How to REALLLLY Stretch Your Quads (Best Static Quad Stretch!)

How to REALLLLY Stretch Your Quads (Best Static Quad Stretch!)

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Another ATHLEAN XPRESS video for you. This
time, how to stretch the quads the right way. So let’s play a little game here. I’m going
to show you 2 versions of a quad stretch. And you tell me which is the right way, or
which is the way that you do it most often, alright. First up. Here I am right here in standing
doing the quad stretch. We’ve obviously got this as an option. We obviously do this a lot. A lot of people
will do this. Is this the right version? If you think so, make a mental note of it. Second, we’ve got this version where I’m laying
down on my side again stretching my quad, again pulling up on one leg. And again, a version a lot of people will
do. And if this is the version you think is the best way to stretch your quads, then let
me know down below that this is what you do. Ok. Now, let’s take it all back. You want
to know what the right version is? Neither. See, there’s a big problem when we stretch
our quads out is that we’re always incorporating a substitution
pattern right here through the lumbar spine that winds up compromising the stretch on
the quad. So, if you really want to get an effective
quad stretch, you have to learn how you can take lumbar extension out of the stretch. When we’re standing, as I showed you in the
beginning, we basically are getting an extension of the lumbar spine. So, as I’m trying to feel like this leg is
getting back behind me more, all I’m doing really is leaning back, again, through my
lumbar spine to feel as if I’m getting that separation between the quad
and hip flexor and my upper trunk. So we don’t want that. So if we want to get rid of it, the first
thing we have to do is get on the ground. And then secondly, when we’re down there,
we got to change our leg position. So, when we’re down on the ground, instead
of having our leg, our lower leg, out straight, what we need to do is get our lower leg in
at 90 degrees, ok. So, our lower leg gets at 90 degrees by lifting
the knee up towards our chest and then our leg here on top will now get a true quad stretch. What’s very interesting if you want to test
this out yourself is take your lower leg, straighten it out, and then pull back on the
knee. Immediately, I’ve got an extra 20 degrees
or at least 10-20 degrees of motion with my leg getting behind my body. But nothing changed in my quad flexibility.
I just substituted in lumbar extension through my back. I was able to lean myself back. But if I pull my knee up in the front, it
flattens out the lumbar spine. It takes out the curve. So now I’m stuck with whatever I’ve got in
my quads which is obviously much less because now the knee is actually in front of my body. I couldn’t even get it back parallel to my
trunk here. So, again, guys, when you’re taking your stretching and you’re trying to incorporate
the right stretches, you’ve got to make sure you’re doing them
the right way. And it goes beyond that with all of our training. I always say, guys, if you want to look like
an athlete, you’ve got to train like an athlete. I always want to say, you know, add to that,
you better stretch like an athlete, too. And you better eat like an athlete. It all matters. Athletes have to have everything matter because
what they do for a living is how they get paid and how they perform and how they make
their living. You’ve got to start caring, guys, like they
care, about what you do. I try to help you as your coach with our ATHLEANX Training System. You can get that over at ATHLEANX.COM right
now if you haven’t already started. Start doing everything the right way. Not just your stretching, but your training
and your eating as well. Alright, guys, if you found this helpful,
make sure you leave a thumb’s up below, comment, whatever else you need help with. And I’ll make sure I make a video for you
on it. I’ll see you guys back here in a couple days.

100 Replies to “How to REALLLLY Stretch Your Quads (Best Static Quad Stretch!)”

  1. Should I do a full body stretch routine before bed, stretch through out the day, how do you guys suggest I stretch to maintain flexibility and not get tight throughout the day? I tend to sit alot in school so I tend to get pretty tight throughout the day

  2. A little funny that the baseball player on the poster on the wall is doing one of the stretches in question taking Jeffs advice.

  3. So, we need to take lumbar extension out of the stretch. But why? I know it will compromise the quad stretch— like he said. But will the extension also cause harm— specifically to the lower back?

  4. Can you make a video on quad exercises? Preferably from a physical therapist point of view, avoiding barbell squats and leg extensions. (bad knees)

  5. Sir I am a sprinter my outer thighs are stiff and that's leading to my duck feet and if try to keep my feet straight my running speed decreases

  6. I like the quad stretch they do on the P90X stretch X video where you sit on your one leg while facing forward, laying on your stomach with your other leg behind you and pull on the leg that way. First time I did that I never did one of the regular quad stretches again.

