Hey, guys! Trainer Amy Jo here today. I have trainer Miranda helping me again. We’re going to talk about how to tighten
the underbutt. Also known as the ‘ham-glute tie in’. So, let’s talk about it. I’m going to show you a few different exercises
that are definitely going to help increase the glutes, and also help decrease some bodyfat
underneath the glutes to help show off that hard work. The ham-glute tie in, yes, is all about anatomy,
but it’s also about how much muscle mass you have there as well. How far does your glute stick out underneath? How round is your hamstring? How lean are you? Maybe you have great muscle definition, but
you’ve got a lot of body fat covering it. You kind of have to identify what your issue
is first, and then target that. We’re just going to focus on four different
exercises that are going to help that area, build the muscle mass first because we want
to have that first. The first one is going to be a hip thrust
using a barbell. So, Miranda is going to get in the position
on a bench, and I’m going to grab the barbell for her. This is going right above your pelvic bone. It’s going right along the pelvic bone,
underneath your hip bones. Lining it up there. She’s holding each side. You can do an actual barbell, like an Olympic
lifting barbell, or this is a shorty, an easy curl bar. Her hips are lined up with the table top position
and her shoulders are lying on the bench. Nothing higher though. So she’s going to breakdown and bend at
the hip. She’s going to drop her hips down and then
drive up, pushing through the heels all the way up. So, you can see how high she’s coming. You don’t want to shorten it and just – do
it wrong. Yeah, right here. This is not contracting and you’re not squeezing. You’re not getting the most out of this
exercise if you’re not coming all the way up. Also, if you’re not coming all the way down
– if she’s going just a little bit down, and not as deep of a stretch, she’s also
not getting that stretch underneath the ham-glute tie in. That’s also really important. Two full things. Get the full range of motion. So here we go. 10. Big stretch down. 9. She’s pushing through her heels. 8, and 7. You can see her tempo. It’s a second up, and a second down. It’s not too fast, it’s not too slow. Four more. 4. Big stretch. 3. And she’s still holding onto the barbell. 2, and 1. Then it’s a squeeze up at the top. You can also do pulses with this, even at
the end. So, let’s say you hit 10 and it still feels
a little bit easy, you don’t have any heavier weights to add on next time. You can increase the burn by doing some shorties,
little pulses. Right here. 8, 7, 6. And she’s pushing through her heels, squeezing
the glutes at the top. 4, 3. Squeeze. 2. Squeeze. 1. Good. So, I’m going to take this way. That’s a great exercise to increase the
ham-glute tie in to build muscle mass in that area. Increase what you want to increase and decrease
what we don’t want there; body fat. So, the other variation is a single leg. We can do it without the barbell, but I’m
going to have Miranda show us a single leg hip thrust. It’s the exact same position. Make sure just your shoulder blades and your
shoulder are on the bench. You can extend your arms out, if you’d like. Then her knee is planted right on top of her
ankle. Her foot is not too far out. You want it stacked perfectly like that. So, she’s dropping the hip down, getting
a big stretch, almost to the floor, then she’s all the way up again. Good. Big stretch down. And all the way up. She’s going to do 10 on this side. 8, 7, 6. Once again, her tempo – notice the tempo. 5, 4. Not too fast, not too slow. 2, and 1. Good. Then once again, she could do pulses here
as well. So, baby pulses would just be right here. Same thing if she was doing both legs. Okay, other leg. We’ve got to even her out because that will
drive me nuts. Full range on the other leg. Let’s get 10. Okay, the knee is stacked right over the ankle. See how she’s breaking? Her shoulders and her head are still looking
up. Good. Five more. 4, 3, 2, and 1. Good. Great job. The other thing as well that a lot of times
– it’s the neck. You can lift your neck up while you’re doing
those, but sometimes if you’re feeling some strain on the neck it’s nice to relax and
just put your head on the bench of a few reps. So, if your head is up that keeps your spine
in a line while you’re hip thrusting, or sometimes it’s really hard on the neck muscles,
too. So, you can break, and relax, and put your
head back. That’s exercise number one. Long winded, I know, but it’s really important. So, we’re going to go to a ham curl. Exercise number two. This exercise is showing – I’m going to
scoot you over here just a little bit, so they can see from the side. She’s going to hip raise up, then she’s
going to curl in, pinching the glutes in at the top, then stretching out again. You see how high she’s hip raised up? That’s the most important piece on this
exercise. Staying too low, you’re only going to use
