How To: Muscle-Up (Step by Step Progression)

How To: Muscle-Up (Step by Step Progression)

What’s going on Nation? And welcome to muscle up progressions part 1 now the muscle up is a very challenging exercise That’s going to target pretty much every muscle in your upper body It’s going to require a lot of core strength and grip strength as well Now the focus of this video is going to be doing a muscle up on the bar and what we’re going to do is take You from a beginner level all the way to an advanced level Now if you’ve never done a muscle up before it is a very intense exercise But as long as you practice it you will be able to get it so let’s move on to the demonstration So the first part of this progression is going to be able to do a hanging knee to elbow leg Raise it is a few things I want you guys to keep in mind when doing this exercise that’s going to help progress towards the muscle up Once you grab the bar. You want to slightly pull yourself up and retract your shoulder blades to help you stabilize throughout the exercise The key to doing the knee to elbow leg raise is to not try to thrust your knees to your chest Until you hit that point of where your body just starts to go backwards after swinging forward as far as you can It’s also very important to make sure that you’re keeping your core tight as you’re driving your knees to your chest for the second part of the progression what you guys are going to do is utilize that momentum you gathered from doing the knee to Elbow leg raise to be able to thrust yourself into the air to do a muscle up now remember This is still the beginners part of the progression when you become more advanced you’re not going to have to rely a lot of momentum To get yourself up and over the bar But you need to build that upper body strength First to be able to get to the point where you can pretty much just do a pull-up and then throw yourself over it So I’ll bring you guys over here and show you a few things Number one a lot of beginners when they try to do a muscle up and they start to utilize You know the momentum and get them self over the bar is they don’t Rotate their wrists and a lot of you guys are going to get stuck if you don’t pay attention to that and what I mean Is as you hold the bar, and you’re hanging lows. I’m going to hang low as You come back your wrists need to rotate with your body so you can go over the bar if you grab this bar Really tight and don’t allow that rotation. What’s going to happen is you’re going to get stuck Like this and not be able get yourself over So your wrists can’t be here that has to be up here to allow you to go over the bar So what I’m going to do is use this short bar here to show you guys how to utilize that momentum So I’m going to simulate the the knee thrust right now. So you’re down here You come back with both knees and as you thrust your knees into your chest You get to this point about right here where you’re almost parallel to the bar with your chest, and this is the point Where you pull yourself forward So you’re not necessarily pulling yourself up in the beginners part of this movement. You’re using your momentum To pull yourself forward and then over the bar So if you have access to a shorter bar it might be worth your while to try this movement So stand with your feet under the bar hang low Move forward thrust over the bar Just like that so now what we’re going to do is move on into the third progression and show you guys how to do the muscle up Just using your upper body with a band And then I’m going to combine all those movements together and show you how to use the momentum to get up and over the bar for the fourth progression of the muscle up what I’m going to have you guys do is get used to going up and over the bar Using a rubber band now if you don’t have a partner to help assist you getting in the band you can use a box or something to stand on that’s High enough so you can elevate yourself to get your feet in before starting the movement So I’m going to show you guys what the movements going to look like then once we finish here We will move on to the final progression. Which is combining everything we’ve learned to be able to do an actual muscle up If you can’t find something to stand on to get into the band Try having a partner assist you by pulling the band down as far as they can So it’s easy for you to put your feet inside of it Even though using the rubber band takes away the momentum that you learned how to utilize in the first part of the tutorial What it’s going to do is teach you how to get up and over the bar from multiple Repetitions as you watch me perform the muscle up keep in mind all those key points We just talked about if you notice the first thing I’m doing is getting up to the bar and retracting my shoulder blades and keeping my core tight alright guys Now I’m going to move into doing the final progression Which is an actual muscle up So what I do before I start is give you a few more quick tips in addition to the things you already learned What I like to do when I do muscle ups number one chalk my hands for extra grip sometimes the bars get slippery as your hands get sweaty and Number two you guys saw in the beginning of the video when I was hanging doing the knee to elbow leg raises I wasn’t just hanging with my arms dangling I actually pulled myself up a little bit in addition to that when doing the muscle up It’s really helpful if you pull your shoulder blades together, and you actually kind of pull your arms forward a little bit like this So don’t hang here you actually hang like that That’s going to help you set up to be able to grab momentum to throw yourself up and over the bar So I’m going to do for you guys is some quick repetitions and give you some key points to look for as I do them Once I have some momentum going I’m now thrusting my knees into my chest as I do that I’m making sure that my wrists are loose enough. So that they don’t restrict me as I’m trying to get up and over the bar Once you’re up and over the bar. You’re going to press up as hard as you can as if you’re doing a dip Once you fully extend your arms you’re then going to lower yourself back down to the starting position however You’re going to use the momentum that you’re gathering as you lower yourself Down to then bring yourself back up and over the bar with multiple reps So there you guys have it that’s how you progress to be able to doing a muscle up if you guys thought this video was helpful Be sure to let us know in the comment section below and definitely let us know when you’re able to do your first muscle up For more great tips exercises and routines feel free to join us on and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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  1. I've been working out for a couple of years now, I play football and rider motocross. So I'm pretty fit and it is really hard to do a muscle up. But I finally did it and I got 3 in a row

