How to Use Medicinal Muscle Testing : Testing a Body’s Polarity

How to Use Medicinal Muscle Testing : Testing a Body’s Polarity

Before you muscle test somebody, the most
important thing you should check first is their polarity. Their polarity is the electrical
system, positive/negative. The tops of all your body parts should be positive and the
bottoms should all be negative. So the top of your head being positive and the bottom
of your hand being negative , lets use this one; when you put your hand on your head (this
looks kind of funny), positive to negative , that should be strong and as you can see
, it was. Then when you turn it over, you put positive to positive and that should short
circuit him, which it did. Thats what should happen. Now with some people, you’ll get it
the opposite. When you test it this way it would be weak and turned over it would be
strong. Thats backwards. That means that their polarity is reversed. People whos polarity
is reversed are a lot of times work midnights, somebody whos had a death, some major catastrophe
in their life; sometimes their polarity will reverse, or if you live under high tension
wires, or you work with computers all around you, it will reverse your polarity. Then that
person will walk around all the time like they don’t belong in this planet. You know
they always feel like everything is a little off for them. Thats how their going to test,
upside down. You cannot test them further. Because everything will be backward. If its
good, its bad. If its bad, then its good. It will all be wrong. So what you need to
do then is give them Bee Pollen. If you can find Bee Pollen locally grown, thats the best.
If not you can just buy Bee Pollen in capsules and it will reverse your polarity back again,
to proper. Give them a few days and try again. Another way you can test that, what if a person
has Arthritus and can’t put their arm up like that. This is what you can do. Your main energy
in your body, your main Meridian flow is up the center of your body and this is your energy
flow. Just like your blood flows through your body, so does energy and it flows up like
this. Then your strong. If I run that energy backwards then hes gonna be weak. Then if
I run it back, he’ll be strong again. Thats what should happen. If it goes the other way
then you know that they’re reversed. Bee Pollen for a few days and then try again a few days
later. Of course if they work with a lot of computers like I said or if they’re living
under high wires, it might be hard to take it back again. Bee Pollen will help.

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  1. most of our energy flows down our front I thought… hence why as a fetus we are curled up in a ball.

    they know afew pieces of the puzzle but they are still way far off.

  2. There are multiple ways to handle a polarity reverse that usually work immediately. First, the practitioner and person being tested should drink water. If the person tested is still reversed, he / she should do the following: 1) Make figure eights in front of the body (15 seconds). 2) Tap 10 – 15 times on side of hand (either hand) at the Small Intestine point SI 3. 3) After tapping the SI 3 point, tap under nose at GV 26 point 10 – 15 times and again tap SI 3 10 – 15 times.

  3. Thanks for sharing – good video.   For healing, crystals that are terminated at one end only are placed on the front of the body with the points pointing upward toward the top of the head.  

    This muscle testing as demonstrated seems correct.  I started doing healing on one person who was strong in both positions.  After two chakra sessions, strong on the correct polarity connection and weak on the other.   If I do a healing session and test and it is not correct, then I keep doing other things with the person until the alignment is correct.

    The most profound results are when you do it on someone else who is trying to stay strong and canNOT.   People who are more mentally flexible go out and trying things.  When I was a teenage I was all science and didn't believe in any of this.  As the yeasr went on I pretty quickly became more accepting as I experimented and now do healing exclusively.

    Try it, … can't hurt.  🙂

  4. I've had people trying to kill me for a while now, as a result of using this to prove they are liars… so be careful… it has a spiritual component to it. 

    Try the "Sway Test"… even if you don't believe in angels and demons, something will move you. What? Focus on the Holy Spirit, and the foul (familiar) ones can't jerk you around.


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