How To Pedal | Cycling Technique

How To Pedal | Cycling Technique

Peddling is easy isn’t it you learn to ride a bike and it becomes very instinctive very quickly But what is it that pros do it takes pedaling to an art form [how] do they look so bloomin smooth? Well, here are few tips [you] will get you pedaling like a pro First up. We’re actually going to do some backpedaling not literally But metaphorically because an overwhelming body of [research] including our own have shown up pulling up on the pedals Scraping through the bottom of the pedal stroke does not make your pedaling more efficient Now your body will naturally put power to the pedals in the most efficient way for it So you do not have to think about pedaling in circles there are times though [when] you will Automatically pull up on the pedals when you’re sprinting or maybe when you’re accelerating very hard in the saddle But the point is it should be natural just do it when it comes to you [same] is true of your cadence your body will naturally Select the most efficient cadence for you as it weighs up the demands of fast and slow twitch muscle fibers So don’t try to change the speed at which you pedal because it’s likely to be detrimental One thing that is going to affect your pedaling efficiency Is your muscle efficiency now true muscular efficiency is really only determined [by] genetics and training It’s not completely understood But what we do know is that some riders don’t need to use as much energy a given power as others however It’s not really a true barometer of performance No efficient Riders are certainly not always fast riders and [Vice-versa] So unless you’ve got loads of time available to you, and we actually don’t recommend that you focus on it in training What? What is actually going to make the difference [then] don’t worry so there are a few little shortcuts for better pedaling and coming up? right now getting in the correct position on your bike is vital and the Most Important part of [that] is your saddle height now if we look at [the] broad spectrum [of] riders in the professional peloton you will find There is [a] range of Satellites preferred by different rides But there’s also a broad trend and that is that when you’ve got your feet at the bottom of the pedal stroke you’ve got an angle here and me Around 25 to 30 degrees if you are more detailed look we have got a great video for you here at [gCSe] food How perfect your saddle height? Next it’s really really important to keep your upper body still when you’re peddling Excessive movement if your torso, [not] only wastes energy it also kind [of] looks bad And while some pros do rock and roll when under pressure because there’s so much fitter it happens at much higher speeds To achieve this on the one hand. It’s just a case of focusing on staying still It’s a learned behavior It just takes a bit of practice, [but] it is easier for some riders than others and that is because of core stability You can’t fail to have heard that tone from Yoga to pilates specific core strength work now increasing the strength of your stabilizer muscles in the lower torso Apparently helps with things like back pain posture all sorts o that’s true or not what we do know for certain Is [Arise] with strong core do pedal very smoothly and often they’re very strong as well, so it could benefit us all Not all pros stretch not by a longshot most actually aren’t very good at doing that bigger picture stuff But because [the] amount of time they spend on their bikes They’re likely [to] have a degree of flexibility the rest of us might [be] lacking We spend a lot of time sitting either for work or driving or ice and just [when] relaxing? So actually doing a little bit of light stretching even if it’s only when you’re on the bike really help to improve your pedaling style not to mention your Efficiency and comfort as you’ll be able to get yourself into a fast aero position on the bike withey Now there’s a little bit [of] debate about this one exactly what it does for you But the theory is that pedaling at a located and therefore a high Force helps to recruit muscle fibers and develop neuromuscular Pathways now personally always found this very enjoyable as a way of training and also quite beneficial [even] though it’s not yet been proven [in] the lab if you want to try it through five minutes of pedaling at 60 rPM Relatively high intensity then an easy gear for another [five] minutes and repeat Make sure you do it on a climb to maintain the resistance. So there you go then to pedal like a pro Don’t do what you perhaps thought that you should do instead focus on these five simple things Yeah Set your saddle height keep your upper body still do some core work some flexibility work and also experiment with some slow cadence drills Really nice shoes and salt will also help as well [solutely] Yeah, if you want to see that video about how to set your saddle height and just click up there to watch it [or] to Combine core work and flexibility in the same workout well we’ve got a video about yoga for cyclists You can get to it just down there and to make [sure] that you know about all of the latest global Cycling network videos make sure that you subscribe by clicking on us if they click on the ocean the Pacific Ocean and that will work – No way

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  1. Good day, GCN! I'm having a problem when i'm at road biking. I tend to bounce on the saddle whenever I increase my cadence. Help me pls ;~;

  2. disagree. cadence is not naturally selected and you should strive to have a faster cadence to minimize knee damage. but nice try ivory tower

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  4. I have always loved cycling but the thing I hate most about it is training so hard to still look like an average Joe. If you are lucky an average Joe on crack. Gotta do gym work and sprints. None of this Yoga crap.