your calves and a little bit of your hamstrings. You’re not utilizing the glutes and the
ham-glute tie in for these. We’ll do 10. So that was, what? Three? 4, 5. You can see how her toes are up when she’s
extending out. Good. 2. Last one. And 1. Perfect. Good. To make these harder, if you want to do advanced,
you can do single leg. We’ll just show about five reps on one leg. This is a single leg. Her hips are still elevated and she’s pulling
in a straight line. This is much more challenging, so if you’re
not prepared for it being more advanced you can rule these out. This is a great way to definitely challenge
that hamstring a little bit more. Perfect. Good. Okay, so that’s exercise number two. We’re going to move the ball away. We’re going to move into a deeper split
lunge. This exercise I’ll show first without weight. Miranda is going to get into a lunge position. The lunge position. A normal lunge position, her knee would be
right on top of her ankle. So, we’re focused on increasing the ham-glute
tie in, so we’re going to extend her out a little bit more, and we’re going to move
this foot. So now the knee is actually behind her heel. Now, see how deep she is? One, this is definitely going to challenge
your flexibility. So, if you feel like you’re unstable, or
this is too deep for you, start by getting more flexible before you perform this exercise. This is so deep, there’s no other choice
for her ham-glute tie in to actually do the work. This, she’s getting deep, and then she’s
going to come up, out of the lunge, and then stand back up. So, we can stand back up, or we can actually
stay in a stationary and bounce down, and up in the lunge. So, let’s try that. Scoot up here a little more. Yeah, good. Then just come up, but don’t bring your
foot – yep. You see this small range of motion? But there’s no other choice, but to use
her glute here. Yep, perfect. Five more. 4, 3, 2, 1. Good. Then the other leg, let’s balance it out. Pushing through the heel. And hit it. 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Good. So, you can see, if she added the barbell
– come right in here. I’m going to put this on your back. So, then she’s going to do her lunge. The force is coming right through, down her
spine, chest is up. This actually helps keep her posture up and
now she can do a reverse lunge as well, but she’s got a deeper stretch. So, she’s still alternating lunges. She’s not staying just in that position,
but she’s still getting that deeper stretch back. Great. You can also use dumbbells, too. You don’t have to use a barbell. Perfect. Okay, so our last exercise, fourth of the
circuit, is called Froggies. You just need a bench. This exercise, I’m going to have Miranda
lay down on her stomach. Her hip bones are going to be lined up right
with the bench. You can do this on the ground as well, but
you’re not going to have the stretch that you would on the bench because you have the
elevation. She’s holding underneath here, for dear
life. Just kidding. And she’s going to keep her head lifted,
or she could actually rest her forehead down to keep her spine in line. She’s going to bend her knees, heels are
touching, and she’s going to push to the ceiling as high as she can and drop as low
as she can. You can see how she’s getting a stretch
here. She’s not going to get that when she’s
on the floor. So that’s why the bench is really effective. She’s getting a stretch right in through
the glute, ham-glute tie in, and then she’s pressing her heels to the ceiling. You can see the contraction here. This one you want to go a little bit higher
rep. I would say 20, 25. That’s why I also organized for this exercise
to be fourth. We’ve got the heavy lifting done and then
this one is to burn it out. The other variation is mountain style. So, you can create a mountain with your heels. You’re going wide first, and then when you
come up high you’re heel tapping, but your legs stay straight the entire time, and then
they’re coming up. So that’s another variation to it. Then you would do high rep with those as well. You can see how her hips are being lifted
off right here. See? Ready? Up. She’s lifting her hips up, off the bench. So, she’s getting that full contraction
in her glutes. You’d go high reps on those, 20 to 25, and
put it more toward the end of your workout. So those are four great exercises to increase
the ham-glute tie in. Remember, even if you’re building that muscle
mass – which is really awesome, and it’s going to show way more, even if you have some
body fat – it’s going to show more if you don’t have as much body fat in that
area, but you also still have the muscle mass. So, some areas are more stubborn than others
and if that’s one of your stubborn areas start by adding muscle mass first. Then begin reducing body fat. Thanks for joining me. Leave some comments below. If you guys have anymore questions I’d love
to be a part of your journey. Thanks for joining us. I’m trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX for Women. Bye for now.

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