40 Replies to “How to Stretch the Muscles of the Ankle Area”

  1. This video changed my life…I would like also to request a video that will teach us "How to fart without making noise".

  2. can anyone help me I sat criss cross for hours studying and now every time I walk my foot feels fine but when I left my foot to take another step off the ground its hurts and I can't run or jog and I have football practice in a day and don't know how to get the pain to go away I even went to my doctor and she couldn't help

    sorry for the bad grammar

  3. As a P.E teacher I do not recommend this first stretch of making a twisting motion, this is very bad for your ankle, an Achilles heel . Alternatively you should move your foot up to stretch and down to stretch an left to stretch and right to stretch, repeat five time and hold, you will feel the difference as you do it and hold the stretch.

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  5. Amazing. It took my pain away. People think they're getting old but don't realize all they have to do is stretch or do these type of exercises.

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