How Your DNA Proves Evolution Is Real

How Your DNA Proves Evolution Is Real

Hey smart people. Joe here. Charles Darwin
spent 5 years circling the world, to discover what became The Origin Of Species. Alfred
Russel Wallace spent /8/ years traveling through South Asia to witness the story of evolution.
But you can discover the same thing today, without going anywhere. Because the story
of evolution is right there in your body. You’re tailbone? Used to be a tail. If you
can move your ears, that’s thanks to muscles you share with other mammals. That pink bit
in the corner of your eye? A leftover of a third eyelid we can still find in lizards,
birds, fish, and others. Goosebumps are a feature we share with lots of animals that
didn’t lose their body hair, and even hiccups trace back to the brains of fish and tadpoles,
a brain signal they use to squeeze water through their gills. These body parts are just a few scattered
pages in a larger story about our evolution. But there’s other fossils hidden inside
our bodies that tell an even clearer tale about how we came to be the way we are. [OPEN] One of these stories is so simple, it can
be told with a single picture. These are images of chromosomes, the big chunks
of DNA inside every one of our cells. When we look at images of human chromosomes, next
to those of other apes, they line up nearly identically. Except for human chromosome 2.
It seems to have no match next to the other ape chromosomes. And chromosomes 12 and 13
in the apes, we don’t seem to have a match for those. Even weirder, humans have 46 chromosomes in
total, 23 pairs. These other apes? They have 48 chromosomes… 24 pairs. What could explain
this? If we’re supposed to be related, why are we missing a chromosome? Turns out we aren’t missing a chromosome
at all. Sometime during our species’ history, those two chromosomes that are still separate
in other apes were welded to become our single human chromosome 2. Us, chimps, gorillas,
orangutans, all inherited the DNA we have today from some common ancestor with 48 chromosomes,
but two of ours got stuck together along the way, and you can even see how they match up. The sequence of DNA on our chromosome 2 carries
even more evidence. If two chromosomes were glued together, you’d expect to find two
centers, or centromeres. And we do. We’d also expect to find telomeres, the ends of
each original chromosome, stuck head to head in the middle. And we do. Thanks to sequencing
the human genome, we can spot the exact DNA base where this fusion happened: 113,602,928
bases from the end. A fossil of evolution, hidden in our own bodies. In Celtic mythology, there’s a place called
Tír nan Óg: a land of eternal youth. When one scientist discovered a protein that’s
keeps stem cells forever young, he named it after this place: NANOG. The human NANOG gene is located on chromosome
12. At least, the version of the gene that works. There are eleven other broken copies
of NANOG spread throughout our DNA. How did these extra copies get spread through our
genome like lost socks? When DNA is replicated, sometimes the same
bit gets mistakenly copied twice. And sure enough, we see one broken copy right next
to the working NANOG gene, like a messed up DNA photocopy. We call these broken genes
pseudogenes. And what about the other ten? There’s another way these pseudogenes can
spread. NANOG, like every gene, is copied, from DNA
into RNA, letter by letter, before that RNA is used to build a protein. But every once
in a very long while, that RNA gets mistakenly copied backwards, back into DNA, pasting a
new, broken version of the gene somewhere in our chromosomes. After searching the billions
of letters in our genome, we’ve found ten of these lonely NANOG leftovers in our DNA. Their locations seem random, like they were
blindly tossed in. Now, say you were to read another animal’s genome, and you found these
very same broken copies of NANOG, each pasted in the very same locations, among billions
of letters of DNA. That would be a heckuva coincidence. Unless… it wasn’t a coincidence. This is what we see when we search for NANOG
in a chimpanzee’s genome. The original, and nine of the lonely, broken copies, all
in the same locations as ours. This only makes sense if, millions of years ago, you and me
and the chimpanzee share an ancestor whose DNA was already littered with these broken
genes. We all inherited this pattern, because we share an evolutionary link. Of course, it’s one thing to share a link
with chimps. But chickens? That would require some strong cluckin’ proof. One thing you have in common with a chicken?
You both came from an egg. Inside a chicken egg, the growing embryo produces
something called a yolk sac. It surrounds, well… the yolk, and helps gradually absorb
nutrients to build a baby bird. But human eggs are incredibly small, only
about a tenth of a millimeter across. Unlike birds or turtles, our eggs don’t make a
yolk, or even a shell. We get our nutrients and protection from our mom’s body. So you’d
think–no yolk, no yolk sac. But that’s not the case. Humans make an empty yolk sac,
and it disappears halfway through pregnancy. This is a clue, that our eggs and bird eggs
and even reptile eggs all share an evolutionary link. But can we prove it? There’s an essential ingredient in egg yolks
called vitellogenin. It’s a protein, which means there’s a gene whose DNA codes how
to build it. Egg-laying vertebrates all have at least one copy of this gene. But what about
us? If we really are descended from animals that once laid eggs full of yolk, can we find
some leftover of that yolky gene hidden in human DNA? In 2008, researchers found just that: Fragments
of once-active egg yolk genes, hidden in our own genome. and when they compared our versions
to the chicken versions, they even had the same neighboring genes around them. This is
exactly what evolution would predict. Just like fossil bones, we see remnants of
our ancestors, broken and buried, in these hard to find places. There are many myths of creation around the
world, and most agree on one thing: Humans are special, and we need a special story for
how we got this way. When we take a close look at our own biology, we can see that special
story is evolution, and it’s a story we share with every other living thing on Earth–some
more than others. To some people, the idea that humans–our
bodies, our brains, our thoughts–are also the products of evolution removes some of
the magic of being human. But it doesn’t have to. When Darwin wrote “there is grandeur
in this view of life” he meant that being a creature molded by evolution is a totally
different kind of magic, the kind that still amazes you, even when you know exactly how
the magic is done. Stay curious.

