HOW TO PRODUCE NATURAL DMT – Mantak Chia | London Real

HOW TO PRODUCE NATURAL DMT – Mantak Chia | London Real

That room is just like all the the master have to go through So the formula in the in the tower set when you go into the dark until you cannot be dark they are you cannot see like So actually when I do the research is the same thing as the recorder melatonin and serotonin And Phi M all and DMT That is what the West discovered the DMT and the Phi M. Oh, so all the drug is producing this Okay in the dark Oh, yeah, and and the because psychedelic drugs right be producing the DMT. Yes So the people take it the signal They they our body. Yeah, I just hear you. I just want to Costa Rica drank. Ayahuasca. Yeah it has Yeah, and yeah, I’ve got that experience. I know so that is the whole key of that. Okay? so now in a down way they gone to all these Drugs before they call a motor più umano più. It’s a lot of all kind of opting inside them So they and one major portion is mercury and the border they think they bought the mercury to one level and they have Southwest for us the metal and their precious stone or boy because a metal candy stopped by the the matter only candy stopped by the mercury So you put the Metro in the dissolve it and you can inject and take it But they no matter what you do. They still some person day so when they take it in its lightly of taking poison and you poem on the body producing a fighting effect and Stimulate a death hormone on atop the head And that is the DMT So the DMT people experience when they go to go to water they draw And that is the time the dmt purdue a producing the person and you’re sitting and In the so sweet they run out and we see vision see thing and you see so many thing so is the same thing like a magic mushroom Picker is hot poison. I’m not very poison the yellow mushroom is is Magic because it don’t kill you right away, but it makes you close to death and stimulate the DMT So do I use up the DMT that store in the mono that right on the pineal gland? So we got the death hormone so that hormone the ticket out The fiim. Oh, you see color see vision you walk through the wall the five annuities. I remember yeah Yeah, and the DMT make you feel like your separation. Okay, so as we go out, you know a lot about psychedelics. Oh, yes because My study and my expertise is my I do all these things many many years Yeah, and the website will disagree and we compare to them why? So now pyramid you experiment with magic mushrooms. No no, I don’t want become my master want me that week the Dow co2 so long and This one is Tom lead you to one way because it’s many thousand years. We already gone through this okay, and finally they they say no we have to return back to internal or Pew and you want to man act with your internal dinosaurs the empty sauce? okay, which is biased in human beings then but in the dark room you Producing it. You’re not draining it There is a whole key. So now and the Masters used to go through this dark room There’s as part of their training right and that’s where you got the idea to teach other people to do this Alright, and how does it work? How long do you need to be in the dark? Oh one week totally that totally dark eat everything is in the darkroom, but the whole kid You have to understand when we we are we have to ting When you go to sleep at night So I always I always my master say cover your eye and for the earplug So doc. So when you dock the body producing monotony and But when in the morning the melatonin you’re producing at night, it turned to salah, Tony So then I’d like the finish but one you when used when you go in the dark and You come your mind and not speak and come everything down In the dark now the body producing more monotony five milligram 25 a 10 milligram 20 25 milligram when it when the melatonin producing 25 milligram Now we have enough to produce it because it’s the same chain It’s exactly the same chain is the matter Tony. So when it 25 is split into Phi M Oh So now you see you standing the e-string day after second day when the or the third day you have enough mother Tony because you don’t Don’t con when like and we convert the Martin into serotonin Okay, so when you have not converted sorry Tony you have enough it producing fiim Oh and you see lycée color series and cementing or see past life Okay, very strong v mu y very strong and now when the fighting will finish When you have more variable now if you stay to the third of what day? Not the final have enough it turned to DMT and now you’re sitting there you feel hey Something cool you are something or get out of your body and that is we call the source we want to leave the body So now we have to control them We’re to control them because if you don’t want so we practice in the first second and turning for the fib level you try to control feed the fit the sauce pretty stronger and They know how to get out and come back You

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  1. Those Thai soccer players who were trapped in that pitch black cave for more than two weeks must have been tripping balls!

  2. So he is saying i just take enough melatonin pills in the dark and I'll start tripping? I am going to take that with a grain of salt or 2

  3. Please someone please tell me how do you control the source and how do you feed it once you get to 5-MeO DMT? Or do you continue the internal process with melatonin, serotonin, 5-MeO turning into DMT?

