62 Replies to “How to Stretch Your Hamstrings 1”

  1. Yeah, they mention you need a floor, but they don't say that you need at least 60 square feet of empty floorspace. Try finding that in a downtown apartment.

  2. so i have comfortable clothing and… oh no…where my floor gone?oh,iv'e lost it AGAIN!has anyone seen my floor?anyone?…NO?

  3. Wouldn't it just be easier to have someone pull on your leg really hard?
    Oh wait how to STRETCH your hamstring…
    Also, I don't have a floor, but I DO however have a ceiling…If I'm good at manipulating gravity, can I just use my ceiling? I'm worried a floor installation will cause health problems.

  4. Ty, this really helped me for football. The only bad thing i noticed about this is that it said confortable clothing which everyone has. Other than that this streching technique is really helpful to other people in the world.

  5. I have to do this stuff in order to do flares -.- Not enough momentum… i can go about half way back then i fall down… so i needa stretch alot 🙁

  6. I don't have a floor or comfortable clothes . . .so I did this outside on the grass naked and all of the neighbors puked.

  7. Are you seriously jerking on a howcast video?
    I'm pretty sure you're doing it wrong anyways.

    Wait, isn't there a howcast for that?

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  10. 0:33 I can't do this particular stretch because my clothes don't feel comfortable and I can't seem to find a floor

  11. What if you can't make you leg go fully straight noatter what stretch you do will my hamstrings eventually be able to go further or what?

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