How To Use Protein Powder: Simple Step-By-Step Guide

How To Use Protein Powder: Simple Step-By-Step Guide

Hey, what’s up, guys. Sean Nalewanyj here
and this video is going to be my simple step-by-step guide on how to use protein powder properly
as part of your muscle building or your fat burning diet. A lot of people hugely overcomplicate this. They want to know what the best protein powder
is? How much to take? When to take it? What to makes it with? When in reality it’s very, very straight
forward. The mistake that most beginners make is in
thinking of protein powder as being some sort of fancy supplement with special muscle building
effects. When in reality it’s literally just powdered
protein, ‘just like the name says. So whether it is whey or casein or egg or
vegan protein, all of these powders are derived from wholefoods and they’re nothing more
than just another source of protein to add to your diet. Except that they’re powdered form makes
them more convenient to consume. So rather than thinking of protein powder
as being supplements it’s actually more accurate to just think of them as regular
food products because that’s really what they are. And so asking how to take protein powder is
really not much of a different than asking how to take chicken breast or how to take
salmon. Again, it’s just a matter of convenience
here. So if you prefer to get in a portion of your
daily protein intake in the form of a shake or a protein powder recipe, then the use of
a protein powder makes sense. However, if you prefer to just eat solid food
to meet your protein needs then a protein powder won’t be necessary at all and your
bottom line results will be the same either way. So I’m just going to answer three basic
questions here that is: which protein powder should you use? How much should you take? When should you take it? And again, you’re going to see that the
answers here are very simple. So, in terms of protein powder selection,
keep in mind that as long as you’re getting enough total protein from your for the day
as a whole, somewhere between about 0,8 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight,
it’s not actually going to make a difference results-wise which specific type of protein
powder you use. All forms of protein are ultimately broken
down into their individual amino acid building blocks for use in your body. And so as long as you’re getting sufficient
total protein and from a variety of sources, you’ll easily be getting enough of all the
different amino acids that your body needs to max out your muscle building potential
for that day. So even though on a gram-for-gram basis certain
types of protein powder like whey or egg might be superior in terms of their amino acid profile
in comparison to, say brown rice protein or soy, as your total protein intake increases
further and further. The differences in quality from one source
to the next gradually become less and less important since your amino acid needs end
up being covered one way or another, and since your body can only use so much in a given
day anyway. So the type of protein powder that you use
is really up to you. The most popular, of course, and my personal
choice is going to be whey protein. Because it makes it easily, it taste good
and has several other health benefits as well. So unless there’s some specific reasons
why you can’t use whey or you don’t want to then I just recommend going with that. Now in terms of whey protein selection the
two main types you’re going to come across are whey isolate and whey concentrate. Now both are the exact same in terms of their
actual protein quality on a gram-for-gram basis. The only difference is that whey isolate is
a more heavily filtered form of whey, and so it’ll have a higher percentage of protein
per scoop, usually about ninety percent protein by weight in comparison to concentrate which
were about seventy to eighty percent. And it will have fewer carbs, less fat and
it’ll be lactose free. On top of that whey isolate is also tend to
makes up easier and generally be a bit better tasting as well because they’re more bland
on their own. And it’ll have that typical protein taste
and so it’s easier for companies to flavor them. However, given that the difference in carbs
and fat is quite small, you’re basically looking at a difference of a couple grams
here and there, so both are still ultimately low carb and low fat regardless. And given that whey isolates are quite a bit
more expensive per serving, my recommendation is to only buy a 100% pure whey isolate if
you’re lactose intolerant or if you’re cutting and you’re on a very precise diet
or you’re trying to save up every grams of carbs and fat you possibly can. For everyone else, though, what I recommend
doing is buying a product that uses a blend of both whey isolate and whey concentrate. That way you’re still getting a protein
powder that will makes up easily, that taste good, that is still very low in carbs and
fat but that’s also cost-effective as well. A blend is just a good overall middle ground
between the two forms. And I’ll link my recommended protein powders
in the description box below for you to check out. In terms of whey powder selection; taste,
price and mix-ability are really what it mostly comes down to because there’s not going
to be anything special about the actual protein content from product to product. The only other thing you want to make sure
of is that your whey protein powder is not amino spiked, which is where companies add
cheap free from amino acids into the powder like L-Glycine or L-Taurine and use them just
as a way to bump up the protein totals. I won’t go into detail on that because I’ve
talked about it before but I’ll provide a link in the description box so you can get
more information on that. Now all that said, even though whey protein
is my default recommendation it’s not mandatory that you use whey. And so if you prefer to use a different form
of protein powder, that’s fine too. Some other options include egg whey protein
powder or casein. Or if you’re a vegan or you just prefer
a plant based protein powder for some reason then you’ve got brow rice protein, pea protein,
soy protein or you can also get specific vegan blends that combine a variety of different
forms together. The only thing I would mention here is that
for men, just to be on the side in terms of avoiding any possible negative effects on
estrogen or testosterone, I wouldn’t recommend consuming more than thirty grams of total
soy protein per day. After that we have a question of how much
protein powder should you use. Now like I said before, protein powders are
derived from wholefoods and so asking how much protein powder you should take really
isn’t any different from asking how much chicken or how much beef you should eat. There’s no set dosage here and it really
just comes down to you and how much protein you’d prefer to eat in solid form versus
how much protein you prefer to have in liquid form or in the form of protein powder recipes. That said, I do think that you should ideally
be getting in a reasonable variety of protein sources throughout the day just to make that
all of your individual amino acid needs are being met as well as your nutritional needs. So I would suggest going overboard and having
a majority percentage of your intake come from a protein powder only. As a rough guideline, I’d say that having
up to around half of your total daily protein intake in the form of protein powder is acceptable. And of course any amount of less than that
is fine too. So for most people that’s going to be anywhere
from one scoop per day up to three or four scoops per day depending on your body weight,
and the exact amount you consume can just be decided based on you and what you find
most enjoyable and most convenient for your diet. And lastly is the issue of timing. When should you take your protein powder? I’m following the same theme here. This is also just an issue of personal preference
because there’s not going to be any special benefit to taking protein powder at any one
exact time of day over another. If you like using it for your pre workout
meal because it’s light in your stomach, that’s fine. If you usually aren’t hungry in the morning
and you’d prefer a shake at that time, that’s fine. Post workout is fine. Or if you have some sort of protein powder
desert recipe that you like to have after dinner, then that’s fine too. With protein intake it’s really just going
to come down to meeting your overall needs for the day as a whole from a variety of sources
and ideally, spacing it out to at least three separate feedings. As long as you’re doing that then the timing
of your protein powder use is completely up to you. So that’s really all there is to it, guys. I hope that answers everything. As you can see the question of how do you
use protein powder is very straight forward. Any type of protein powder is ultimately fine. But a blend of whey isolate and whey concentrate
is what I personally use and recommend by default. Any amount up to about half of your total
daily protein intake in the form of protein powder is fine. And just consume it at any time of day when
you most prefer. And you can prepare it in any way that you
like as well. Simple as that. So thanks for watching, guys. if you found this advice helpful and you want
to get all the tools you need to gain muscle and lose fat as effectively as possible, the
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