  4. Dude says serotonin is made from melatonin…it isn't. Melatonin is made from serotonin but not the other way around.

  5. Who among us here on the internet in 2019 is going to sit in the dark for a week instead of smoking DMT for 15 minutes?

  6. So at the end was he claiming that they need to practice going into the third and fourth day of darkness because that’s when your soul wants to leave your body and you need to be able to control it?

  7. Best shrooms there are…liberty caps, from Oregon…good time………or purple micro dot acid…back in the seventies…acid ain't worth a shit anymore………

  8. I am starting to think I am the only one who has had a DMT experience, brought on by hypnosis. During a natal regression, shortly after emerging from the womb, I was being held by my mother for the first time, and as she gentily touched the crown of my head, I had the indescribable expansion / union. I do not know if the DMT was spontainiously produced or if it was released from a reserve. I am being cautious as I do not want to create an imbalance. Mantak has some wonderful insights, Baptisim in it's original form is thought by some to be the stimulation of DMT by near drowning. My intuition is telling me that this molicule is sacred and transformational. It has raised my transpersonal awarness, maybe that is why I easily understood every word Mantak spoke.

  9. Can someone translate to English please? Or do subtitles? Lol. I only caught like 10% of what he was saying. 😔

  10. I always open up a video and go straight to comments instead of watching the video. Now I have to rewind 5 min and actually watch.

  11. No one has the balls to see reality for how it whispers. Reality is the psychedelic experience. Can you see the light coming through the window or is your mind projecting the cockblock?

  12. I wouldn't recommend this guys way of producing DMT! It should be extracted from Ayahuasca, and dried into powder! Don't take anything that is going to put Mercury into your body! Your talking Epilepsy, Autism, and permanent neurological damage! Get DMT from a viable source and test for Mercury when you get it. If it has Mercury in it, don't take it, get your money back, and send it back to them.

  13. A blind person would have to stay in the dark for a week just like someone who isn't blind since your eyeballs aren't the only organ/sense the human has that can detect light. we all soak up vitamin D from the sunlight though our skin for crying out loud.

  14. Some time when i go to sleep, i got DMT. Thats the time your soul is totaly in a dark space. I remember sometimes in my dream ive punched the devil in the face. I woke up my fist hurt, cuz ive punched the wall. Yeah when you sleep your soul leave the body too and room around the world, some times it could go to the past and future too. Yes dreams is magical and problimatic to explain. Its like DMT, your died and yet alive..

  15. Soooo is there a reason you can't just take Melatonin pills enough for 25mg or take like 10mg doses while doing the dark fast to speed it up? Anyone game to test it?

  16. Isolation/deprivation chambers are truly foreign to most people in the sense that the moment a modern human is confined in this position, a flood of anxiety overwhelms the body. As a modern human, I am over stimulated throughout the day and the moment absolute quiet and darkness takes over, my mind is unable to resist the urge to break the silence. Even if producing the "death hormone" is not your goal, this practice is extremely healthy for a sound mind. Great video.

  17. What about the food and drink for 1 week? Hmm… Need a fridge in the dark room and food supply for 1 week?

  18. In short. To access DMT your body should be in 50/50 life and dead mode. No wonder people who are almost dying are hallucinating.

  19. Imagine using a weeks worth of holidays for this not to work 😂 " need another vacation boss didnt make the most of the first one. "

  20. Its not proven dmt is in the human brain….and honestly anyone who says you can have a dmt trip without ingesting it never smoked or drank dmt….sorry gurus..but no

  21. I stumbled on this some years ago. But I don't focus on DMT, I focus on the experience. I calm myself. I observe the multiple shades of black and grey on the back of my eyelids in the dark. I know many people who believed they only saw one black darkness. With some practice, they have a new sensory perception. Our early practice also included travel imagery as one might experience driving on backroads. More colors and greater detail emerged. At first, this was relaxing and led to blissful slumber. Soon, out of body experiences materialized with greater feelings of transcendence.

  22. What he said it really makes sense 🙏🏻♥️ I will go to the dark now.. I will let you know in a week 🌚

  23. Ive done 7 days in february , i nearly got mugged and as much as ive always wanted to know "whats it all about" , this time my gut was humming . So i actually couldn't eat because i was so high emotionally , a few days in of it i was there , and stayed there for about 6-7 days , i couldn't sleep or sit down . All natural . My mind was breaking down everything into numbers colours and 2d paterns . I felt untouchable and ive learned alot , nothing like the absolute of your own mind . Positive and negative like batteries and magnets . Everything is duality here . 2 sexes , night and day , am pm etc . Yin and yang ( im so sorry if my spelling is dodgy ) , a perfect harmony of life from plants through to every animal all in sync , swaying as one like a huge orchestra , i could go on for hours but have your own journey , and drink plenty of water !!!

