How to Use a Muscle Roller Stick for Sore Muscles – Ask Doctor Jo

How to Use a Muscle Roller Stick for Sore Muscles – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you how to relieve muscle soreness and knots with a Doeplex muscle roller stick. so let’s get started. the folks at Doeplex sent me their muscle roller stick, and I’m gonna get started
showing you how to use it. so one of my favorite things to roll out is the quad
muscle. the reason I like using a stick sometimes more than just a general foam
roller is because you have the ability to move it around a little bit more. so
as you can see when you can grip on to the handles here, and their’s is really
nice because it’s got this nice grip right here, so you can hold on pretty
firmly. you can move it from side to side where if you were on a foam roller you’d
have to kind of lie on it and kind of move your whole body, but this allows you
just to kind of relax your leg and start rolling it out. so I’m rolling my quads
here, I can move it over to the IT band and the TFL the tensor fasciae latae,
and then I can even come around and then go underneath and get my hamstrings. and
what again you can see right here I’ll come back over to the IT band so you can
see it a little bit better, is the rollers here have these little knots or
knobs they kind of really get deep into that tissue. and this is really nice
because I could I can feel that it’s working. it’s a firm roller stick instead
of a real bendy one so you can get a lot more pressure, and I really like that.
some of them when you’re rolling things out feel a little bit plasticky or not
quite as quality, but this one is really firm. it’s solid even these knobs and
these rollers on here feel like they’re gonna last a really long time. you can
even come down to your shin area that anterior tibialis or if you have shin
splints this works really well, and again the reason I really like the roller
sticks versus something else is if let’s say my shins are really tender and
sensitive, I can put just a little bit of pressure on it to start off with. so this
gives me the ability to put as much pressure as I want to. if you’re on
something and using your body weight sometimes it’s a little harder to adjust
like this. I’m just maybe starting off to get those muscles loosened up a little
bit going very very light rolling over, but you can see how
it’s nice because it gets you know these are the ones that are rolling on it’s
not like everything’s rolling together they’re independently rolling to really
get into that that muscle nice and deep. you can even
come on the back part and get your calf muscles and this one again is really
nice and you can even kind of push up this way if you want to get a little bit
more pressure. so again just kind of nice to have the ability to do all the
pressure that you want. and then you can even come down let’s say you have you
know maybe some plantar fasciitis and so you can roll it this way on your foot
which is really nice. you could probably even just roll the whole thing if you
don’t have a lot of flexibility to get there, you could just put it on the
ground maybe if you’re at your desk at work and just kind of roll your foot
over. so it’s kind of versatile and the fact that it works that way. it’s also
really great because you can you know come up and get your neck area too. a lot
of times with the neck you probably wouldn’t have to hold on with both
because you know even just right there, and I don’t really have knots in my neck
right now, that’s getting a really nice amount of pressure right there. but if
you want it a little bit more you could kind of put it up and back like this
grabbing on and kind of get that mid-back area over the scapula or the
shoulder blade. and so getting some movement there. you know even if you had
something like tennis elbow on the side, again you can just use one hand and
since it’s a smaller area that’s getting a lot of work right there would just be
pushing through there, and you can kind of go into the forearm get those muscles
through there as well. and so you can see that this pretty much can work any part
of your body, and it’s just really nice because of the quality of the Doeplex stick. and again just you can hold it in two different ways to put
different pressures on the muscles. so if you’ve got those sore muscles, if you’ve
got those knots, it’s really gonna work it out. a lot of times people will have
you know specific knots on their IT band, and so you could really just stay in one
spot and focus on if it was right there you know I’m just focusing on it right
there where sometimes some other products you might not be able to
just get into that specific spot and work on it. and so with it having the
ability to smoothly roll over it. so you can see that these spin very nicely and
again some of the roller sticks that I’ve used in the past and clinics and
stuff don’t quite have that smoothness where they just you know move very
freely and that allows to get that smooth rolling motion that’s really
going to help get those knots out, give that muscle soreness out. you can you
know we can go even lower into the back and you can even have somebody else roll
it out for you as well. but again the great part of this is you can really do
all of this stuff for yourself. so again you know I really like it it’s got these
you know nice grips. so again you’re not sliding your hands around it feels
really good and sturdy. you know I can’t bend it so it’s nice and firm and these
knobs do a really good job of kind of getting into those muscles and working
them out. so really from you know neck all the way down to your foot you can
roll out just about anything. so if you’re interested in purchasing the
product, make sure and click on the link up there, and don’t forget to subscribe
by clicking down there. and remember be safe, have fun rolling it out, and I hope
you feel better soon.

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  1. You recommended a vibrating massage ball which I purchased and I like a lot. What is the difference? The roller looks like it would feel great. Would having both be redundant?

  2. Thanks Doctor Jo. I just ordered this muscle roller stick. Wisconsin was hit with a foot of snow ❄️ today. After 3 hours of plowing, I know I’m going to have sore muscles. 🙂

  3. Which of these machines is better for the shoulder?tens electric stimulation. I like buy 1 but you have a lot this ?! I have frozen shoulder with a lot pain

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