How To Stretch $20 • Broke

How To Stretch $20 • Broke

[cheerful reggae music] [Paul groaning] – [Skateboarder] It’s your
feet, your feet too big. – [Paul] It’s too hot, man! – [Miloh] This is my roommate Paul. He’s an easygoing, lovable,
fun but forgetful guy. That’s where I come in to check him. [phone rings] Oop! That’s me calling now. – What up, baby girl? – Ew. Where are you? – Yeah, I’m out skating. – Oh, OK. Well, listen, don’t forget. You’re supposed to bring
home dinner tonight for us. – Yeah. – [Miloh] Uh, I’m broke
and Bo is definitely broke so make sure you bring home dinner. – Nah, I won’t forget. – And do not bring home
Cups of Noodles and tomatoes again like you did last time, do no do that. – Yeah yeah yeah, don’t do that again. – I’m, yep, I’m gonna get the food and you better make room for seconds. – All right. See you soon. – [Paul] Twenty-two dollars? [cash register bell
rings] 2 dollar draft fee? – [Miloh] Paul’s gonna have
to stretch that twenty. – Fuck! [cheerful piano music] [cash register bell rings] – Hey, Paul. – Hey Street Tim, what’s going on? – Oh, what isn’t? Did you hear the news? Drake’s running for president. That means instead of a
Muslim we’re gonna have a rapping-happing-hab. Tell me that’s not progress. – That’s not true. That’s also offensive. – Ah, peas and carrots. You know, if you believe it, you can make it so. That’s what I’ve learned. That’s life. – That’s good advice, man, thanks. – So where’re you headed off to? You got any change for me? – Ah… – All right, it’s nice talking to you. – All right, man. Tim! – Yeah? – Here’s a dollar, buddy.
[cash register bell rings] That’s all I got. – Well, Thanks, Paul. A whole dollar. I’m a millionaire. I’m a millionaire! – You sure are, Street Tim. You sure are. [bicycle bell rings] Crazy guy, ah! – [Cyclist] Sorry! – Why would you do that? – How do I stop this thing? – Come back! Ah, now I need Obamacare. [screams] – Hey man. – [Cashier Jim] Oh, hey bro. – Can I get a Band-Aid? – No. They come in a box, OK? I can’t just give you one. They’re called Band-Aids, not Band-Aid. – Well can you give me one from like a First Aid Kit or something? C’mon, I know you guys
have one back there. – No we don’t. It’s a myth. This is my shift and we
don’t have a First Aid Kit. Ye shall not pass! – Uh, Jim. Jim. Jim! What’d I tell you about that Game of Harry Potter
Thrones stuff here, man? No witchcraft on the shift. Now stop scaring the customers, man. – Sorry, Manager Larry. – Just gimme the Band-Aids,
bro, I’ll take them. [scanner beeps] Five dollars?
[cash register bell rings] Are you serious? Hey, can I get the rotisserie chicken and kale butternut squash? Thank you. Hey, man. What happened to the other guy? – Ah, he’s on break so
you’re stuck with me. It’s gonna be $11.07. [cash register bell rings] – OK… – Hey man, this is gonna sound weird, but do you ever give money to
a guy named Tim on the street? – Yeah, I do. – That’s my uncle. – No way. Street Tim is your uncle? – Yeah, man, as I live and breathe. Yeah, well he kinda lost it after ‘Nam, and he likes to live on the street now so we just kinda let him. I go down there and check
on him every now and then, give him something, make sure he’s good. – Wow, dude, that’s awesome. I love him, he’s a good guy. – Hey you know what? This one’s on me. – Are you sure, man? You
don’t have to do that. – Trust me, dude, I’ve got this. Oh behalf of my uncle. – Thank you so much, you have no… Thank you. I’m a millionaire! It’s something Street Tim… don’t worry about it man. Thank you. – That’s all right. He’s a cool guy. [Bo cheers] – OK, deuces are wild… Hello, good evening. – Friends? – [Miloh] Yes? – I have dinner. – [Miloh] Oh no. – OK, so, Paul, we’re no longer friends on Instagram. Or in real life, man. – [Paul] Yo yo, chill, chill, chill. I’m just joking, I’m just joking, look: Got some chicken, huh? Wash it down with some squash? You feel me? Some Band-Aids, those are mine. But everything else we can eat, though. – Oh, the homie got a chicken, look at that, it even got
a little handle on it. Man, what you gonna eat though? – I’mma eat that chicken. – No, you can have a wing, I guess. – You can have a wing. – Nah, I’m a breast man. Wait, how’d you know I want chicken? – [Miloh] Let’s eat. I’m so proud of Paul. Way to step up. He didn’t tell us the story
of his day until later but it didn’t matter by then because we were full and happy. [upbeat rap music] [film reel rolling]
[production theme music]

100 Replies to “How To Stretch $20 • Broke”

  1. Boy those McDonald’s cheeseburgers come in real clutch if you only have $20. McDonald’s and lil Cesar’s are life when broke.

  2. They should be grateful they even had food, if I got a cup of noodles and tomatoes, I ain't complaining. At least I still have something to eat

  3. Here’s how to git food with only 20$ walk to Walmart and buy hamburger helper which is like 4 and then buy some 2 liter soda there buzz feed your welcome

  4. Whoever wrote this is an idiot, $20 will get you lunch and dinner for at least 2-5 days, for example, get a 3lb boneless pork shoulder @ $2.5/lb and make pulled pork then get some compliments for your pork, for example, 32Oz of white rice for $1.5, frozen stir-fry mixed veggies for $2.50, $2 for 5lbs of russet potatoes and buy some bread for $1.5 for sandwiches and have $5 left over for anything else; THAT'S how you stretch $20.

  5. I mean, 20$ is 120 of my country's currency, so yeah, that'd be more than enough where I am. You can get dinner for a family of 5 for 120 where I live. What's going on over there in America guys?

  6. $20 in Canada you go to Superstore get the 11.99 meal deal. Whole Chicken, 3 sides, Dinner Rolls. Get a can of Pasta Sauce 0.98cents, Pasta 99cents, than 6 cookies.

    Plus $20 USD is like $27 Canadian so like I could make 2 family meals out of that

  7. Ooorrrrr rice, eggs, and mixed vegetables makes for a delicious meal that can feed plenty. Delicious, nutritions, and if you shop smart, you can get that whole meal for $10 or less. You can also have the eggs for breakfast in the morning.

  8. 3lbs ground pork $3.50
    Soy sauce free from restaurants
    Hoison sauce $4 big thing
    Ginger about $0.75 lb
    Garlic $1 lb
    Brown sugar $2
    – a week worth of gingered pork for $10.75

  9. In Washington there’s a happy hour at Arby’s where everything’s a dollar edit: it’s between 2 and 5

  10. I remember in high school having $20 to spend on groceries a week I had to get so creative to stretch that money.

  11. What is Street Tim's beauty regiment? If he served in Vietnam, he'd be at the bare minimum 61, yet this guy is wrinkle free.

  12. In the Uk £20 could have got you 10 meals with a lil bit of change if you can buy rice and curry for £1.19 at Asda’s. 😂

  13. “ a whole dollar “ … “ I’m a millionaire “ that just made me realize how much ungrateful I’m for everything that I have and this guy is appreciating that one dollar ..

    It hit me so hard , I’m in tears

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