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  1. Hey my friends! As I went deeper into the science, it became clear that a lot of achieving the goals of a good warm-up are person-specific. These are principles and hopefully you can apply them to what feels right for you to help you have amazing workouts. The body of credible rigorous research around warm-up science is still being developed but I hope this video can help share what the research is suggesting and how it's being put into practise by the top athletes around the world (: Lots of love!! xxxx

  2. Great video Natacha! I love post workout cool down/stretching too. I usually foam roll at the end of a workout – this has helped tremendously with my recovery time.
    Lots of love from Australia 🥰🙋🏼‍♀️

  3. honestly, I always skip a warmup when I workout but this video was really helpful and showed me why warming up is so IMPORTANT!! thanks girl, amazing video as usual💓

  4. would you possibly make a video giving a stretching routine of sorts? some examples of what stretches work best for certain muscle groups would be amazing!! xx

  5. I LOVE that you're videos are all science-based rather than just saying stuff that's better circulating for years. Also, I love your physique. Your shoulders are insane! (Random lol)

  6. Hi Natacha.I had been training hyperthrophy but I was restricting my calories .Now I am triying to eat as you suggested before.I am also doing functional workout and plyo.What do u think I should do about it?Should I keep working on hyperthropy?

  7. Loved this video so much. I love how you used scientific/research backed information 💕 thank you for all the work you do for your followers!

  8. such an awesome and informative video!! maybe next time you could add some text with some of the statistics you were mentioning, it got a little bit hard to keep up with ! nevertheless so informative and appreciate the effort and research thats gone into the vid will definitely be taking the tips on <3

  9. That moment when you get a notification that Natacha has uploaded a new video 😍😍 I love, love, LOOOVE your videos girl! You are so inspiring and smart in every possible way ❤ Hope I can someday meet you in person ❤❤

  10. Hey there,
    I’m doing your cut program at the moment and loving it, but I was really struggling with a proper warm up! I tried it today and it really made a difference…Perfect timing 😍

  11. Do you do the warmup sets for the exercises in hypertrophy right before every working set or all the warmup sets together before starting with the actual workout? ❤️

  12. Hi Natacha,

    (Sorry in advance for the long message).

    <3 Quick fan girl moment: I massively appreciate your scientific, sustainable and healthy (mentally as much as physically) approach to your content, so a big thank you for that!

    A video request – how you maintain a healthy relationship with exercise. In the last year, thanks to your channel and the "The Brain Over Binge Recovery Guide" by Kathryn Hansen (a book that I personally found incredibly helpful), I've upped my day to day calorie intake, stopped binging, and massively improved my relationship with food. It feels great! However, I have noticed that some of my controlling, "I need a specific routine that I cannot break" tendencies have shifted to exercise. I try and do 3 strength and 2 cardio sessions a week and if for some reason I don't make that happen then I do feel a bit panicked/guilty/out of control. This last week I've pretty much only done gentle yoga and some low impact dumbbell work because I've injured my knee. I was so tempted to just train through the pain but I thought long-term and I'm proud that I refrained. However, now it's starting to improve I'm finding it hard not to constantly think about how I can "make up" for the week I "lost".

    Anyway, I've gone into wwaayy much detail about me, haha, but if you feel like this might be something others would be interested it, I'd definitely appreciate a video on that kind of topic xx

  13. The employees of my gym always tell us to run on the treadmill for 10 minutes as a warmup, which honestly sucks! Your warmup ideas look much more fun!

  14. Natacha , you are so inspiring. Your videos are great and motivating. Also you look amazingly beautiful especially in this video. This gymshark colour suits you. It's made for you.

  15. Did you want to laugh when there was someone working out while you were filming? 😀 HAHAHHAHA, I probably would've been!
    Thank you for making this video, I never know too much what to do for a warm-up, let alone for a style-specific warm-up! I usually do some dynamic stretched a little bit and definitely try to move the joints I'll be using in the warm-up, so some of it was ok! I had no idea about static stretching, I thought you were joking for a second. Goes to show there are dogmas that blow out of proportion compared to the research they stemmed from! Thank you so much for doing the scientific research work for us Natacha!! xx
    PS: gonna ask every time I comment now, can you do a meet up in Nice the next time you come down here, pretty please???? Before July pleeeeaaaaaase? (So demanding! 😉 )

  16. Yesss! This is a video that everyone needs to watch!! I always, ALWAYS encourage my boyfriend to warm up and to cool down afterwards but never sees any reason for it.. perfect video to send him 😋 I love your content, you are such a warm and kind person to listen and watch, so keep those videos coming! Love your content ☺

    Also come to Canada!!!

  17. Thank you so much!! This video is so so helpful!! My only question is what is the different between hypertrophy and resistance training?

  18. Could you maybe do a video with leg exercises/workouts for people with bad knees? My knees always hurt when doing certain exercises and I've basically tried everything to make them hurt less.

