How to *Muscle Test* Yourself, (aka applied kinesiology)

How to *Muscle Test* Yourself, (aka applied kinesiology)

hello everyone my name is Lottie Cooper
and I and founder of inspirational counseling and today we’re going to
discuss muscle testing so muscle testing is a way to go straight into your being
in terms of what is your yes and what is your no in your subconscious mind
so that means it’s a way to support you and digging out beliefs or what’s true
so I will give you an example first I’m gonna hold my arm straight and I’m
going to say yes and push on it yes see its strong i’m going to say no I’m
pushing on it the same way it goes down my name is Lottie it’s showing me yes my
name is banana chip no I’m muscle testing accurately right now I love chocolate yes I’m hydrated yes I need to eat junk
food no so these are just beliefs in my subconscious mind i’m testing my yes and
I’m testing my note to do it more accurately you need to be hydrated also
you need to zip up your body your energy body so you can feel your feet on the
ground there’s something called zip-up which is
you start with your hand down to the bottom and then you go all the way up
your spine and you zip up your energy field like that to zip up go ahead ok so that’s one way of muscle
testing is using your armor chiropractors uses physical therapist
uses we use an energy work now another way to make sure it’s accurate instead
of me looking up and around my name is body if I’m out of my body see there’s
no energy they’re trying to hold it tight so I need to look down my head’s
up and I’m looking down that keeps me into my feeling body you’re looking down yes no I love chocolate.i love liver no
I could use vitamin C right now no I need more vitamin A huh so I’m
muscle testing for a need for vitamin A so when you mustn’t ask you state what
you want in the positive and if it’s strong it’s a yes and if this week gets
enough I could use to have some vitamins right now no I’m hungry no I’m thirsty no I’m tired know so that’s muscle
testing that’s one way to muscle is another made muscle test as you hold
your fingers like this and you can put two fingers like this and the main thing
is you can need to be consistent so you need to be detached from how you how the
outcome for example i’m gonna win the watery right now you know no no I’m so my name is ladi that’s
strong my name is David I’m holding as tight as
I can and there’s no energy there my name is Jeremiah know I have a cat named
sir lancelot no but I do have a cat I own the cat know he owns me haha yes so that’s really funny so I don’t have a
cat he has me so that was something I just want to help myself and cording to
what’s in my subconscious mind right now so we can surprise yourself so again
it’s about not being attached another way to muscle test is to face north so
on facing north so i say yes i put my feet together yes the body falls forward no I can do this with my eyes closed my
name is ladi the energy is literally just moving me forward my name is David
but to do this even more accurately we want to go into a theta brainwave so if
i bring earth energy up into my body through my legs I go deep into micelles
so I go past the molecules deep deep deep deep into the widest brightest
light of unconditional love the seventh plane creator take me deeper into
unconditional love show me yes who see there’s a lot more energy show me and
know my cat owns me yeah that’s true hi on my cat not true ok so there you go those are some basics
for muscle testing so you can do this when you’re in the grocery store you can
go like this i need this or I don’t need this this vitamin will make me stronger you
can put it your heart and then test it and it’s a strong and say yes and then
it goes week gets in and you will feel that your muscle will
naturally lock I’m not pushing very hard to do that so it’s it’s the first
thought is the first impulse so don’t second-guess yourself and it’s really
easy to second-guess yourself and muscle testing so again it’s the first impulse
is accurate just like an intuition so honoring that and again it takes time to
get more and more and more accurate but this can support you and getting
vitamins and moving places and again you also want to test with your heart in
your gut in your physician but this isn’t just another way for you to get
more clarity with yourself what’s going on in your subconscious and also
connecting to your soul you can say Sol muscle test for me I command that my the
answers come from my deepest wisdom so I but we’re doing it for belief structures
like I am enough yes I am enough no that’s not in there
and so you’re using muscle test beliefs that are operating and running you and I
feel like when I one of the things was I felt responsible for the Holocaust
muscle test for I feel responsible for the house that’s now I know that used to
be a yes for me i have Jewish Jewish in my lineage and for some reason that was
programmed into my body when we pulled that belief of I’m responsible for the
Holocaust my body shook a lot huge amounts of energy released and I felt a
lot lighter so that’s how one of the ways we can test for when we do
subconsciously patterning as we do muscle testing so again those are a few
ways o another way which is I don’t this way doesn’t work for me but it works for
a lot of people you pulled your fingers like this and this is a yes and then
that’s a no if it goes through you hold your two fingers together and you say
yes say no and it goes through so that one for me doesn’t work as well also if you have another person there
you have them hold their two fingers and you with your two hands one hand on this
side and one hand and the other side you have pulled their fingers apart for the
yeses and their nose and again you need to be in a theta brainwave to make it
more accurate you need to be hydrated you need to have enough salt in your
body you need bees up and you have to be not attached so
again this is practice so again let’s just review so different ways of muscle
testing are you can use your arm and look down yes hold tight no ok my name is ladi my
name is David I like chocolate and I like liver ok so a muscle testing accurately then
we have to face north yet close my eyes I going to get a brainwave yes no my name is Lottie yes my name is
David no I am hydrated yes ok so that gives you a sense of what
that looks like and then the fingers is strong no hands pull apart again i’m doing
equal pressure both times and then there’s this way you show me yes show me
you know that’s a third way of Fourth Way of muscle testing so again this is
lottie cooper with inspirational counseling If you found this useful I’d leave comment on my website www.inspirational and if you want to learn
more you can go to my youtube channel Lottie Cooper and I look forward to seeing
you next time so again thank you so much

11 Replies to “How to *Muscle Test* Yourself, (aka applied kinesiology)”

  1. This is kinesiology, NOT applied kinesiology. AK is a certification program of 100 hours with testing, and Dr. Goodheart NEVER taught this method in his course. Delete aka applied kinesiology and review for accurate information. Plus you have to be a doctor or health professional to even take his course. Dr. Mike Certified AK practictioner

  2. Question. When you say something you know is not true, and you're supposed to be detached from the outcome of making an untrue statement such as "my name is David" when you know your name is really Harold, how can you be sure that your body is saying no, and it's not you MAKING your body say no? I'm not sure if my question makes sense since I'm new to this.

  3. I have another question. At 1:01, you mention "zipping up your energy body." You go on to say that you "start with your finger at the bottom." Exactly where is the bottom that we are supposed to start from? Do we bend over or down to our toes, or just to right above the knee while standing straight?

  4. Hello Lottie, I was checking on the internet for a muscle testing video and came across yours. Very well done, informative on the different ways to check and good show and tell. We are teaching every client that comes to see us or via Skype to muscle test their fruits and vegetables at the store. Why? To prevent buying fruits and veggies containing BPA (Bisophenol A Plastic) and/or Thallium. This is becoming a huge health issue. If you wish to ask more about this topic let me know. Best Wishes Rita

  5. Thanks a lot for this inspiring introduction, even tough some of it isn't new, it's nice to be reminded. Actually got a link bout kinesiology from a visitor working with flower essences, so was more curious to check some info about the muscle test and yours feels the most authentic so far, as speaking of honesty.
    Anyhow, good luck with your concealing and hope many people find help in this and other techniques finding back to themselves.

  6. Hi Lottie, I would like to know what is the reason "zipping up your energy body" ? Is it you have to do all the time before you work on someone or on you?

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