How To Meal Prep | Protein Rich for Weight Loss + Muscle Gain | What I Eat in a Day

How To Meal Prep | Protein Rich for Weight Loss + Muscle Gain | What I Eat in a Day

– Hey beautiful, welcome
back to my channel for another fitness Friday video. For today I’m gonna be sharing a meal prepping video with
you guys that is quite old. So this footage I had actually filmed a long time ago before
I actually became vegan but at that time I was going
to the gym really hardcore, I was bulking up, I was squatting 140. So I was meal prepping as well and just focusing on
getting my protein in there and getting good balanced meals. But it never got edited and uploaded and when I was cleaning out my external hard drive,
I found the footage. So even though it’s a bit
old and I do eat vegan now, it’s still a great meal prepping video and I still wanted to
share it with you guys because I know that it will help some of you guys out there with some ideas and some tips and tricks
on how to meal prep. And yeah guys, let’s go ahead and jump right into the meal prepping. Okay babies, so I used
to meal prep every week on Sunday evening for
Monday through Thursday. The portions you see
for each day are large but I’m the type of person
that gets full very quickly, so I would just stick
everything into one Tupperware and I would half for
lunch and half for dinner. If you don’t wanna eat the
same thing twice in one day, then just use smaller containers and separate your portions so that you can mix and match
between lunch and dinner. I didn’t meal prep for breakfast but I did prep and plan for snacks to avoid eating junk food if I was hungry throughout the day. So to prep all those meals you just saw, I’m starting off with a bunch of potatoes and sweet potatoes. Currently I actually rarely eat potatoes or if I do, I’ll buy
the bag of colorful ones that come in the light
brown, red, and purple. But mostly I just stick to sweet potatoes because I love them so much. Once the potatoes are
in the oven roasting, I lined a Pyrex with aluminum foil and I’m marinating a pack of tilapia. Oh man, I used to love tilapia and salmon. I’m being very generous with
the lemon from what I can see and I don’t actually remember
what the other spices that I added in were anymore but you can season it to your taste, I know I usually always
make it a little bit spicy. And then mix everything up and apparently I didn’t notice my hand
was blocking the camera, so good job Rocio, really great. I’m placing the fish on
one side of the lined Pyrex and grabbing a red pepper and cleaning and slicing that guy up. Then I’m making a separate little aluminum pouch section thingy to separate the veggies from the fish and placing the peppers in there and then slicing up a red onion. Why is it called red
onion if they’re purple? I don’t understand, anyway, the entire tray, into the oven it goes when everything is all cut up. Make sure to flip the fish halfway through and cook until fully done, guys. Then I’m moving on to the stove top and I’m taking a package of
thin sliced chicken breast. Don’t miss chicken at all, I was never really crazy
about it to begin with. But anyway, I apparently
didn’t know back then that you have to wash your chicken when you open the package, oh my god ew, my mother would like literally kill me if she ever watched this video, like ugh. Anyway, I’m placing my
dirty chicken into a pan and of course, more lemon. It’s actually hysterical watching this old footage again,
guys, like what am I doing? Also squeezing half a
grapefruit into the pan, yum, I love grapefruits. And all this time that pot next to me was boiling some water and I’m cooking a package of roasted
garlic quinoa in there. I guess I’m following the direction on the packaging, I would hope. And then I’m gonna be flipping
my dirty chicken over. But hey, we all had to
start somewhere, right? And this video is actually
just over two years old because I remember these nails. It was the only time I ever got my nails done uptown and these were them. Next I’m grabbing a skillet, I’m trying to get all fancy
in this video I guess. But anyway, I am washing and
cutting some asparagus stalks. I cut them down quite a
lot, I hate the bottom part and I’m gonna be placing them
on the stove top to grill and as well as some broccoli and zucchini and just kind of like cooking
a little bit at a time and rotating what’s cooked and adding more because this little
skillet is pretty small. Alright guys, it’s time to
plate and store everything. I just tried to create a
variety between chicken or fish, quinoa or potatoes, and a
good helping of mixed veggies. For the chicken plates, I also added a slice of Swiss cheese on top so that when I microwaved it, it would melt over the chicken,
I used to love doing this. It actually used to taste really good because I didn’t really like chicken so this would make it better. You can definitely tell I was feeling myself with these nails because I keep pointing to everything and the way that I’m holding stuff. But yeah, so these are the four plates that I had separated for my
four lunches and dinners. And then I did put something
aside for lunch on Friday, I used to like taking these bags of tuna and just putting it in a bowl and smashing up an avocado
and mixing it in there. So I actually have two avocados because I also have one
for a snack for two days, I would have half and half. And then more snacks are just some bananas and some little packages
of fruits sliced up and nuts and things like that, just so that I would
always have snacks on hand. I love strawberries, they are
still my favorite to this day. I just love fruit in general, I always did since I was a little kid, so I always try to have some. Oh, chocolate chips
are always a good idea. And here we go with the nails again, guys, like I can’t even deal
with myself right now. But I guess you always have to look back and just be okay with laughing at yourself and recognizing where you came
from and where you are now. Alright my love bugs,
I hope that this video was helpful to you guys, thank you so much for
hanging out with me today. If you guys have been enjoying
my fitness Friday series, give this video a thumbs up. Also moving forward into April, you guys can expect a bunch
more actual workout videos because we are finally
having beautiful weather and I can get outside in the
backyard and film for you guys. So I’m really excited for that. So make sure to subscribe so
you don’t miss all of that and I will see you guys on Monday with my wildcard Monday video. Actually you guys, check back tomorrow, I might have a bonus video
for you guys this week. So I love you guys so very much and I’ll see you really, really soon with another video, bye guys.

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  4. About the onion part i say the same y red if there purple lol when my man tells me to buy them he ses red an tell him u mean purple he gets mad lol

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