of Milk does make the protein Shake taste better yet it does take long to digest, thus, you should try soy milk or almond milk

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  6. Studys say you can have your daily intake of protein in one meal if you want.

    If you have a meal with 80grams of protein for example, your body doesn't reject nutrients it doesn't need.
    so you don't puke shit and piss the extra 54grams of protein.

    Anyway you get it in works.

  7. lol his arms are bigger then his tiny body. Work on your scrawny chest, neck, lower body. Not just biceps, triceps

  8. i hope you read this… you need to delete this video because 100% of the things you say are dumb as fuck and misleading to people just starting in the bodybuilding/fitness industry

  9. I think all of you closet steroid haters should keep your hate and rude comments to yourself.  This guy looks to be in great shape and he should be proud of himself.  I am shure most of you are flabby fat bodys full of jelousy,  I know 99.9% of us girls would love to have a shake with HIM!  So F-OFF you scumbag haters and leave this hottie alone.

  10. Oh and Tim Smith is my guys alias for all you gay haters out there.  Just remember we all look forward to lauphing at all of you caveman comments. 

  11. thats not a homemade shake they are made with eggs not a tub of protein do you know how expensive that protein is ill pass and use eggs 

  12. @boya94 Yeah boya94..Thank God I took a bit on that program you told me
    here.. cause I thought it was just another scam in the net
    but when I tried it myself. It was great! The program
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  13. Your body can only absorb 26 grams of protein?? Please explain how you came to this conclusion please. I think you are wrong on this. So once again please explain!!

  14. well people are saying its crap info but his body is showing a different story. Any who, does this shake put on weight? i'm trying to lose weight and i do work out i'm so confused about all this. 

  15. The protein at 1 sitting thing is a myth……You can eat all 200ish grams of protein in 1sitting if you need to fit ur macros

  16. Nigga you must be stupid, "Your body can only digest 26 grams of protein at once". There is no limit to it. You get the amount of protein you consume.

  17. this is SUCH a stupid video. The guy clearly doesn't know all that much about nutrition. First of all, your body can only digest, what was it he said, 26 grams of protein at once? That's just idiotic right there. Second, NO protein shake can burn fat. Exercise can burn fat, but not food, especially not a protein shake. It can give you protein, but does in no way, what so ever burn any fat. Geez!

  18. I'm not allowed to exceed 200 grams of carbs a day by my Dr's orders. I don't want to waste them on my protein shake. I need a super low carb way to make my shakes better

  19. It's depends on if the person what's to gain bulk or cut. If they wanna bulk u use milk with your protein and if u wanna cut u use water

  20. ive never watched any of your videos, just this one. Im just Gonna Hit that like button and SUBSCRIBE button because i could tell that you worked hard on making this video. Also this video is really helpful and great! (: THANK YOU

  21. Your body can only disgest 26grams of protein ? Fuck outa here what if I ate 50 grams of protein where does the other 24 grams go ? I don't shit it out right away. I don't know where u got that but bullshit

  22. cool video, I just uploaded a video on my channel the other day on my best protein shake and how to make it!! like your style bud, feel free if you wanted to check mine outmy channel is: thewarrior1192

  23. I just turned 14 and decided to push my limits on my physical shape and this recipe is helping me so much for I am a very picky eater. thank you so much

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  26. To those who wants to gain weight; eat McDonald's every day and sit at front of pc and play games till you gained the weight u wanted to get but also don't get too much!

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