How to Prevent Muscle Fatigue on Your Horse

How to Prevent Muscle Fatigue on Your Horse

Your horse is awesome. In no time he goes from zero to superhero
using almost every muscle in his body, amazing! But your horses muscles can run out of energy. A fenomenen called muscle fatigue. It can occur during or after intense activity. Many people believe it’s caused by lactic
acid build-up, but actually scientists are still arguing about the real cause. Does this mean that you just have to sit tight
and hope that fatigue doesn’t set in during action? Off course not! You can help your horse with proper training
and nutrition. To perform well your horses muscles need energy. During prolonged exercise they burn fat and
fibre and as a result energy is gradually released. During short explosive activities they burn
glycogen an produce lactate in return. If your horse is untrained the lactate just
accumulates, but with well trained horses other muscles may use lactate as a source
of energy. So, physical exercise, including a proper
warm up and cool down is an effective way to recuse muscle fatigue. Also, sufficient hydration and an adapted
diet are equally important. You see, during action your horse sweats,
a lot. Losing loads of water and electrolytes. And this dehydration may cause muscle cramps. So, give your horse plenty of water and compensate
the loss of electrolytes. Extra antioxidants can reduce muscle fatigue
as well. So, make sure your horse gets enough vitamin
E, bioflavonoids, glutathione and so on. Expert advice can determine how much antioxidants
needs exactly. Also, replace some of the starch and sugars
in your horses diet by fat and fibre to prevent muscle problems. Simple changes can lead to great results. For any advice, contact your nutritional partner:

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