  5. "{pedaling like a pro) only requires 5 simple things"??? You guys are obviously more interested in saying what you think will get you more ViewS than helping serious cyclists or those who want to benefit from cycling as exercise.

  6. Leg lengths will determine how still your are on the bike when pedaling fast. The top bone on the spine not being in the  orthogonal position will cause the hips to shift.  The trauma of birth itself can move the Atlas bone on top of the spine out of the orthogonal position.  That shift magnifies imperceptibly as time goes on. A trained upper cervical specific only chiropractor from Upcspine, The specific chiropractic or Upper cervical heath centers. Two Good upper cervical specific only DC  practitioners are Steven Duff in Windsor California and Richard Duff in San Francisco California.   Use their care before you are bent over in pain or before a doctor says you have this or that.  They don’t pop the joints at all not doing spinal manipulation. Don’t go to see one the day of a known traumatic event. Internal asymmetries take about 4 -5 days to show up externally to be measured.

  7. Wow thanks for the horrible audio editing. Really soft voices and loud music. That's what we need. Blowing out our ears and headphones. You guys should quit this job

  8. Great stuff, really enjoy watching it. But it wouldn't hurt you to have some women in your videos. Women cycle too 😉 Make us more visible please!

  9. Hi guys, is it good practice to try and pedal continuously for an entire ride?
    I am working at building up my bike fitness and l wonder if continuing to turn the pedals over as I'm having a (rolling) rest is something that will benefit me in the future

    Thanks 🚲🚲

  10. im not a pro. i been cycling for 18years or more and i hate to stretch if your gonna get hurt your gonna get hurt stretching wont help

  11. My bike costs more than 2 iphone 7's. It was a fucking mistake to buy it. The frame weighs 5 kilos. I wanna buy a new lighter carbon frame but the price is the same as an iphone 6.

  12. Ummm…. when they're showing the ideal saddle height angle, they say 25-30% but clearly show an angle that's greater than 90%.

  13. You guys put out such great information but I’m surprised at how much misinformation was in this video. The most efficient stroke applies force perpendicularly to the pedal axel all the way around. You can’t do that if your hamstrings are not engaged on the backstroke. Nor can the force vector be properly aligned when energy is dissipated through a prematurely dropped heel on the front stroke. Even some pros get it wrong (i.e. Froome) and partly overcome through genetic gift, training, etc., but there’s one proper way to pedal. Study Cancellara and Pantani.

  14. You CAN change your cadence and it is soooo worth it……follow you guys alot but you make mistakes here. Pedal stroke also bad info.

  15. That one guy looks like his bike is too small for him. The way his back is bent, when he's riding, looks very painful. I cringed every time they showed the side view of him riding.

  16. What! I bet you have done Mountain Biking or Cyclocross. It's impossible to go uphill fast without a smoth circular pedalling motion. Similarly on the road on a long climb. The more you rest your quads using your hamstrings the longer you will ride for sure…

  17. About the high-intensity cadence exercise you mentioned, high-intensity exercises for a short period, develop fast twitch muscles (Type ii) aka strength muscles and during low intensity for a longer period of time, you develop slow twitch muscle fibres aka endurance muscles. (Type 1). Depending on what field you specialise in, you can choose which side you want to tilt it towards. If you're a 1KM time trialist, you want to have more type ii muscles and if you're competing in the Iron Man world championships, then you want more type i muscles and finally, if you're a mixed guy, try to have a good balance.

  18. The gluteusmaximus muscle is the most powerful muscle in the body and that's why you should try to focus on engaging that muscle group (3 muscles each side). I find bringing my knees inwards coming over the top and then dropping my heels does the trick.

  19. How to get the strongest body core for any sport including cycling:
    Go to the gym and do: deadlifts and squats, military presses and pull ups, push ups and dips.
    (by order of importance, 3 groups of 2 exercises, 3 times a week, each time 1 group of 2 exercises)

  20. Can't believe how many people (and pro's) thought pedaling circles was efficient. The quads would literally never get a chance to rest with the circle method. It would be like holding an isometric wall squat for hours. I disagree with the efficiency point too. If you're quad dominant, your peak performance will be a joke compared to glute dominant pedaling, and your likelihood of knee injury is much higher. Also cadence depends on the crank length you're using and your muscle activation/ motor control. The reason I know efficiency is the most important variable is because I typically increase LT and sprint power output by 200-400 watts in my client's first session- just by working on motor control. That's how much power most people are wasting, and they're usually not aware of it.

