How To: Seated Low Row (LF Cable)

How To: Seated Low Row (LF Cable)

What’s going on a Hermanation? I’m gonna demonstrate for you guys how to do a seated low row okay first thing you’re gonna do is adjust the weight to what you want to use for your exercise. And then I like to use the grip that allows me to have my hands close to each other So it needs a closed grip bar and if you notice they angle up towards each other so you can hold it this way or that way I prefer holding it so that it angles towards each other at the top, okay, and what you’re gonna do. Is you’re gonna sit down you’re gonna put your feet up here Okay, you’re gonna come out so that you have a slight bend in your knees you maintain a neutral spine and then what you’re gonna, do is you’re gonna make sure your shoulders are down your chest is out and you’re maintaining an arch of your back, okay? And by doing this it’s going to allow you to keep your shoulder blades pinched throughout the whole exercise and what you want to do is pull your hands to your torso now once there, squeeze everything nice and tight and then keep everything nice and tight squeeze in your back. As you come forward and then come out to a 90 degree angle, okay? You’re not going to come to a full extension pull back and breathe out Come forward to 90 degrees, back and breathe out That’s how you do it seated low row For more great information feel free to subscribe to my channel and as always more good stuff coming to. Later guys

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    Remember to keep those shoulder blades pinched and really squeeze your back!

  2. Most people I see doing this exercise go waaaay too heavy and throw their entire body into it, while their neck muscles look like they are going to explode lol…meaning the are definitely not isolating their lats and mid back, and losing the whole purpose of the exercise. Not to mention putting themselves at serious risk of injury. I see it with a lot of exercises actually…egos defeating the purpose of exercises. If they didn't look like such ANGRY people, I would politely tell them they are doing them completely wrong lol.

  3. One thing that was explained to me about back excercies, whether rows, or lat pulldowns, was to not pull with your arms, but rather to think of your hands as hooks and your back muscles are doing the pulling

  4. He is doing it wrong he is not even stretching his back muscle he should lean a bit forward to make his back muscle stretch …

  5. Hey Scott, great job on this video! I really like the fact that you demo'd not only form, but various grips as well for the exercise.

  6. I only listen to athleanx, and Scott. Team natural. I don't have time for ego lifters that can't do without their main ingredient.

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