how to make whey protein powder at home in hindi

how to make whey protein powder at home in hindi

Hello friends welcome back in your fitness channel how to fit my name is prakash bhatt Friends fitness and body building seem incomplete without whey proteins Our bodies also require more protein for bodybuilding and fat loss Which is not complete with food What is the whey protein Why should it take You can see our previous video for its types and side effects But Today we will talk about how to make whey protein in the house You would buy Whey Protein from Market Which is very costly How good it is that you can make it at home So today we will talk about how to make it at home For this you need 1 liter full fat milk Vinegar or lemon juice 1tbls Cheese cloth , Sieve and one container First of all 1 liter milk has to be removed in a heavy bottom vessel It has to be heated in 180 degree Celsius Keep it running so that it does not stick to the bottom When it boils, close the gas and put lemon juice or vinegar in it. Keep it running When water and Solid will look separate So now take a bowl
And Put a Sieve and cheese cloth on top of it. And filter it Now you will get curd and whey Liquid With this curd you can make paneer Now, putting this liquid in your dehydrator you have to dehydrate overnight If you do not have a dehydrator, you can consume it directly. Take it out after 24 hours You get so much whey from 4 liters of milk Make it powder in a mixer Here is your home made whey protein powder This is whey concentrate it is 100 % whey But There are also lactose and fat After processing this , whey isolate gets That can not be at home If you are gaining then you no longer need to take the whey from the market You can take it in post workout and before bed So Friend, that’s all in this video Do not forget to subscribe to our channel related to health and fitness videos thanks for watching

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  1. :-D:-D… 4 ltr milk m 24gram protein wo bhi lactose or fat k saath..or gas ka bill or main is time…sasta kya h issmai

  2. kidney ,liver k liye raw consume krna thik nhi hota he
    enzymes aur digestive processing ko balanced rakhne k liye bhi kuch btao sir jisse k hume nuksaan na ho

  3. as per my knowledge sir, dudh jab fat jata hai aur pani alag kiya jata us pani main sab protin hota hain..

  4. bhai Sahab 1kg whey ke liye atleast 100litre doodh chayiye…yehi reason hai whey ke mehnge hone ka…

  5. hme 1 lit milk se kita ml protin mil sakta hai?? ise ham gym workout karte samay water me mix karke le sakte hai kya ?? le sakte hai to kitni quantity me le sakte hai in liquid form??

  6. Ak cup concentrate whey Jo k AP my banai is ma 1.2grams protein 12grams carbs or less then 1%fat Hy itni mehnat krny k bd faida lul bta zero

  7. Minimum 120litre of whey liquid is required to produce 5lbs of whey in powdered form,its better to cosume milk starightway or otherwise cosume curd,tofu,paneer,brocolli for ur daily protein intake.

  8. I am sorry to give you a dislike but whey protien main protein carbo fibre mineral aur other stuff hota hai but staroid nahi woh alag se aata hai aur aap whey protein ghar main bana he nahi sakte whey protein liver aur heart ko dhyaan main rakh kar banaya jata hai main use karta hoon aur sabse best hai universal twin labs ons aur ek arnold ke naam se bhi aata hai haan agar protein level banana hai body ka toh badaam ankurit daal aur kaachi moongphali best hai but atleast 32 time chabana parega

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