How to Make an Off the Shoulder Top | WITHWENDY

How to Make an Off the Shoulder Top | WITHWENDY

Hey, it’s wendy and today. I’m going to show you how to make your own off shoulder top This tutorial is pretty easy you need a yard of fabric and some 1 inch wide elastic I always write out full measurements and step-by-step instructions on my blog click the link in the description if you want those and stick around until the end of the tutorial if you Want to hear about the new stuff. I’ve been working on these days Hope this tutorial gets you in the mood for warmer weather, and I’ll see you at [the] end. Let’s get started I got one yard of this marbly black and white fabric which I loved it’s light and flowy and will work great in the wind and I got this [1] inch wide elastic It’s nice and soft will be comfortable on me, and I bought about a yard the first piece [I’ll] cut is the front and the back [mine] were both 24 inches by 18 inches approximately and on one of them I folded it in [half] and Tapered one end down [a] bit so [that] it’s about 21 inches wide at the top the tapered one is going to be the front Piece with the tapered edge at the top of the shirt and the back piece [is] going to be the one that’s still rectangular next [were] the sleeves they were approximately 17 inches by 14 inches you just need two of these rectangles [and] Finally this strip that was [five] inches wide I cut it to be the whole entire length of the fabric So it was about 50 inches long don’t forget that There’s a link in the description with all of these measurements written out Moving on to sewing the first step is going to be sewing the front and back pieces right sides together along the two short edges Using a straight stitch now with the two sleeves I folded them right sides together and sew them with a straight stitch along the long edge [lay] out the body piece so that the top edge is closer to you, and it’s right side on the outside we’re going to be taking a look at the two side seams to attach the sleeves with one of the sleeves right side out [to] Pin it to the side of the shirt with the sleeve seam and the side seam touching add one more pin to attach the sleeve To the side about [two-and-a-half] inches away on both sides from that see these two seams should therefore be 5 inches apart We’re going to take the exact spot where they are pinned and just add a little short straight stitch [here’s] how it looks with the pins removed and the two little short stitches instead what we’re going [to] do here is cut a U-Shape into the side of the top and also the side of the sleeve just those two layers of fabric better To each other by those little straight stitches and a u-shape only in between those two stitches [here’s] the remnants of the u-shape that I already cut up from the other side of the shirt [I’m] just going to trace around it But your general shape should be about 5 inches down straight, and then round it out at the bottom I started by cutting through only one layer of fabric and then using that to trace the next layer of fabric I like to cut one at a time Just because it is a slippery fabric And I don’t like it to shift while I’m cutting between the body piece and the inner side of the sleeve We’re now going to sew them together with a straight stitch along that you shape that we just cut out all of this is to Make [sure] that when you’re wearing the off shoulder top There’s enough space for your armpits to sit inside the two sides of the shirt when you’re done cutting and sewing those two you shapes here So it should look on the side your sleeve is attached partway down to the body and in a u-shape because of the way we tapered the front piece of the shirt you should notice that the seams in the front are closer together than the seams in the Back the next step is going to be attached this long strip all the way around the top but we’re going to pay extra attention To what happens here at these two front seams folding over the raw edge I pinned the strip of fabric right sides together Along the backside of the shirt and started working my way all the way around as you come around to the front however when you? Get to the right side of the front piece we’re going to pin an extra little fold pointing to the left then keep on pinning all the way to the other front seam and Then we’re going to add an extra little fold pointing to the right so these two folds should be pointing towards the sleeves and not towards the chest [these] little folds are going to be crucial for us to attach the elastic band so that the elastic bend is able to only go around partway of the shirt and not be a 360 degree Ruffle when you get back to the where you began? Just make sure that the end Overlaps where you began pin that down and we’re going to sew all the way around with a straight stitch after going all the way Around [we’re] going to secure these two little folds that we made up in the front so secure these folds We’re going to pinch the [fabric] where the fold is and then add a straight stitch all the way along the fold when you look At it from the right side you’re going to see an x shape where all of the seams meet Including the one you just made I’ll show you again. How this is done. So on the other side We can see that we have this horizontal seam the one coming up from the bottom But this top one is still not done [ayuh] pinch the fabric at [the] fold