  21. From bicycle to crutches. Bicycle is like electricity – a very dangerous thing when you dont know the safety rules about cadence and force applied to pedals.

  22. 'make sure you do it on a climb'… And here I live in the netherlands where you can ride 60km with only climbing 50 metres. At least I can ride consistent straights of 10km with head wind.

  23. This is wrong. And that research study was totally flawed. You cannot take a group of cyclists and ask them to change their technique and proclaim it less efficient. If they haven't trained that way of course it will be. But If you are not engaging your hams and psoas majors (hip flexors) on the reciprocal stroke then you will be lifting that leg with the power stroke on the opposite leg. And that is research proven. No some pros are big phase one pushers like Ian Stannard. Others like Anna van der Breggen and Steven Kruijswijk power 360. One size does not fit all but in the modern age, although a pusher can win a classic they will never win a major tour. With the way gears are now used only a pedaller's legs will get through 3 weeks in good shape.

  24. I cycled until I was 42, then I hung it up and got a motorbike.
    I always found that if I timed it right, I could better progress by only pushing downwards when the pedal was also going downwards…

  25. Hey roadies.
    You know when you are out at the weekend and you pass a rider on a mountain bike or hybrid coming towards you. If the other rider greets you with a friendly "good morning", don't ignore them. It makes you look like a total bell end lol

  26. I guess I'm lucky to have watched this video muted. If you want to improve your pedaling stroke, buy a set of rollers. Nothing else will sort our your pedal out stroke more quickly. You'll notice an improvement in your pedaling after your very first roller session. As you pedal on rollers, use your ears, you can hear the sound of the rollers change in time to your pedals, the speed and sound picks up each time you push down a pedal. Your goal on rollers is to make a consistent sound as you pedal, which involves pushing, ankling, and pulling each foot through the stroke. This also gets the most power from every part of your legs.

  27. I hate to say it but you missed the step of leveling out your audio… can be done easily with 30 minutes of work – This is such a surprise because all of your other videos are so polished.

  28. Question: do cycling socks really matter? Is there some sort of performance increase with cycling socks compared to Normal ones? Or is it more for comfort?

  29. Why do these guys look as if they’re not putting in any effort going up up but I’m shitting myself and sweating like crazy when I’m going uphill on a mountain bike

  30. I usually avoid commenting on videos that generally suck. This video sucks.

    But here's my comment:
    Saddle height is very important (so I agree with one thing mentioned in this video), but then knee positioning over the pedal axle is very important. After that, high-cadence is key, when spinning proper circles. Practice by resting one foot on your bottle cage and spinning TRUE circles. If you aren't doing it right, you'll know (there should be no bouncing moment). Spin with one foot near your maximum cadence. Then do it with the other foot. SPIN CIRCLES! When done correctly your cadence will increase and your heart rate will drop while your wattage output is maximized. This is an in-the-saddle exercise, not a sprint. Proper spinning maximizes calories burnt for the watts achieved.

    Sprinting is all about pure watt output without any concern for endurance. Proper spinning should allow you to recover on uphills and on downhills while passing less efficient pedallers. If you can get into an aero-tuck and spin circles without running out of effective gears then you will pass people. Practice spinning circles. High cadence and low energy input equals maximum sustained watt output.

    Pro cyclists aren't big burly guys and gals, they're smart and efficient. …Always draft when you can!!

  31. Keep the back straight and not curved otherwise you will get back pains. Look at their spine it's like a banana so that's bad posture

  32. Saddle height is a technique of paddling, really omg. The whole video can be one sentence: keep your upper body still. Talk too much

  33. Detailed load analysis shows that Pros do pull up…but just enough to unweight the leg so as to not work against the other leg. They also start loading the down stroke 5-10 degrees sooner. THAT is all there is to it.

  34. It’s too bad Lloydy’s mic was not working properly during the filming. Si’s mic was nice and balanced while I could hardly hear Dan’s. Good stuff though.

  35. I don‘t fully agree that you should pedal automatically. The smooth pedalling includes down and up movements, means press down with one leg and also lift up on the opposite side.

  36. I came specifically because I wanted to see foot placement on the pedals, but you didn't talk about that. I noticed they all had the balls of their feet on the pedals, not so much the midfoot, but I can't stand that. Is it really detrimental, or is it still a "do what's natural" deal?

  37. I have found the absolute best pedalling technique is to pedal like you're 10. If you are behind…pedal like you're 10 being chased by a Rottweiler!

  38. Been riding for so many years but today i kept this video in mind – somehow pedalling seemed NEW! and improved! haha! Thanks and Cheers GCN.

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