100 Replies to “How Your DNA Proves Evolution Is Real”

  1. When you know what to look for, you see evidence for evolution everywhere. Where can YOU find it?

  2. Hold on, if a chromosome fused with another, I’m counting 47 not 46. Unless both the male and female had the same mutation cause this at the same time? Also, why does this fusion lead to a genetic advantage? I’m not studied on this kind of thing but if you could explain a little that would be nice.

  3. If two chromosomes merges from an organism who has 48, then the descendens of the 48 chromosomes ancestor will be 47 chromosomes.

  4. Post a video when you can explain #1 how everything came from nothing, and #2 how evolution could achieve and be based on the opposite of the natural law of physics that all decays, and #3 when someone designs a working human brain that can heal itself. It takes a billion times as much faith to believe the evolution religion of everything from nothing without God.

  5. I know evolution is true. I liquidised a frog to get DNA and poured it into my garden pond. Voila, I now have frogs in it this summer. My next test will be to plant an acorn and get an apple tree, or something in between.

  6. Norcill you blab about your so called evidence, but failed to present any. Instead you resorted to vulgarities.
    The methodology that you described applies to Chemistry and Physics, not evolution theory.
    I know all of your arguments.
    (1) Vestigial Organs. The best that can be said is that we do not know their functions. The Appendix is proven to be a part of the body's defence system.
    (2) Comparative Anatomy. All mammals have the same type of organ systems. That proves nothing. It could also be attributed to a Common Designer.
    (3) Comparative Biochemistry. They argue that blood chemistry proves that man is closer to Chimps and Gorilla than Baboon. Regarding this conclusion Roberts writes, "The data is by no means conclusive and is open to alternative explanations." Biology a Functional Approach, by B Roberts, page 580.
    In addition Scientists claim that the best substitute for human milk is the donkey's milk. So we could also argue that the donkey is closer than Chimps and Gorilla.
    (4) Comparative Embyrology. Haeckel forged the diagrams, so he told a lie. In addition Roberts writes, "But it is quite wrong to assume that an animal literally climbs up its family tree during its development." Biology a Functional Approach, by B Roberts, page 578.
    I have argued before that the laws of genetics work to keep species constant. Read Roberts again. "But interestingly enough the earliest fossils that have been found -impregnated with silica and estimated by potassiun-argon method to be over 3000 million years old are very similar to modern bacteria and blue green algae." Roberts page 621.
    So, you see the conclusions of evolutionists is based on faith, not science.
    The available evidence supports the argument for intelligent design. So to believe in a God who created living things is more scientific than evolution theory.

  7. If you look at the blowhole on a dolphin, the blowhole either works or it doesn't. There is no evolution involved. The same goes with all our internal organs. Either our internal organs work or they do not.

  8. HAHAHAHAHA! No silly! The ACTUAL EVIDENCE shows CLEARLY that the chromosomes did not WELD together! Hahaha! What a load! Where do you people get this. What should have been pasted on the screen is "It's okay to think in FANTASY "!!!

    GO LOOK at the EVIDENCE for what this silly boy purports! ZERO! NONE! ASSUMING is not SCIENCE! EVIDENCE is SCIENCE! How dumb. Don't believe me or him! Go find out why those chromosomes DIDN'T all MAGICALLY FUSE together! This guy is smoking something!!!

  9. Did consciousness evolve too?
    Why is DNA code much more complex than the most complex computer code created by humans?
    Random combinations did not have enough time to create the complexity possessed by DNA.
    Darwin had no clue about DNA, let alone that it might exist.