  7. Am I the only one that noticed the poster in the background??? Its funny hearing Jeff talk about training like athlete and there is a professional athlete incorrectly stretching.

  8. Wow I've been trying to fix an anterior pelvic tilt for so long. Every other video online automatically assumes it is your hip flexors. I did the test and it looks like my Quads are too tight, which makes sense because I genetically have very powerful quads. Thank you for the video! Also, does this mean I should stop strengthening by Quads at the gym and focus more on Glutes an Hamstrings?

  9. Alternatively, if you bring your leg (the one being stretched) into slight hip flexion and tense your abdominals while doing the "wrong" stretch and standing, it will provide you a much deeper stretch and rid you of almost all lumbar extension. Just a thought for those who don't want to get on the floor.

  10. Is there a way to take quad stretches further? I'm a climber and I need to be able to lift my foot to head height unassisted behind me while standing. Taking this stretch to the limits (instep touching front top of waistline) doesn't burn at all but I'm nowhere near my flexibility goals

  11. Many of these youtube fitness gurus are running out of material, so they're knit picking different exercises. Pretty soon athleanx will make so many videos they might start contradicting each other. The traditional stretch is just fine.

  12. Amazing. I play football and this year, I had been in a large amount of pain in what I had originally thought was my hip flexor, but actually was my quad I found out thanks to your other video about hip flexors. So I looked this one up and wow, the pain/soreness is reduced to a minimal. Almost completely gone. Thank you so much. This is why I'm going to school for Kinesiology once I complete my AoT.

  13. As a massage therapist I always try to encourage proper stretching, but don't always have the time to demonstrate correct form to my clients. I will be referring a lot of folks to your videos. Wonderful! Thank you.

  14. Keep your pelvis at a posterior pelvic tilt (When the ASIS moves up and back, towards the spine, this is posterior tilt) while stretching your quads..Just like the athlete in the background picture. You will feel the difference…

  15. I have asked many trainers how to get my quads stretched without having them do it for me. Never got an answer that worked. My quads get so tight I can't sit in a car for more than 5 minutes before they ache. Thanks. THIS WORKS.

  16. My grandmother was a doctor with a reputation of never being wrong. She said that the only correct way is to lay on your stomach flat with legs tight together without lifting the butt. But whenever I tried the stretch my butt lifted automatically and my spine curved to compensate for lack of flexibility. All she said was I shouldn't lift the butt and when I tried hard not to I had to squeeze the butt really hard and push the legs together to prevent them from spreading. When I did all that I felt a sharp pain in the knee joint while stretching and all she said was that I was an idiot for not doing it exactly as she said and that she is never wrong about stretching methods. The standing stretch was ok without the knee pain. Does anybody have experience with the lying on the stomach kind of stretch and maybe some pain?

  17. should i perform this stretch if i pulled my quad a bit last week? Or should i just leave it alone till it fully recovers? thanks

  18. Awesome thanks Jeff. Preparing for a martial arts event and have a injured hamstring. Any advice welcome! You are i spiring and obviously know your stuff. Thankyou.

  19. This really me! I was doing it the first way and to be honest a lot of tightness on leg day is gone. Thank you!

  20. Dear Jeff cavaliers, I love you man, you’re such a decent, sexy, knowledgeable and father and husband. You’re are the best man. Sincerely, Wyatt Huggins.

  21. Awesome, thanks for this. My quads are way too tight and it’s causing pelvic tilt, worse yet, my left is worse than my right.

    I’ve always fixed my hips by activating my glutes and pulling my hips under but this is definitely better.

  22. Jeff this video was extremely helpful. My quads were very sore from squats and this stretch finally hit my quads the right way. Thank You!

  23. Can you tell us another stretch for quads ? It still doesn't work for me. Initially it would but now it doesn't. I'm a physiotherapist myself. I try doing the lunge stretch for hip flexors but since it's too tight my knee hurts when I lunge forward so I tried putting a cushion below my knee to reduce the impact but still it hurts.

  24. I discovered a useful addition to this quad stretch last night. After flexing the lower leg and starting to stretch the quads of the top leg, gently apply the heel of the foot of the leg on the floor to the knee of the limb you are stretching.

    Only apply it gently and play around with it a bit because there's a lot of leverage, but you'll find it amplifies the degree of stretch applied to the quads remarkably by extending the upper insertions of the quads. Don't apply the heel too hard and leave the rest of the lower limb on the floor, just apply a little gentle pressure to the knee of the limb being stretched with the heel of the slighly flexed lower limb as shown in the video.

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