How to Stretch BEFORE Working Out (QUADS and LEGS)

How to Stretch BEFORE Working Out (QUADS and LEGS)

Not since Kim and Kanye has one single picture
been talked about more in a 1 week period than this one right here. Guys, I’m going to tell you exactly what’s
going on in this picture, and more importantly, why you need to know what’s going on. What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Welcome to poster gate right here this one
picture probably worth more money this week than a picture of Kim and Kanye’s baby Northwest because of the controversy that it sparked
in just a short week since the last time I did a video on static stretching and static
stretching of the quads. And then basically people say, ‘But Jeff,
what are you doing here in this picture?’ Good point. That’s a good point. That’s a
good question. Guys, it’s the difference between static and
dynamic stretching. Now, I’ve covered a lot of different videos on the topic. And we’re going to have a series of ones that
I want you to watch. And I’m telling you, it’s going to be worth your while to watch
them all. So, when I link one of these videos, see if
you can watch each part of it because it will really explain what we’re talking about. But basically, there’s a major difference
between a static stretch of a muscle and a dynamic stretch. For those that are kind of new to this, a
static stretch is when you’re going to hold a stretch with the effect of trying to increase
the length of that muscle over time. Static stretching, guys, because of that,
you’re going to want to do at night before you go to bed when most muscle shortening
and healing occurs because you want to have an impact on that
muscle shortening before it can actually set in. And you want to be able to do that each and
every night because static stretching is most beneficial when it’s done recurrently. So, here, we’re not talking about that. We’re
talking about a dynamic stretch. When you’re getting ready to play a sport, or if you’re not even a competitive athlete,
guys, when you’re getting ready to step into the weight room, you’ve got to start focusing on dynamic stretching
of whatever the areas that you’re going to impact in that session are. If it’s a game, you pretty much better be
flexible upper and lower body because you’re going to be doing a lot of running, a lot
hitting, if it’s baseball. And if it’s in the weight room, and you’re
working on your legs, or you’re working on your upper body, you can sort of favorably
choose one half or the other. But you should be dynamically warming it up.
With dynamic exercises, guys, it’s built right into the name. Dynamic means movement. You want to be moving
into and out of your stretches quickly and not statically or longly holding on to any
stretch that you do. Right here, what Damion Easly’s doing, and
this is our All Star second baseman who basically was recovering from a pretty severe ankle
sprain in 2007 to come back in 2008. He’s doing a lot of things here, and I want
to show that to you again. We covered a video about the importance of dynamic stretching
in leg swings for the down leg and not just the up leg. So, watch what we’re seeing here, and I’ll
show you what we’re doing. Basically, I don’t have a ‘Me’ in here to
hold on to here, so I’ll take a stick. So the stick is me, basically I’m holding on
to it. What you’re going to see is, you get a dynamic
hamstring stretch by kicking your leg forward and then you grab onto the quad here for a
second. Forward. Grab and stretch for a second. Forward.
Grab and stretch for a second. Forward. So, you get this dynamic, never holding in
any one position, pattern of movement. You move into your, which are not shown here, both hands onto, my shoulders at this point,
and you’re going to be doing your cross the body Leg Swings. Ok. Back and forth, and then you’ll see, guys,
that opens up the hips and closes down the hips. Again, an entire video I made on that,
you can watch it right here. Make sure you do if you haven’t see it because
it’s a very helpful video I think when it comes to dynamic stretching of the lower body. But what’s more important is, it’s not just
the quad that’s getting the work here. It’s that down leg, and that’s what we cover in
that video. How that ankle that has to handle all those
forward and backward movements in a quick, you know, a quick pattern. That has the effect of mobilizing that down
ankle. So again, everything is about mobilizing and sort of getting this entire lower body
ready to play. So, what about the substitution patterns that
I talked about that we wanted to avoid in static stretching. If you’re going for a length change of a muscle,
and you’re doing it in a static way, great. That’s exactly what you should be doing. You don’t want to have substitutions. If you’re
trying to target the quad, then target the quad and remove the compensations that we
make. There, you’re going to want to get on the
ground. If you haven’t seen the video, guys, by the way, anyway, it’s only been a week, but if you haven’t seen it, make sure you
watch it. I’ll put that here, too. You get down on the ground to do our quad
stretch because we can pull our other leg up and eliminate that tendency for our lumbar
spine to contribute and substitute. Guess what’s going to happen when you step
under a squat bar with 300 pounds on the bar, or Damion steps up to the plate to get ready
to hit a 95-mph fastball. Guess what’s going to happen as soon as his
body needs to make sure that he can rotate and get through the ball so he can try to
get a hit. Or, if you need to execute that one last rep.
You’re going to compensate. You’re going to absolutely compensate. In order to make sure that you’re prepared
to do that, your dynamic stretching does not have to worry so much about compensations. As a matter of fact, for it to be mostly effective,
it’s going to incorporate the compensations that you’ve built into it over time. Remember, it’s not about statically increasing
the length, it’s about mobilizing and getting your body prepared and ready to play or perform
in the gym realizing that those compensations are there
and you have to make sure that you’re ready to handle them. So, again, dynamically, make sure that whatever
it is that you’re mobilizing, upper body same thing. You’re doing arm circles. Maybe you have some compensations up here
because of a bad shoulder and you’re not necessarily going all the way across your body. Ok. You’ve just got to get that thing mobilized
and moving because when you get ready to do that forward press here, or when you get ready to do Push Ups, you’ve
got to have that shoulder ready to handle those stresses with compensations in place. But you better damn make sure that you go
back at night and work on those static limitations. Static stretching without dynamic, no good. Dynamic stretching without static, useless.
Alright. So, guys big difference. Hopefully Postergate has now been resolved
and you guys understand that. Again, I’ve linked a few videos up in this
video for you because I think you’re going to find them to be very helpful. But the fact of the matter is, guys, when
you want to train, you’ve got to train with a purpose. You’ve got to train like an athlete. Everything
matters. There’s a big difference between, there’s no such thing as stretching. There’s
a separation of dynamic and static. There’s no such thing as lifting. There’s
a separation of the tempo, the weights you’re using. We’ve talked about it before, heavy
or light. Everything matters. Everything matters when
you’re training. If you’re just working out, go do whatever the hell you want to do. But if you want to train, then everything
matters. These guys right here, by the way, 5 guys that I also worked with on that team, Carlos Beltran, David Wright, Paul Lo Duca,
Carlos Del Duca, and Jose Rice. All All Stars, and they’re All Stars because
they don’t just train like athletes, they prepare like athletes as well. All of those guys prepared to be the best
that they could be because they were the best. They knew how to handle all aspects of their
preparation. So, when you want to start taking your performance,
or even just your physique to the next level, guys, this is what we talk about at ATHLEANX. Prepare like you really want that. And you
can do that with our ATHLEANX Training System. It’s at ATHLEANX.COM. If you haven’t got it already, join me on
Team ATHLEAN. Let me coach you guys every step of the way to make sure that I can get
the best out of you like those guys, and like Damion. In the meantime, guys, let me know if this
was helpful. Leave our comments, thumb’s up below, and we’ll cover more. If you have any other questions, I’ll be glad
to cover them. Just leave them down below the video. Alright guys, I’ll talk to you later.

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  36. I warm up for a minimum of 5 minutes with gradual increase in intensity on the treadmill, then go into static stretching either before working out or in between sets. I don't really know too many dynamic warm up routines, nor proper technique. It seems to have worked for me. Is my way beneficial, and can you hook us up with some upper and lower body dynamic stretch warm up routines with proper technique. Go Mets! Thanks.

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