  10. Not a single observation in this video was predicted by evolution, making the assertions ex post facto observations open to speculation. Thats certanly not proof of evolution. It's not even science.

  11. That gentleman is trying to be a smart ass! There are a few problems for Darwin and his evolution: Evolution skipped "the origin of life" and went straight into "the origin of species"! You CANNOT have species without having life first! The evolutionists did not bother to tell us where and how the living cell components developed (cell membrane, nucleus, mitochondria, ribosomes, Golgi apparatus, cytoplasm, etc) and how the cell started to divide and function and produce protein. Then how living cells started to get together to form tissues, then how tissues started to get together to form organs, then how organs started to get together to form systems, then how systems started to get together to form a living being, then how this living being started to develop and evolve into species????!!!! Did the evolutionists answer any of that??!! NO!! So please cut the crap out!! I've had enough!!

  12. DNA only proves that we have many morons that make wild unintelligent assumptions. These assumption have many times been met with overwhelming evidence to the contrary. This is ignored and even hidden when such a thing happens. There are actually many reasons why some of the same code my be found in other animals. People without reason logic or even understanding just wany to follow the supposed "accepted facts" reasoning that other non followers are not intelligent. The presumption is usually backwards. This has long been the case lower intelligence and often leads to a misconception of superior intelligence and thus the projection of inferiority on non followers. Until the code is completely deciphered lets not make assumptions pretending we "know" things just to serve our ego!

  13. This is how you people deceive people with the myth of evolution that has never been proven. You still believe in the lies of evolutionists.How many animals have you seen that have evolved since you were born?How many times have you seen your room arranging itself without you doing it since you also believe in atheism? The truth is that DNA proves that evolution is a lie because DNA has a code. Who did the coding if there were no intelligent designer? You people are clueless and too gullible.

  14. Zanta in a debate all I need to do is give one example where your generalizition is not true.
    I realy think that evolution theory is quack science. Real science is done in a chemistry and physics lab.
    Consider the following.
    (1) Solar energy became popular in the 20th century. The solar cell converts light to electricity. The retina of all animals with eyes have been doing that from creation. Your retina changes light to electricity.
    (2) Microphones change sound to electricity. Your inner ear also changes sound to electricity.
    (3) Your arm uses a third class lever to do work.
    (4) Specific enzymes break down fat, starch, sugar and protein during digestion.
    (5) Homeostasis allows for a stable internal enviroment. That is why you must do dialysis to reduce alkalinity if your kidneys are sick.
    (6) The sun produces energy 93 million miles from earth. Yet plants are able to capture that energy and use it to make food.
    I maintain, that God knew all the laws of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and applied those laws in creation.
    God is the greatest Engineer. You need to see what Astronomers are saying about the Big Bang. God also got the Mathematics right.
    I am giving you some homework. Calculate the probability of 205 bones forming themselves into a human being by chance. Hint, you need to find the factorial of 205. The probability is 1/the factorial of 205.

  15. I do not believe that evolution… as we understand it is correct. It is a theory that like other theories….. requires an unquestioned miracle. Belittling those who question evolution, which is by all means not without its problems… Should not be part of your personality.

  16. So, the Moron gave a competent scientist, a task that he could not do. That tactic of name calling, is always used by people who feel inadequate.
    Mr.evolutionist, if the human skeleton was not put together at once, tell me which part evolved first?
    I would also like to know, how that part worked without the other 204 parts?

  17. N O N S E N S E

    Well micro biology cannot and has not proven DNA ever evolved. In point of fact DNA is understood as coming about as a complete body..not one that is formed.
    It’s shown to happen ALL AT ONCE and not one bit at a time. Because everything works in a causal loop. The higher level of organisation
    transcends the pieces. The special organisation in the cell requires that molecules end up in the right place at the EXACT right time.
    The DNA is copied into the RNA..the polymarase that does the coping has to find the EXACT right spot in the DNA to start the copying.
    The RNA some how has to hook up with ribosomes which have to be in a very specific and particular place (position of tilt) which has to be EXACT, and the proteins that are made have to be going to a particular place! Period!!
    That’s a lot to account for by “random chance”
    The probability of the DNA being formed and all the above to happen in the EXACT place at the EXACT time is..well..let’s just say there aren’t enough molecules in the universe to compare.
    So seeing as the evolutionists makes the claim..someone please give me evidence of DNA forming?
    If you need to go before that..please provide evidence of FIRST LIFE?
    The mechanism of how inanimate became living?
    I’m all ears…🤔

  18. This is the weakest video you have made so far. None of this would be convincing to a creationist.
    And why you suddenly stoop to a position of opposition to creationism where you have to somehow present any circumstance that "Proves Evolution Is Real", is beyond me. What you present is evidence, not proof, anyways.
    Just present the educational material for its own merit, not in some weird answering of creationist challenges. And please leave out all references to Darwin. His person has no relevance, except to creationists in their dependency on authority figures.