  2. your one of the better trainers on youtube. you and athlean x i follow religiously. i do caleatenics and iv made some serious change in my body in only a month or two way more than weight training. keep doing you man god bless

  3. Ok, heading to the gym now. We'll see if I can get up over the bar. The wrist tip was great. I think that might be part of my problem. I'll let you know!

  4. also if you have an assisted pull up machine at your gym (weight that helps you pull up) that is a good way to start learning form if you cannot do this immediately

  5. Really helpful, thank you. Let's see if I have some progression today! I already can do muscle up, but it's stil not that clean as I wish it should be :))


    Being able to perform a muscle up is a true sign uo strength. But it also comes down to technique, so take the time to learn how to do them!

  7. bro i followed your advice specially the wrist rotation and I did my muscle up it in first try !! awesome and many thanks to you

  8. I've been able to do 12+ pull-ups for months but I did my first muscle-up today, Still figuring out the technique but thanks for helping me get over that hill

  9. Nice. I love the explanation you did. Going to try to get my first muscle up before the end of the month.

  10. Since scott doesn't make videos about this sort of stuff much I was thinking he just couldn't do it…..guess not holy shit shit

  11. Not knocking your video but, simply stated if you can do 10 sets 10 reps pull-ups, push-ups, & dips you can get a muscle up.. Where your sets at 👀

  12. Really great video
    I have been able to do ring MUs for some time , but the bar has alluded me. I think my problem has been the wrist rotation.

  13. At themoment im 15 years old, 158 pounds (71 kg), 5 foot 8 Inches (172 cm) can do about 50 push ups in a row or 35 diamond push ups in a row and clean curl about 77 pounds (35 kg) with 15 reps. I can do 13/14 pull ups but still can't do even one muscle up

  14. I can do dips, push ups and pull ups but have still failed to get the skill behind the muscle up anyways it has been less than a week of practice. Am so desperate to learn it i even try jumping off the chair so i can hang on top hahaha hope i get it soon. thanks for the videos

  15. awesome instructions dude….i can do chinaman ups strict form 10 easy but haven't been able to do this movement….checked this video tonight and went for a walk with my dog to the park down the road…skipped the band progression step but after about half hour I got myself up over the bar but didnt do the final dip bit as I had nothing left. gonna go back tomorrow full of confidence and continue practice …. a real buzz when you actually get up over the bar….thanks again Scott…keep up the good work champ!

  16. Im gonna be honest, this doesn't look that difficult.

    Yeah, Yeah i know those are famous last words.

  17. Lmao i was in the gym watching this video and did my first muscle up right away, it was sloppy af but still

  18. This is such a great video! This video was one of the most useful videos I watched when learning my muscle up. Thank you Scott!

  19. What if u can't even do a muscle up with a band?I can do 7 pull ups but still can't do a muscle with a band

  20. Fuck I cant do the wrist twist :/ this movement doesn't come naturally to me, seems very difficult 🙁 Great tutorial!

  21. Great tutorial! The way that you approach the muscle up is so technical haha. I never thought about the wrist placement and stuff. I also like the idea of the using the band, except I feel like most people probably don't have access to one. I posted a muscle up tutorial too, but this one is probably more in depth haha

  22. Hey I just started doing muscle ups and I'm unable…. I am Able to do jumping muscle ups but am not being able to doing it without support… And upon trying for half an hour I developed severe pain in my left arm… I just wanted to ask if that is normal for beginners..?

  23. Hey there, video contents are pretty motivating, I have one request, can you make a video on how to reduce the lower belly fat & what excercises I need to do, because that stubborn mass ain't going, no matter what.

  24. Do you have to take your shirt off to do the muscle up? My gym doesn't let you take your shirt off. Just wondering if that is a deal killer.

  25. I see great tips and everybody does it different. In the end I was hoping you would do the muscle up in an more clean version.

    You have the power. Thanks for sharing. Also check out my muscle up.

  26. I'm trying to learn the muscle up. Is it a good idea to do it on a bar on a squat rack coz their is no lower pull up bar? Or is it safe?

  27. Out of all the muscle up progression videos, this is by far the best and most informative one. I like that step by step explanation with low bar. Going to try that this week. Thanks!

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