How to SUPER CLEAN your Engine Bay

How to SUPER CLEAN your Engine Bay

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  1. Video should be called how to destroy your engine..lmao you should never use chemicals on rubber and near electrical components..smh

  2. A kitten got inside my engine and shat on my oil tank, I didn't know and drove to work, melting it all into the hard to reach places. I didn't know what to do because it was the middle of the night after work and the car STANK, I just power hosed it, now I feel like I'm lucky I still have a car…

  3. You left out every auto detailers secret weapon. It is a must if u want to get your engine clean….meth. Yup. 1gram. Only use this product when detailing your car. In 1,2,3 your car is super clean. Good luck and dont forget to only use product when detailing car…don't forget to subscribe.

  4. Aluminium naturally forms aluminium oxide layer when it comes in contact with air and even though initially it's a corrosion… But in the graceful of coming in contact it's protective… And should not be removed…

  5. Just stumbled across this video. It was very insightful. It is definitely going g to help me when I get to cleaning my engine. Thanks for this video.

  6. what I did to clean my car engine is to spray and soak first with traffic film remover for 2 minutes when the engine is cold and use the pressure spray with warm water and that's it.not much time to spend.

  7. Got some work done on my car and I didn’t realize he left the engine cover off and I went through the car wash and later that day my car started stalling all of a sudden. Now it isn’t in the best shape to begin with but did I accidentally jack it up?

  8. If you do that to aluminum parts it will go alot further to just take them off, clean the whole thing then clear coat that biotch. High temp clear

  9. Hey Google. Can I hire ChrisFix to clean my truck engine bay? Google: Sorry I can't have Chrisfix help you because I don't know this business but here are some suggestions.

  10. bro, I've been watching your vids and was hoping I could find your tutorial on how I could clean door panels and other interior parts.. got an old car that's really dirty full of skin dirt and other nasty gunk on the plastic, rubber and leather interior parts. I wanted to know the best way to remove them without damaging the said parts. any tutorial on these would be veeeery appreciated. tia

  11. Thank you chris. Your guide really help. My car look astonishingly clean. Im so happy with this guide. Now i need to buy new car because i skip first 11min

  12. This is a great video but so much work is not necessary. I own a 2016 BMW M2 and with all the electronics that’s goes into a BMW you would think one would need to be extra careful but I’ve been washing my engine bay WITH THE PLASTIC ENGINE COVER REMOVED. Yes don’t douse sertine areas of the engine but removing the battery and all that is not necessary. I wash my engine bay every time I wash my car and never had I run into any issues. I even drive the thing home while it’s still dripping wet. The heat from the engine is so hot any water left will evaporate in minutes. I’ve done this with every car I’ve owned old or new. Use the engine degreaser at the car wash and rinse. All this other work is just excessive. Still great vids👍

  13. 6:09 eh….. I love your video, but I really can't imagine anyone would have a massive air compressor but not having an everyday Vaccum. LOL

  14. Can you use a water hose sprayer over the engine if you let it sit and not start the engine for a day or so to let it dry out?

  15. Ok didn't he just take ONE bite of the apple when he shows what you need to do before cleaning THE WHOLE APPLE …..


    you got some explaining to do boy

  16. Any other chicks that Looove detailing cars and bikes? Thanks for your videos Chris – new subber here!! 😍🚘🏍👠💃🏽

  17. Hey Chris, I just wanna say thanks to you and this channel for helping me reach my dream of purchasing a Honda! I got my ‘99 Honda Civic EK two days ago and I love it!!! Needs a lil work but for a car that cost me under $900 it’s amazing, thanks again bro keep up the good work!

  18. 5 min dry clean ok sounds a little to good to be true 5 min really.
    Then you said 5 min to clean and wash really.
    So the detail work took a extra 1hr 50 min.
    Not sure who to believe any more.

  19. Wow.impressed. This guy is so maticulous. I am encouraged to do this to my Mustang but still worried I will do something with my luck that screws something up n cost me

  20. Why clean the engine compartment? It looks nice but doesn't that dirt and grease protect surfaces from rust? Doesn't the water promote rust? Do we really trust that the electrical connections are watertight? I'll stick to cleaning the outside and inside, until I go to sell it. Then I'll want it to look nice.

  21. See or you could just pressure wash it🤷‍♂️ like I am a detailer at ford and we just spray it with soap then pressure wash it and spray Armor all

  22. Chris,
    A great video. You showed us all the tools we need and thoroughly explained all of the steps, and detailed the importance to keep us out of trouble. I have never cleaned / detailed an engine compartment before, but your video has completely prepared me to do so. Congrats on the 26MM views, and the 450K likes, I can't imagine what the 18K dislikes are all about. What else would they want to see? I especially liked that you showed us multiple vehicles to make sure all bases were covered. Keep it up.

  23. As soon as I saw the thing you used I stopped watching. So basically you just hand clean everything? Screw that lol.

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