How To Shave Your Chest, Back & Shoulders To Be More Attractive To Women

How To Shave Your Chest, Back & Shoulders To Be More Attractive To Women

(drums) – Hey you! Welcome back to
my men’s grooming series. So, today I wanna talk
about chest and back hair. Which is why I brought Dorian on because he’s gonna
demonstrate how to properly trim your chest and back hair. – Is it time? – Yeah, it’s time – Okay, let’s do it. – Let’s start to do this. Ah! No! You don’t wanna see that. So, the reason why I
wanted to bring him on is because Dorian, I would say, stays pretty darn on top
of his grooming routine. – I think you would
know, you outside of me probably more then
anybody else in the world. – Very true. Very true. With me, as a woman, I
obviously have a very different process when
it comes to grooming. I just wanna start by saying, though, and this is really
important, that whatever you and your partner prefer in
terms of your chest hair and back hair, by all
means do whatever makes you guys happy, but outside
of that, I would say, the majority of women
that I’ve spoken with that I know over my entire
lifetime, including myself, we all prefer a trimmed look when it comes to your chest and your back especially. Of course, there’s always
gonna be a minority of women that prefer either a
hairless or caveman look, but they are a very small
subset of women out there and, really, probably all
of them, it’s not gonna be a deal breaker if you
have a more trimmed look. If you’re hoping I’m going
to cover how to shave completely all the hair off
of your chest and your back, then you’re gonna be sorely disappointed because there’s just
way too many downsides when it comes to shaving with a razor. – Bumps, irritation,
ingrown hairs, razor burn. – So, let’s start with your chest. So, you’re gonna need a
good pair of clippers, which I have two that
are highly recommended, which I included in my companion article, that will fit any budget. Now, as far as when
you should be trimming, you have a very specific time
that you always recommend. – Well, yeah. If you’re
gonna be trimming, you know, you’re gonna have hair
kind of getting in places and falling off of you,
just like a haircut, so you want to do it
pre-shower, not post-shower because then the hair will
be dry and you could hop in the shower and rinse
off all of the extra clippings that you’re gonna have. So, you wanna trim your
chest hair by going against the grain, like
most of my chest hair tends to grow down, I think most people. I definitely have, like a
weird circle of hair here, so you kind of have to
go against the grain. Anywhere from a one to a four attachment is kinda the norm, you have a preference. – Yes, I will have to
say the majority of women I talk to and myself included,
we don’t want your hair too short, where it
just feels really spiky, like a three day old shave,
but we also don’t want it super long, where it’s
still tickling our nose, so the sweet spot is actually
a number 2 attachment. – Tickling your nose? – Yeah, tickling when it’s too long. When I’m like cuddling here,
it just tickles my nose. – Don’t stop here, if you’re hairy. I definitely have stomach hair as well. If I stopped here it would
be a very interesting, hairy six pack versus a
very clean trimmed chest. So, you wanna go to your
waistline basically, get your stomach hair if you have it. If you don’t, obviously then that’s fine. – Moving on to your back and, well while we’re at it, your shoulders. – Ooo. – So, there are is no
woman, no woman out there that will say hair on your
shoulders and your back is sexy. So, luckily you’ve got
a couple of options, depending on the amount
of hair that you have on your back and shoulders. So, option number one is trimming. – I have to do this. I’m not completely hairless, but I’m not like a caveman kind of guy either. When it comes to trimming,
