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  1. 1. i think that guys got a boner
    2.there is a woman speaking about this …
    3.i'ma unsubscribe now cause i know that Howtow cast is either gay, or perverted

  2. How To Stretch Your Groin:
    You Will Need:

    Step 1: Reach into your pants
    Step 2: Pull as much as you can
    There You Go!

  3. uh thanks for than random usless tip about frogs eating their own skin leftovers… "oh your not going to put that in your mouth are… ewwww"

  4. I like how I actually came here to stretch and I did a bunch of chicks obsessing over the instructor… XD

  5. How to stretch your groin:
    Step 1: Reach into your pants.
    Step 2: Reach your Scrotum and start pulling it.
    Step 3: Stretch until you start getting stretch marks on your Scrotum.
    Step 4: Contact a local Doctor about the pain in your Testicles.


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