How to Stretch Your Triceps (AND HOW NOT TO!)

How to Stretch Your Triceps (AND HOW NOT TO!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today I’m going to show you how to start stretching
your triceps the right way. You see, there’s a few problems that we run into when we’re
trying to stretch our triceps that’s causing us either discomfort in our shoulders, or
to do the stretch wrong in the first place. Here’s one you probably see all the time,
right? You pat yourself on the back, grab your shoulder, and pull back. Pull on your
elbow, grab it, pull it across – sometimes you see people doing this – and that’s all
well and good. There’s a few things wrong with this. Yeah, I broke out my pen to help you visualize
what’s going on. You see, there’s a lot of times when we’re pulling we’re actually getting
this pulling of the skin that you feel and you interpret it as a tricep stretch. Go right
now, grab your shoulder like this and just pull your skin as hard as you can. Grab here and pull. You’ll feel like you’re
stretching your muscle out, but all you’re doing is just pulling on the skin here that’s
causing that sensation. So that’s not the stretch you’re feeling. You’ll go back up
here and do that and a lot of times that’s what you’re feeling and that’s only what you’re
feeling. We know that two of the heads of the triceps
all start here on the other side of the elbow. On the ulna, radial that you’re working on
underneath here, crossing the elbow joint, then they die into the actual upper arm – somewhere
on the upper arm. Here, here, but they’re not doing anything with the shoulder. So in order to stretch those out all you have
to do is bend your elbow. As soon as you bend your elbow fully you’re stretching out those
muscles because that’s all you have to do. They only cross the elbow joint. The one you
really feel when you really feel when you’re stretching out the triceps is the long head
of the triceps. That on starts in the same spot, wraps all
the way around, and it actually crosses the shoulder joint too because it attaches right
here, just underneath the ball and socket joint, okay? Just right here on the scapula
on your back. So we have to figure out, if we’re going to stretch that out, if we go
up here and we get into this position, our scapula in this point are a certain distance
apart, okay? Where it starts, where it attaches to, they’re
a certain distance apart. If I just bend here and do this – I grab here and I do this
– these two points are moving together. They’re moving together. There’s no extra
stretch going on here because these two points are no further apart then they were when we
started. If you want to get them to move apart further
what we have to do is we’ve got to keep that scapula down and depressed here as we move
our elbow further away from that point. So we can do that by positioning ourselves over
here, up against a wall, or a piece of equipment where you grab hold of your shoulder blade. You can do it. You just reach around, grab
for the meat, and then pull down on your shoulder blade. You try to set it in place. Once you
do that, now you bend your elbow all the way so you get the stretch of the tricep going
already. We lean into a wall here and then we’re trying to pull down and then lean our
body in. My hand can be free here. The point is that
my elbows bent all I can and now, by keeping this shoulder blade down and then leaning
in and allowing the machine, or the wall, to push my elbow further away, now I’m actually
stretching the long head of the triceps. Now I can feel it and I’m also not doing this.
I’m not pulling on my skin. Now, one complication that a lot of people
will feel – me included with my bad elbow and my bad shoulder – is that this is a
hard position to get into in the first place. So people that use that stretch and feel like
there’s pain there, you need another example or another way to do it. So we can do it here
on the floor. I have a foam roller setup that allows us
to do exactly this. I come down onto the floor on a foam roller and the key is that, if you
can’t raise your arm up, or if you get shoulder pain when you’re doing a tricep stretch, a
lot of times because you don’t have good shoulder mobility. What happens is, if you can’t get the extra
rotation in your shoulder to get it up you’re basically getting a pinching feeling up there
when you’re trying to stretch your triceps out. Another reason why that version of the
stretch – the first version, or wrong version – isn’t so great. We can do that though with the foam roller
because we can work on two things you’re probably lacking. One is external rotation of your
shoulders. Just by getting onto a foam roller and letting your arms sink back over the foam
roller here in the 90 degree position gives me some extra gravity assisted external rotation. The second thing is, you’re probably lacking
thoracic extension, right? When your thoracic spine rounds you can’t elevate your arm. I’ve
showed you that guy a lot of times. You can’t actually physically elevate your arm because
of the blocking that happens. So if we get on a foam roller we’ve got thoracic extension
through the foam roller, we’ve got this passive, assisted gravity of external rotation, and
now we can come back here and reach and then pull over. We’re just trying to, again, grab back and
pull over from here. I’m actually just grabbing onto my forearm at that point and I’m trying
to pinch my shoulder blades down and back. It’s hard to see that on here – to try to
keep my scapula down as I try to pull back this way. It’s a lot easier for me and a little more
comfortable because I have a better position through the thoracic extension here because
of the foam roller. Guys, you’ve got to start – if you’re going to invest in time to stretch
out your triceps you want to learn how to do them right. If you’re going to invest the time to train
you’d better learn how to start training right. We train like athletes here at
The whole point of this is that we want to make sure you’re doing it right. So I put all these videos together, I’ve put
all he programs we have together to make sure that you get way more out of your training.
When you do it right you’d be amazed at how much faster you’ll see results. If you’re
looking for a complete program that shows you how to do it all, step by step, then head
to right now and get our Athlean-X training system. If you’ve found this one helpful make sure
you leave your comments and thumbs up below. All right, guys. I’ll see you back here soon.

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