it’s pretty easy actually. There is a specific tool that I found that you were like, what the hell is this? But, it does work. It is
called the Mangroomer. It’s a terrible name. It looks stupid. – It looks so ridiculous
and stupid, but… – The results speak for itself. – This works. It is so incredible. I watched Dorian actually
trim his back hair. He only has like two small little patches and they’re really fine
hair, but I had him use it and its literally like a backscratcher. Treat it like a backscratcher
and just go down your back and it just completely
takes off all the hair. It is incredibly how
closely it trims your hair down to the surface
without having it shaved, so you don’t get any
kind of ingrown hairs. – Very quick, very easy and
it is a nice backscratcher at the same time. It’s an enjoyable experience. So, you just take it and
just use it like that and then, same as on
top of your shoulders, right here on your delts as well. Right in this area. So, using a tool like this will allow you to have a relatively nice, clean back according to your mate, right? – Yep. – And, there is the one added benefit of not having to ask your friends. Bro, can you help me out for a minute? – If you have a little
more than a sprinkling of hair on your shoulders and your back, but it’s not a full-blown carpet, you want to go with the second
option, which is waxing. Waxing is really great. You only have to do it
every four to six weeks. It’s relatively painless.
The back area especially. It’s just not a very painful area. It’s super common procedure
at waxing centers for men. And if you’re scared
of a little bit of pain then you can easily just take an Advil just before, like 20-30 minutes before and it’s gonna be pretty painless for you. – The one downside would be
if, like you have a reaction to it, like you’re allergic to the wax for whatever reason or when
your hair gets pulled out, it grows in and gets
infected or you got bumps. – Ingrown hairs. – Ingrown hairs, that kind of stuff. So, try it out, I guess
if you have a little more than just a sprinkling and
see if you do or don’t like it because there is another
option after this as well, regardless of how much hair
you have at the end of the day. And that would be? – Laser hair removal. So, I really recommend laser hair removal because you only have to get between like five to eight treatments
every four to five weeks and it will completely
eliminate your hair. The only thing is, is
that you have to make sure that your hair is not
super fine, or white, or blonde because the laser won’t be able to detect it and it’s pretty costly, so it would suck if you
just spent 100’s and 100’s of dollars on this procedure
and your hair is just white at the end of the day, so there’s
nothing that it can do. If your hair is dark, you’re
a great candidate for it, or course, awesome. – Way better than waxing. – Now, if you do have fine
or light colored hair, outside of waxing and trimming, you do have one other nuclear option. – It’s called electrolysis. I have really light colored hair as well, so I’m not the best candidate
for laser treatment, so what it is, is
basically it’s like doing one hair at a time, where
they literally electrocute it and it’s not cheap, it’s time consuming, but if you have that type of hair, it’s your only option for
permanent hair removal. – Yes. – And it’s 100% effective. – Be sure to check out my other videos about properly grooming your
arms, armpits, leg, groin area. There’s a couple areas we gotta… – Buttocks as well. – Buttocks. Gotta pay attention to. So, definitely be sure to
check out those videos, which I’ll link in the video description. So, thank you Dorian for sharing
your wisdom in this area. – You’re welcome. I never thought I’d be on camera talking about my grooming techniques. (harmonic music)

