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  1. Hey, I could do maybe 2-3 clean muscle ups with a light momentum but after doing it for maybe a week I started feeling very bad because of my elbows pain and stopped doing them. How could I fix it or I should stop?

  2. I’m legit struggling with lay over the bar 😂I can L sit to my chest so easily. Legit how do U pull towards the bar then lay over the bar!?

  3. Chris, I got my first consecutive muscle up in my life, just 2 but I’m super stoked! I just wanted to thank you for teaching me something I struggled with for a long long time. I really appreciate it man. I been watching and working out to all your vids. Keep up the great work man. We all appreciate it. Much Aloha 🤙🏽

  4. Wow!! I’ve been looking for a tutorial like this for quite some time. I’m 49 and previously I was a gym rat. At 6’, 210lbs I was strong like an ox, but never developed core strength. 2 years ago I stopped lifting weights and switched to calisthenics. I literally had to retrain my muscles to perform bar training exercises. It’s been a journey, but I’m making tremendous strides. At first, I was intimidated by the muscle up, but after mastering the required moves, I’m ready for the next step.

    Thanks for your support!!

  5. hey Chris i miss the fire from your older videos. you are great mate, don't let the haters quench your fire. bring back the fire bro!

  6. So what , you're doing crossfit After all ? You can name the progress AND the position differently but this is one of a crossfit progression 🙃

  7. Take care after your first muscle-up, you will try a Stalder . No matter about workout, watch your speed on your future best friend a metal bar. Human nature has no limit.

  8. Hello Chris Heria Thank you very much for this video My friend and I have been practicing this exercise for 2 months straight, Muschle up but we couldn't get any more after a lot of painful results and finally it was right my boyfriend wasn't so good but we will help him and he will do much thank you for this video Chris Heria we are from Armenia

  9. Damn, Im a powerlifter who tried a muscle up yestarday for the first time.
    Strength was not the Problem, so I got to do them instantly with your tips!

  10. Guys if you haven't bought some chalk to improve your grip u MUST! it makes a huge difference!
    I was able to do some muscle ups last month and then suddenly I just wasn't able anymore.. I tried to do with a band and I struggled.
    Then I bought some liquid chalk and I got my muscle ups again on first try!!!

  11. No thats not right chris heria you are my fav youtuber buttt, when you do a muscle up it s all genetics and workouts before if you train just for the muscle up you can do it with 5 pull ups like my friend

  12. Thank you guys so soooo mucccch. I got my very first muscle up after watching this video. Though it was pure lucky but i got it and it was awesome. Now i know what i'm doing wrongggggg sorry my englissh is not good enough


  14. no creo que respondas a esto pero tus vídeos me han ayudado mucho y me han servido demasiado, saludos desde mexico amigo

  15. If I can, I hope that the APP can have a Chinese version. I am a Taiwanese. I really like your channel and learn from it.

  16. I'll be honest, if I saw him coming in a dark alleyway I would be scared. Once he starts talking though he's like a Sunday church regular.

  17. Hey Chris Heria or anyone, I want to do a muscle up so bad but I have a bad left shoulder from a snowboarding incident. Sometimes when I swim or lift on my shoulder, my left shoulder pops out and gets dislocated. Is surgery the only answer to heal this thing? As soon as I feel strong than out of the blue in a workout my shoulder pops out. Are there any workouts you recommend for the bad shoulder?

  18. Man…When i look at you it looks like you're floating. Does gravity not affect you? Much love and motivation. Keep up the great work.

  19. Hey Chris i think that you are such a good motivator. The applause you gave him after the second muscle up was so good. Things like this motivates for real. Thank you for your effort!

  20. 1| Muscle up requirement :

    Strength required :

    – 15xreps Pull ups

    – 15xreps Straight dips

    – 15s L-Sit

    – 15xreps toes to bar

    2| Technique required :

    – The magic button 10xreps

    – L-Sit pull back 10xreps

    – Lay over the bar

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