How to Make Your Logo Bounce ft. Squash & Stretch (After Effects Tutorial)

How to Make Your Logo Bounce ft. Squash & Stretch (After Effects Tutorial)

Hey what’s up video editors it’s Premiere
Gal here and in this video I’m sharing with you a new and easy animation tool
for Adobe After Effects. It’s called Squash and Stretch and it
enables you to add quick and fast animations to text, shapes, lower thirds,
logos, and much more in just seconds. You can get squash and stretch from There’s a free version which comes with 10 behaviors and 91 sound
effects. The pro version though comes with 61 behaviors and 350 sound effects
and with the pro version you can add on additional behaviors and sounds later on.
There is currently a cyber monday sale going on so be sure to check out the
link below. So let’s go ahead and make a logo bounce using Squash and Stretch. In After Effects I have a 1920 by 1080 composition and in that composition I
have my Premiere Gal logo as one layer. So first select the logo in your
composition then go up to window and select extensions and open up the squash
and stretch panel I’m going to drag the panel next to my project panel to make
more space in my workspace. Now let’s click on select a behavior and this will
launch the squash and stretch gallery where you can preview all the animated
behaviors available. I like the dancing drop so I will select that behavior.
Before you hit apply you can adjust the Squash & Stretch intensity which
controls how deformed the side-to-side movement of the animation is and the
Oomph which controls the height and the velocity of the animation. So I’m going
to reduce the oomph to 50% and reduce the Squash & Stretch to roughly 80% then
I’ll move my current time indicator in the comp to the point at which I want
the behavior to end and then I’ll hit apply. Make sure that the layer is
selected before you press apply or you will get this warning and then in
just seconds you will see that Squash & Stretch automatically applied a
series of keyframes to my logo to make it drop in and dance so I think it looks
really good but let’s add some sound. Squash & Stretch is one of the few
plugins that I know of that comes preloaded with sound that matches the
animation perfectly I think that this is one of my favorite features about Squash
& Stretch. So let’s just go ahead and hit Cmmd+Z (keys on MAC) to undo the application of
this effect and then let’s go ahead and select a sound from the drop-down which
is tailored to this animation so you can preview a sound simply by selecting it
from the drop-down and then you can let the squash and stretch preview it for
you I like the heavy sound so I’m gonna hit
apply. If you want you can also flip the behaviors horizontally or vertically
or even rotate the animation so if you wanted the logo to bounce from the right
to the left I would just hit that rotate button and reapply. Since I’m happy with
the current orientation let’s go ahead and move on to select a new out
animation simply by selecting on the behavior tree icon to launch open a side
panel this is another way to search for behaviors I like the slide-out behavior
so I’m going to select that again you can adjust the squash and stretch and
the oomph. I’ll select the Rubber 2 sound and now
rather than selecting the current time indicator at the endpoint of the
animation you’re going to select the start point of the behavior and then hit
apply. Now I’m just going to render the preview and let’s watch it back. Pretty
cool, right? And something like this would have taken hours to create now you can
do it in seconds and so that’s it there are so many different permutations to
play with in this plugin so I encourage you to check out Squash & Stretch and
begin having some animation fun! Remember that there’s a sale going on so check
out the links in the description box below. If this video helped you out be
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all very soon!

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  1. Thanks all for watching! Be sure to take advantage of the hot 🔥 AESCRIPTS Cyber Monday Sale 🔥 Get 25% off Squash & Stretch with code: CYBER 17 link: – 1 day only!

  2. Almost to 20k. Keep up the great work. It's nice to see the change in direction of your channel. That's worded kinda funny, but I meant it as a compliment.

  3. Wow. I almost forgot about AEScripts. I used to frequent that site years ago. Thanks for the reminder! Cool script!

  4. When I select the effect that I want it doesn't work. I click the black box a screen pops out showing you all the behaviors I choose drop, click it and then nothing happens. I'm using the free version. on adobe cc 2015. I have the layer selected as well. 🙁

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