  19. I love when you make videos like this!!! 😍 I have a whole playlist full of informational videos from you. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  20. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, you’re so amazing and lovely and talented and just 💝💞💓💗💖💘💕
    I live near London and every time I go there I pray to bump into you 😂😩

  21. natacha, this is such a helpful video and i love how in depth you are with your research, it's so refreshing! i just had a couple of questions. i can never feel my lats/back muscles generally, do you have any tips for activating this area? also, do you have any tips on how best to warm up for deadlifts? like what specific dynamic stretches? i feel like i have my squat warm up nailed but never know what to do before deadlifts. thank you xxx

  22. I love your videos and love the science behind them. As a dancer, when you spoke about cold stretching, that was a red flag from what I've been trained in. When dancing (gaining flexibility is really important) and we would never try to gain flexibility from a cold stretch. We always stretch when really warm when trying to increase flexibility (using PNF stretches and use of breath and relaxation). We would also always do something to raise the heart rate e.g cardio before static stretching to warm up to get ready to throw our legs and bodies around. I'd love to know your thoughts on this because to me, cold stretching is a huge no x

  23. Loved this video thanks so much ❤️ please can you make a full video on foam rolling, whenever I try and roll out my back it always ends up hurting the next day 😂 xx

  24. Such a good video!!! I love the mix of science and real life examples, makes it so relevant! I was wondering what you thought about the research coming out that foam rolling isn't as good for you as we once thought? I'm so conflicted because I love it so much but the article I read made some good points. Would love your input xxxx

  25. how did you get those shoulders? i love love love them! i do a lot of lateral raises and presses but don't get round delts 🙁 xx

  26. Thank you Natacha as always for the helpful and inspiring video! I wanted to ask a question about warm ups. What has been working for me (in terms of enjoyment/satisfaction) recently is my warm up being a 6 minute HIIT circuit sometimes with abs, in the style of the ones you and Whitney Simmons post. Is there any problems or flaws with that being a warm up?

  27. Natacha and Sarah’s day are my two fave fitness and health youtubers because they just seem so realistic and nice argh I love ur videos!

  28. Hi Natacha, after discovering your channel you have really made 'healthy lifestyles' look much more achievable and realistic. What do you recommend as the best options for fat loss as I am only allowed to workout 3 times a week and not allowed any workout subscriptions?

  29. Wonderful vid! Have you looked at the Cirque Du Soleil ab and booty routines? Would be interesting to know your opinion, since you love gymnastics. You have given me the confidence to try handstands again, I managed to hold one for 3secs today. I'm only 51!! Warm wishes xx

  30. hello nastacha! you’ve inspired me so much to not only work out more but to change my lifestyle because i have a past of anorexia nervousa and a binging disorder. i was gonna ask if you plan your eating/meal plan in advance or just kinda go with the flow and count calories as you do so? also do you have an workout tips or videos on that sort?

  31. Can you do a foam rolling photo please? I've unfortunately never understood the importance of it and accidentally injured myself because my nerves locked up and my muscles were all knotted (ugh – my glute). I'd hate for that to happen to any other girl. <3 Love your content and the science you bring!

  32. Hi Natacha,

    This was very helpful for my squat and deadlift days. I still use core and glute warm ups for bench and OHP, but was curious if you had advice on how to warm up the rest of the activated muscles? At the moment, I am just doing light sets with the workouts themselves while leading up to working sets.

  33. Hey Natacha i absolutely love your Videos could you make a video where you tell how to stay motivated and not while training stop because it’s to difficult ❤️

  34. This is the best and most useful video for warmup I’ve ever seen! The first 15 minutes are as important as the last ones. Thanks for explaining some variations! It will help me to make the warm up more structured and less boring !

  35. If for example, bodyweight squats are your actual workout (because you're still working up to weights) what kind of warm up could you do?

  36. 6:19 omg how could you do that!! wooww hahaha anyway i always adore your arms😍 such a goal! hahaha love ya natacha!

  37. Thank you so much for being so informative and helpful. You’re such an inspiring lady. (Also your arms are beautiful as hell)

  38. This video was one of your best! I would love it if you could do more about stretching (both static and mobility), sharing some more stretches and moves ❤️

  39. i really dont why we kill ourselves in the gym for one hour but we skip 5 minutes of warm up 😅😅😅

  40. Hello,
    Natacha I've been following you for a while and you're of great help. You keep me motivated.
    I have an issue with flexibility and want to improve that, could you please do a video on stretches to improve flexibility? I would be so thankful,

  41. This kind of explained to me what my school should be doing before we work out in our fitness class and I'm very grateful for the tips

  42. I love your videos! I really appreciate all of the effort you put into researching every topic you cover to ensure you are delivering science based facts to your audiance. Thank you!

  43. Could you please make the same video but for cooling down?! I never know how to stretch at the end of a work out and often that means I don’t!
    This video was awesome, thank you ❤️

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