77 Replies to “How To Shave Your Chest, Back & Shoulders To Be More Attractive To Women”

  1. I have very hairy legs, really hairy. my chest is somewhat moderate and I have a little bit of hair on my upper back and shoulders. I shave all my upper body (except my arms) is it wierd if I have a nice trimmed upper body and super hairy legs? or are legs aren't a deal breaker for women?

  2. With waxing it only takes about 20 minutes every 4-6 weeks. The only problem is the skin gets irritated for 1-2 days, but afterwards it shows off all that hard work at the gym.

  3. what about arm hair? still number 2 to trim? not too short, not too long and still looking natural?

  4. Here's a DIY method for you guys if you own buzzclippers already. Bend a badminton racket then use 2 zipties to secure it in place, set your clippers to lowest trim setting. Done.
    That device does have good amazon reviews if you're a back gorilla so there's certainly a niche of guys to consider it.

  5. "If you're hoping I'm going to show you how to completely shave all the hair off your chest and back…"
    title of video is How To Shave Your Chest and Back

  6. when i use the trimmer to shave. there's stuble that irritates my partner. how can i maintain the stuble? besides trimming it over and over?

  7. I tried having my back and chest waxed a couple times. Never again. I don't know about other guys but my hairs are coarse and thick. Chest and upper back were really painful. Only stomach, shoulders, mid and lower back have thinner hairs and thus were less painful. Not only that but I developped acne and the marks took 6 months to disapear, especially on my back. When I gave it a second chance, the results were a little better because I kept the waxed areas very clean. But I still enjoyed many months of marks regardless.
    I was very open to the idea of waxing, even for a man. It's just not for me, I stick to trimming.

  8. Ashley, love your content and thank you for kicking my dress game up. Is there a way to kick down $$$ since I'm using all your content. I haven't been able to use your links since I'm having to go in and try everything on. Enjoy all the ad free content you give. Bought my first pair of Allen Edmonds to treat myself. Have a great 4th!

  9. Every one says that once you trim you chest or stomach hair
    it starts growing faster and becomes even more dence.

    Is it true?
    Should I trim them or not?

  10. I use a razor and gel in shower to shave chest and front and have a really good instrument called BakBlade for the back . This works fine although I will visit a prefessional waxing salon if I require the nec plus ultra touch .

  11. I did laser twice, two different companies about 3 years apart. I was told both times that I'm the perfect candidate. it was 100% ineffective. in fact I think it stimulated more growth 😕

  12. With laser treatment even if your light skinned I'm told not to tan too much if having laser done during the summer.

  13. Hello Ashley, have you done or would you consider doing a video on Do women like guys with tattoos, a little, a lot, etc.. Just a thought.

  14. Native american blood in me means I am mostly hairless and I will never suffer pattern baldness. Damn it feels good.

  15. Ashley Weston I love your vids. Perhaps you say same things like other people say,but Idk…I like yours.
    But when it comes to trimming,allow me to disagree with you 😉
    There is only one device made for man's trimming and its a nice little gadget called "straight razor".
    Its also good for shaving :))
    Main rule is : if you cant remove your hair with a straight razor – dont remove it!
    But yeah…everybody has right to his own opinion so if someone wants to use other stuff,please do it,yeah.
    Im kidding. Use the darn straight razor and unleash the manliness!!!!
    Or blood :))))

  16. I have a question Ashley . I have a short sleeve dress shirt (tailored looks good ) and I want to wear a v neck sweater with it or even a blazer or both do you think it would be okay ?

  17. I actually just experimented/tried this after watching the video. I think this is a very questionable/opinion based video depending on your body hair situation, look, and body type (I don't think this takes that into account). How much hair you have makes a difference. Many males don't have a lot of chest hair, so trimming with a 1/4" would just neaten it up (I suggest starting with a little more than double 1/4", which I'm trying next time my hair gets thick). If you have a moderate amount of chest hair (like I do/did have) or a lot (maybe trimming is more of a issue for this group), it will take a long time with a trimmer and almost look like you don't have any chest hair with 1/4" (I have used the same measurement on my full beard). You might as well completely shave it at that length as it will be faster and easier at the expense of some razor bums and prickly hairs in the future (unless you want to wax which isn't a cheap alternative). When it comes to back hair, it's definitely good/best to have it clean shaven, but as long as you have a little and not a forrest (looks more bare than hairy), it shouldn't be a major issue (trimming the front makes it more of an issue). Neither chest or back hair should come out of your shirt including neck hair. When it comes to style if you have a beard, having a little more chest hair may actually do better for your look compared to someone clean cut (so if have facial hair, corporate beard type and thicker, chest hair that short may mismatch as it blends together better). Lastly, I don't think a super trimmed or hairless look would look as good on someone without an athletic/fit body type (You can easily see tone, most likely have a six-pack, a beach body). If you have a average or even fit build remember shaving highlights your body shape (which is either skinny with a little definition or normal). With average or fit build a short trim may look very plain possibly boyish since you might not have enough muscle tone to do it justice. Body hair could even give the illusion that you have more definition than you actually have.

