How To Make a Vegan Protein Shake — Dairy-Free Protein Shake Recipe

How To Make a Vegan Protein Shake — Dairy-Free Protein Shake Recipe

So what we’ve just made is some macadamia
milk. It was macadamias, a little bit of honey, some water, and some ice, and just blended
it up. We’ve got the base here now, and we’re going to add in some protein to make it like
a protein shake, after the gym or if you want it to be a meal replacement thing like that. So macadamia milk is the base, and that’s
one cup in there. I’m going to add in protein, whichever protein you have. This is some vegan
protein, and it’s chocolate flavor, carob powder. We’re going to put in half a banana.
It’s going to thicken it up, obviously sweeten it up a little bit, too. Half a banana. You
can put a date in if you want to sweeten it up even more. Now, good fats. These things are going to
keep us full for a very, very long time. Everybody loves all these good fats. There are things
like chia seeds, coconut oil, avocados have really, really good fats for our body, and
our body can’t hold onto a plant-based fat. It just gets rid of it. It’s too much. So
we’re going to put in a tablespoon of chia seeds, some coconut oil, a tablespoon of that.
If you want honey, you can put that in there as well. Cinnamon’s great for the metabolism, and it’s
also great for balancing the blood sugar. So it’s great for diabetics, for example.
And you can have it with carbs, on top of your salads or in your meals. You can have
it in your protein shakes as well. So that’s about another tablespoon of cinnamon. Then
we’re going to put a lid on top. It’s already cold. We’ve already put ice in there. Now, that’s what happens when you leave it
on the highest setting. I wasn’t supposed to do that. So we’re going to start it from
the low setting like that. Now with protein and fats and stuff like that, you don’t want
to blend them too much. People say that it can destroy the fats and
the enzymes and the protein, so we’re just going to put it on the low setting and just
run it through for a little bit, so it all mushes together. And that’s what we want to
do. There we go. The chia seeds, coconut oil, cinnamon, protein, with the macadamia and
the date, and the macadamia milk as the base. So awesome. Easy. Simple. Yummy. Cool. Hopefully,
you’ll like it. Hey, guys. We’re going to make a green smoothie
again, but we’re going to call it a berry green smoothie because it’s going to have
a lot of berries in it. So it’s not going to be the typical green smoothie look, but
it’s still going to have a lot of nutrition in there and…

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  1. Do you have any protein powder brand recommendations that are dairy free? Specifically on this video, what dairy free protein powder were you using?

  2. I hardly leave discuss on here however wanted to let you know that your videos are awesome! Keep up the good work! Would love to talk more!

  3. I just want to point something out, I hope I'm not being rude.. But (Vegans) don't eat Honey because it comes from the bees, Just like eggs from chickens and milk from cows.. altho (Vegetarians) don't mind consuming what I've mentioned above.. btw great video

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