How to Play Soccer : Stretching for a Soccer Game

How to Play Soccer : Stretching for a Soccer Game

Hi, I’m Chris Murray, and I’m going to tell
you how to stretch before a soccer game. Because soccer is such an enduring sport and demanding
on the body, it’s very important you stretch and be warmed up properly before you play.
I’m a professional soccer player and I’ll give you some examples of how to stretch.
For instance your hamstrings are very important to stretch. Especially when you’re about to
do a lot of running. Stretching your hamstrings can be done by keeping your feet together
and bending straight down at your waist and touching your toes. By touching your toes
you get a full range of motion in your hamstrings, which are the back of your legs and this allows
them to stretch properly. Another way to stretch your hamstrings would be for you to have your
legs spread widely apart and then straight down to the middle touch the ground. This
offers the same range of motion and gets the same stretch just as keeping your feet together.
Another stretch that is important to do is to stretch your quads. You can stretch your
quads by pulling one leg up and holding your laces and keeping your balance. You’ll feel
this stretch in the front of your leg where your quads are located. Another major stretch
is to stretch your calves. Your calves are the lower part of your leg and are very important
to stretch especially when you’re running. Stretching your calves can be done by putting
one leg forward and putting all of your weight forward as well. You’ll feel this stretch
in the back part of your leg, at the lower end, and those are just some ways on how to
stretch before a soccer game.

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  1. You shouldnt grab your laces, you should hold your hand sucurely around your ANKLE so as not to damage any parts of your foot


  3. this guy was really nervous and obviously reading outloud, hahaha… good advice though… forget football! play soccer!!

  4. any help.. every time i play fottball/soccer, my left side of my left foot hurts like hell. it doesent hurt when im not playn only when i play.. and run.. almost like i have broken something..its not blue so i dont think i have broken something. pleas respon if you can help me in any way..

  5. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS GUY. You are not supposed to do static stretches like he is showing as it has been proven to cause injury. Dynamic stretches that mimic the movements of the sport u are about to play is meant to b done before the game as warm up. Static stretches such as the ones he is showing are to b done after the game


  7. Once I was playing soccer and started slow and started to limber up and go faster. Benjamin Jarrett Russell stepped onto the field and punched me in the face and said "Be a nerd, don't limber."

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