How To Use Your PC Muscle To Last Longer During Sex

How To Use Your PC Muscle To Last Longer During Sex

– Hi guys, Jason Julius here and in this video I
wanna talk to you about how to use your PC muscle
to last longer during sex. (dubstep music) Okay, so in a previous
video, I actually taught you an exercise that will allow
you to last longer during sex. And in that video we focused
on the PC muscle itself and how to strengthen in it, what to do, how to isolate it, all those things. If you have not watched that video yet, I will link to that in the description so you can ahead and watch that video. But in this video, I
wanna talk to you about what to do once you’ve
strengthen that muscle as it becomes stronger,
how do you use that to actually last longer during sex? Well, the answer to that is actually quite counter-intuitive. What I think a lot of people think of is, as the muscle gets stronger and allows you to squeeze it tighter to
gain more control, right? But the thing is, is you
actually need to be able to relax your PC muscle during sex in order to not escalate to
ejaculation quite as quickly. But the problem becomes, most guys have a very weak PC muscle,
so in order to actually gain the control to be able to relax it, you have to strengthen it first. But the counter-intuitive thing is, is once you actually want to use that to your advantage to
be able to last longer, the key is, is you need
to be able to relax it, so, as you get a stronger PC muscle, what I want you do is I
want you start practicing whether that’s via either masturbation, which can be the simplest
because there’s no pressure and you can actually tune
into your own physiology a lot more, or with your partner, I want you to practice
as you feel yourself getting close to ejaculation
or over stimulated, try relaxing that PC muscle
that you’ve been exercising, and you’ll notice that you’re gonna, your escalation toward ejaculation will be slowed down a little bit. Now, along with that,
what I also want you to do is to relax the muscles in your butt, in your legs and in your back, because if you’ve ever paid attention, as you get close to ejaculation, there’s an actual natural tendency, actually it’s a reflex
that, as we get close to ejaculation, we squeeze our muscles, and without that squeezing of the muscles, it makes it very difficult to ejaculate, so, along with relaxing your PC muscle, I want you to relax the
muscles in your body and you’ll find that you’re
gonna have a lot more control. But the first step is to
strengthen that muscle so that you can control
it in the first place. So I hope that answers some
question and helps you out, and I also want to invite
you over to check out a little bit more about
ejaculation control. What I want you to start to
do is see ejaculation control from all three dimensions. And what I mean by that is, yes there’s a physical
side such as the PC muscle, there’s breathing, muscle
tension, all that kind of stuff, but there’s also the psychology,
there’s also, you know, how you use your mind to
not get overly stimulated and no, thinking about
baseball does not count, it will actually ruin your state. But you do need to understand
the psychology of it. But then there’s a whole third dimension, called threshold mastery,
that I teach a really simple and easy use method
called threshold control that every single guy who’s
really good lasting longer does whether he knows it or
not, and I made a video and I put it over on my blog
at where you can go ahead
and watch that video and I will teach you a
really awesome technique for lasting longer that you
can start using immediately. So, I hope that helps, and
if you liked this video go ahead and hit the subscribe
button for more content, leave me a comment below and I
will see you in the next one.

50 Replies to “How To Use Your PC Muscle To Last Longer During Sex”

  1. Yo bro I fink my pc muscle is really weak cuh it’s difficult to do the exercise without holding my breath

  2. Does diet or anything your putting in your body contribute to pre ejaculation? How do you know when you are ready to go. I do smoke and eat junk. As I've gotten older pre ejaculation is happening more and more and my wife won't say it but I think she's getting upset.

  3. Amazing results , this exercise really works dude, Make sure you hold that muscle really hard in yourself… and boom … your penis will be like Rocket that is waiting to launch in sky, #Love ya all.

  4. man TBH that actually happened to me once maybe twice but i didnt know it was bcuz of the PC muscle but i tried to do it myself today and it did work not that much of longer delay but it worked but man it was hard to actually relax lol

  5. Hey I’m a new subscriber and I was wondering if you can do a video on how to give your girl the best oral sex
    Enjoy your videos by the way

  6. Hey Jason Im Not Being Able To Understand How To Contract The pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise.. Is there Any video Where This Kind Of Exercise Is being done??