  18. Whuuuuuuuut? Chicks dont like guys conpletely shaved? Damn. Ive been shaving my Chest, stomach, arm pitts, and shaft completely smooth for the longest time…… then again im a one night stand type of dude so i wouldnt know🤔

  19. Um, I've had my back waxed. It feels like getting smacked with a pizza paddle while badly sunburned!! I have used the Mangroomer for several years and love it!!

  20. The laser doesn't detect anything, that is simply wrong, sorry to say. The laser heats up the pigment in your hair, therefore destroying it and its ability to regrow. So please, the laser is the tool, it doesn't detect anything.

  21. Instead of shaving yourself to look like a woman, ditch the superficial chick and find one that likes you for who you are.

  22. Hello Ashley, this is some news on the laser removal, a few tips from someone who has insight on it.

    When you go get laser hair removal, first of all ask for the kind of laser they use and it boils down to 3 kinds of laser:

    Pulsated light
    the other one I call it laser because I don't remember the name of it.

    Truly the first and third option are the best the LED just tends to be cheaper but it works as well, the pulsated however, take this from someone who has seen the result, seen the test first hand and did it himself. Pulsated light is a down right SCAM it does absolutely NOTHING and if you're going to a business and they use that kind of laser Get yourself out of there NOW.

    Now coming down to using the LED lasers or the third option of laser, they will on most cases put anesthesia on your skin, they do not have a reason to inject it at all (Unless they are fucking idiots) they just have to apply it over the skin, wait a little bit so it absorbs on my case, once i got the anesthesia on and just a tiny bit of water rubbed on me from a steam machine (not for the procedure I looked for) but it made the anesthesia for some reason work even better, it was just tiny dropplets and it was on my case but after it's absorbed, you'll feel hit and a few little tiny shocks, if you feel enough pain that you are uncomfortable with it tell the operator, they are there to help you and although you may want to get faster results it's not worth the pain, believe me I did my neck to avoid growing beard there and I always let them crank it up so I could be done faster but the process was painful for me.

    Afterwards you'll feel a little heat, they'll apply something to cool the area down and that's all for the session, I must remind you it does take 8 sessions on average but it depends on your testoterone and other factors of your skin, but it does work and it slows down or completely stops the growth of hair, for months or even years since it attacks the root and it basically stops it from making more hair.

    Also FYI for newcomers SHAVE THE AREA FIRST, it's so uncomfortable for the operators to shave you if you don't bother to do it yourself and afterwards try not to expose that area for a while to avoid getting stains on your skin. It will be for a few days at most depending on your skin as well.

    Also don't worry most operators are females so you won't feel uncomfortable at all and all the clinics who have licenses are actually quite clean according to the standars and the workers are truly nice so be nice to them as well, respect is always a plus and leave them a tip, they do get back pain or feel uncomfortable from doing this all day long.

    Have a great day.

  23. Hello Ashley. What about discolor hair? Maybe not for the chest, but could be for the back…? And how to do that?? Thank you!

  24. I sure am glad you've been selected to speak for ALL women. I couldn't even stomach watching this whole thing. For starters I do shave…..everything. Except for my back which I have no hair there anyway's. And why is it that when he went to take his shirt off, you said "nobody wants to see that"? I find that to be very disrespectful, not just to him, but to all men. If you don't want to see us without clothes on, then maybe you should date women only? This video was very offensive to someone like myself!

  25. Guys who shave their bodies are unattractive. If you’re hairy, stay hairy! It’s masculine and sexy. Being smooth only looks good if you’re naturally smooth.

  26. Bullshit !! If we as men want to shave we can do it no doubt we dont need to ask anyone about that ,its bullshit!!!!

  27. Guys… seriously – keep it simple. Don't overthink it.
    Razor with relatively new sharp blade, lots of shaving cream and after-shave balsam – and you're good. To hell with this backscratcher nonsense.
    Waxing is also a good alternative to consider.

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