  24. Malcom x said being in prison was the best part of his life cause it opened up his mind..and he would read in the am thinking may be if go in a mode of solitude and calmness..we naturally release dmt..

  25. There's many ways to raise vibration out of this current "Norm" frequency. Once you phase out of here. Whole nother world's within and out of this world

  26. Sufi's have a similar concept, so did native Americans, The yogis sitting in the caves. It all relates back to the dark and melatonin alchemy that converts to DMT.

  27. Spend 40 yrs meditating an multiple other practices trying to achieve this or do psychedelics and achieve it right now every time..

  28. Maybe the body thinks it is dying after one week in the dark? ..then it is death hormone same as mushrooms and hyperventilating

  29. Its beautiful to see humanity waking up to the true potential of self healing and cleansing.
    The current system is so broken and corrupt its literally a slow kill way of life . Thank you so much for this video . I'm hooked 👍👍👍👍

  30. So if i understand , 5 days fasting in a dark room with no light at all. On the 4th day the melatonin produced in your body turns to 5meo. Which you will see shapes and colors , a psychadelic experience. On the 5th day the 5meo turns to DMT and you have a breakthrough journey. But also on the 5th day you need to eat so ,YOU DO NOT DIE. 🙏

  31. Nobody warn rookies or newbies that this is a "do not try this at home" stuff. These people whom fasting and blindfold mediataion in a dark room for a week and more are not a common folks. They 've teacher(master) guided them at all time and they've prior experiences like meditation in isolation in a forest for a week or even a month. Even in high level mediation teacher(master) will warn you about dark devil entities try to interupts you tease you or fool you to think that you've reach supreme ultimate level and became a master but in reality you haven't acheieve anything. This is not a kid cartoon warrior chinese monk meditation training. Sit a a dark cave meditation and bam he have reach the high level and became a master bullcrap. Not many people reach the level of master. some of them get visited by the nightmare hellish evil entity/entities dude get broken by devil entity and become a crazy person. A lot of scary stuff could happend during this practice. If you want to know more find a master and ask him.

  32. I'm part of the Drukama school that raises internal energy of the practitioner and allot of this seems universally inclusive to spiritual progress, amazingly without any kind of external stimulant at all. If anyone's interested in the energy aspect of it check it out.

  33. The body breaks DMT really quickly. Being able to produce enough DMT naturally so as to be able to experience the kind of experience you get from the concentrated extracted form is close to impossible

  34. yes. "in a dark room we produce it". or in a sensory deprivation tank. i read once that someone that would stand up for 7 days in a pitch dark room would become enlightened. : )

  35. My friends I don't want to offend the vedio maker and I appreciate his efforts in making the vedio and make us are of his DMT experience,but I would suggest the viewers to not to use the external substance in search of enlightenment or seeing the other dimension …I want to tell you that it's inside of you ,and you can attain the trip through meditation and self learning but it will come to you but slowly and you should be patient and try to meditate and do yoga regularly…
    I am against the use of external use of DMT that is causing serious health effects on people using it for the divine experience…I would like to suggest that people to go inside yourself and search for the truth inside themselves because outside everything is mere illusion and just the play of consciousness..
    I know I sound boring but I am telling you my experience and live my life in complete isolation ..

  36. It’s way too hard to get to the content on your site. The I’m not a robot kicks you out. Too many barriers to entry. You should have a link to your app on the video.

  37. So strange that people spend time on dangerous and uncomfortable methods, there is real knowledge available and it makes people see it as it is without a lot of unreal sensations. It is dangerous if you not see difference on a insight and other things going on in your mind.

  38. I have questions. I’ve produced 5-meo-DMT by fasting, staying up all night then sleeping after sunrise, taking vitamin K2 to decalify my pineal gland, and drinking passionflower tea. Amongst other things. I stayed up all night with the lights on and danced around with my headphones in. After a few of doing this consistently I started tripping alll the time. The trip would be a micro-dose in the day time and a bigger trip at night. I wanna try his method though because then I think I could release even more. But it’s cool that I managed to do it a different way.

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