  7. Hey Jason🤙 just a question: what could be the reason for lasting very long while mastrubation (bout half an hour or even longer) and going to quick (around 5-10 mins) while having sex? Im so confused and pissed because nothing I try is working😞

  8. Hey Jason, i tried your tip, about relaxing the muscles in the butt and so on, but this ain't working, like do you even do any sort of movement during the intercourse when u have to keep them relaxed, can you explain this thing, cause i really don't get it?..

  9. Hey sir, i go to bathroom during the day, i feel like i have to pee all the time and its like my pc muscles are never relaxed because of that. Espeacially during sex i feel like i had to pee more even if i peed 1 minute ago and bcz of that i cant be able to relax. Is there something wrong? What do i do? Would pc exercises work?

  10. Does not masturbsting during the day help you? Or have a negative effect? I’ve been working on stopping so I need advice

  11. Mate, thank you so much for making these videos! Your content is miles above other videos floating around youtube, I must say. I have a question for you, sir. Will edging also help strengthen the PC muscle? My hunch gives me a strong yes, but I want to know your opinion. Thank you!

  12. How long will it take to see results if I edge and do kegels? Also will I have to do them every day or do I do like 3 or 4 days a week. Thanks

  13. When you do these workouts, how long will you have to do all these workouts before your PC muscle becomes strong enough to control and how does it actually control it, thanks

  14. Really big question…. do u just tighten my asshole is that a kegel??? I really want to do these Bc I need all the work and exercises I can get, but I’m not sure how to properly do them to last long

  15. How about a video for us older circumcised guys who need to orgasm quicker. I have been using natural lip balm on my todger to really soften it up and it is more sensitive.

  16. Hi Jason, quick question, are you supposed to keep the PC muscle continually engaged throughout sex? Or engage it time to time to last longer? Thanks!

  17. Hey Jason.
    I think that i was using my PC muscle the wrong way.
    When i was close to the ejaculation, i was squeezing as hard as i could my pc muscle. I wasn't ejaculating but it was more like an Injaculation (ejaculating inside). Is that good to use my pc muscle that way ?

  18. Hey Jason,
    i think i overtrained my PC. the muscle feels kinda weaker now then before i started training weeks ago. also a bit soar after use.

    should i just take rest or do reverse.. ? or go check a docter xd

  19. Hey Jason.
    I have been exercising my PC muscle for 2 weeks and I have not felt any soreness. I cannot tell whether it is getting stronger or not. Is this normal? Should I stop or continue exercising ?

  20. What about when you want to cum eventually and want to have a nice orgasm.. do you still relax it or tighten it during orgasm ? I tried tightening it but it didn't feel as good as normal..

  21. I've seen people talking about too strong/tense pc muscles that may cause PE and they suggested that people with this issue should do reverse kegels more instead. Do you have any opinions on this? I've been doing both but I feel like tensing it to the other direction is not making it relaxed at all.

  22. i need importanr imformation please . its so easy to contract a muscle like pelvic muscle but actually how i can relax it ?

  23. Jason, how can I utilize masturbation or techniques during masturbation exactly to help practice to help? Also, should I stop masturbating to get to a quick ejaculation all together until I can control it?

  24. Hey Jason
    first of all thanks for the video. What do you mean when you say "relax the muscle", its a somewhat amorphous and don't really understand what does it mean

  25. the last time i was having sex i was about to ejaculate and i tried to relax then i felt the tension release and its like it was delayed

  26. I actually use to relax it without knowing what I was doing cause it made me last a little longer. But I'd also stop and flex now knowing flexing is bad and relaxing its good

  27. 1) Is it possible tight pc muscles hours, can be like habit? i mean lightly tension, not pushing way, does it help too?
    2) should we make PC muscles tight whole sex if we want delay orgasm? OR should we make tight if we close to orgasm?
    3)I want longer and if i dont focus on moment, i think i can do it but i feel less sensitive less pleasure, is it normal?
    4) can you make video about event before orgasm

    thank you

  28. squeezing the muscle before orgasm point just causes a 'retrograde ejaculation'? ie. semen comes out into the next urine

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