pull it all out of the way And then add a straight stitch along that part as far as I can go to secure the fold in place Here’s how that straight stitch looks on the inside of the fab Rick and when you flip it over there is the x where all of the seams meet now This is what we’re going to do with those two little folds here They are again on the inside of the shirt, and they’re pointing in opposite directions [we’re] going to be attaching the elastic to one of the folds then bringing the elastic all the way around and Attaching the other end of the elastic to the other fold, but before we do that We’re going to have to cut the elastic down to size [I] tried on the shirt and realize that I need about 27 inches of elastic for it to feel comfortable But at the same time in order [to] make it all the way around this entire shirt it needs to be able to stretch to 39 inches pin to the elastic at 27 inches and then pull on it to see if it can reach all the way to 39 when it comes to elastic you always have to cut depending on how stretchy it is so always measure how much you need for It to feel comfortably how much you need for it to stretch the entire length of the fabric and make sure that those two Numbers are both possible with that piece of elastic I tuck the elastic in behind the little flaps that we made and then use a zig zag stitch Over and over to secure it to the flap here’s how the zig-zag stitch looks in the end [we’re] getting near [to] the end to finish off this top part of the shirt what we’re going to do is tuck in the fabric and sew it down with a straight stitch to Completely encase the elastic band to do this I fold the outer raw edge inwards by about half an inch then bring up that raw Edge that is at the bottom of the elastic and Put those two together with a pin here it is again I fold in the top edge half an inch bring that bottom raw Edge upwards and then tuck it away With a pin for the area of the shirt that goes along the front there’s no elastic there so all you have to do is Tuck in the raw Edges and pin them down But when it comes to working with the side that has [the] elastic always make sure that while you’re pinning you are encasing the elastic on the inside I was done putting the front so I went around to the back of the shirt and here I made sure that when I pinned it all down the elastic is on the inside Because we have to sew this elastic to the inside of this casing you don’t have to pin down Everything at least a couple of inches or so should be pinned down the rest. You can do on the sewing machine We’re only sewing a straight stitch along the very bottom edge of the casing so our goal is not to sew on the elastic [I] make sure every time that the fabric is folded over properly then pull on the fabric from both sides to help it lie super flat and go slowly with a straight stitch as close as Possible to that edge to [make] it easier to sew on the casing I [encourage] Pulling on the elastic to bring more of it onto your side as you go And that way you won’t have to pull on the fabric as much as you bring it through the sewing machine Here’s that finished front lying on the back on the back where there’s the ruffling with the elastic This is the straight stitch that I [use] to encase the elastic I put it as close as [possible] to the edge And I used a black thread so that it wasn’t as noticeable on the outside when it comes to the front of the top you Can totally iron out this top Edge if you’d like it more crisp But here it is on [the] inside with that straight stitch very close to the edge and since it’s the black thread It’s not super noticeable on the outside if you want all [of] your edges to be raw then you’re done But I did decide to finish them off so I folded the fabric in twice about [half] inch each time and sealed off the sleeves And the bottom of the shirt here’s how the hem looks in the end as you can see it’s been folded in twice and Sewn Down with a straight stitch and there you have it an off shoulder top If this was made in white cotton in light denim in a flowery print it would all be super super cute So please do make it however you like [it] to be Thanks for making it to the end of the tutorial if you liked this video let me know I’ll be posting more photos on my instagram, so you can look it up under that with Wendy And that blog link I mentioned before also has some more photos if you haven’t subscribed yet click the button below I upload new tutorials every Wednesday, and every Saturday for example in the past I already did an off shoulder dress tutorial if you want to see that one I’ll put a link in the description for you finally as promised I said I talked about what’s new I’ve actually been putting together a Patreon page where you can get special perks if you would like to support me financially Essentially the financial support helps creators reach their dreams whether it’s being able to move out to a studio or hiring someone to help them Out or doing like a diy Nationwide tour all of these are my dreams the financial support helps make all of this possible And then as a reward and thank you the creators can set out different perks for the people who support them It’s kind of cool. I’m interested to see how it goes and if you guys like [it] that’ll be all for today Thank you all so much for watching I’ll see you [next] time. Bye

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