  19. No proof of evolution. What about the origin of life? Where did the origin of DNA code come from? A bunch of chemicals randomly coming together does not create information.

  20. You know a Rembrandt because of his style. So "if" there is a creator of some sort, it won't be far fetch to think all of his creations would resemble each. Just a thought 😊

  21. The whole first minute could also be interpreted as common design. Also has anyone ever seen a chromosome fuse with another one to go from 48 chromosomes to 46 chromosome? Or is this something someone imagined to try to explain how humans are more highly evolved because they lost two chromosomes that makes no sense? Chromosome Fusion?? Myth: supported by no science.

  22. All mammals have an LGO gene. That gene codes for the production of the biochemical equivalent of Vit. C. So if your LGO gene works, your body can synthesize Vit. C from whatever you eat. You don't need C in your diet. In 99.9% of mammal species, their LGO gene still works. They can never get the horrible wasting disease of scurvy. We have an LGO gene. We found it in the Human Genome Project. But our LGO gene mutated and no longer works so we must eat foods with Vit C or we die a grisly death. Here's the rub: All primates have the same dud LGO gene. All monkeys and apes face scurvy with a C-deficient diet and primates are the only order of mammals who all share this mutation. How did this happen? Easy: tens of millions of years ago, an ancestor of all today's primates was randomly born with a kaput LGO gene and passed that mutation down to all today's monkeys and apes. I know that sounds weird because bad mutations are supposed to get weeded out, not passed down. But it wasn't really a bad mutation for our simian ancestors because they ate fruit and green leaves. Plenty of C. But when humans tried to make long sea voyages and live on nothing but hardtack and water; or when landlubbers tries to live on just bread and porridge and root veggies, they dropped like flies by the millions. Time and again scurvy reached plague proportions across Europe. I'm sure those poor sufferers prayed to their god for some respite from their torture but they didn't need prayer. They needed SCIENCE!

  23. We are cloneing, genetically modifying& animal husbanding new species. Why isn't it possible that evolution of man may have been helped by as yet not identified beings. Change a zome, add a word, leave and come back for the harvest in say ten thousand years or so. Even just to get something seemingly insignificant to us. And further in evolution we may have intergalactic predators.

  24. After reading the comments I have come to the conclusion that talking science to a religious person is like explaining the benefits of eating salad to my dog.

  25. So what chemical process wrote the billions of letters into the DNA?? These letters are functional, sequential and are the blueprint for life. We find evidence for it in our current environment, the intelligent mind.

  26. Show me the dna mapping of that common ancestor we share with chips and prove evolution otherwise you have a conjecture based on similarities. Note: we share closer features individually considered with orangutans and pigs than with chimps.

  27. Hmm, the video seems to be a disguised bully session to me. “It’s ok to be smart” so if you believe me you can be part of the smart club. And if you don’t you must be stupid. Then a bunch of people comment like chimps.

    If you want to prove evolution then answer the BASIC questions and show the math instead of telling stories.

    If you want evolution to be true you will not look seriously at it very big problems (statistics being one of them and Darwin’s own tests of his own theory being another). Don’t look at the opposing evidence anymore, close your minds to all doubts and you find yourself stupid one day.

  28. The question how life started was not answered. A protein that produces a protein, does not answer where protein came from. How DNA started? God bless, bro.

  29. Evolution is bunk – a con – many biologists have debated against it, including Ernst Boris Chain the maker of the first antibiotic with Howard Florey (both Nobel prize winners) – there is no offspring tech from it? In other sciences you get products. It's a philosophy, a religion. the men who came up with the idea were all 'freemasons', look into Darwin's family? look at who was around him at the time, Huxley was a freemason, all freemasons who enlighten us. They worship Satan? look it up. This is an excuse for rich men to do what they want in life, to treat other people like animals. DNA is a language (cagt) a four letter code and a language does not spontaneously appear from nowhere. It has a sender and a receiver. DNA is read by mechanisms that build. That is instructions. Stop listening to men who have sold their souls for a job, position, diplomas and fame.

  30. this is 3rd grade science,,  why is it believed so happily?  So a rock sitting on a beach is contemplating  that it really wants eyes and legs.?  Explain that ?   Or the first chain of amino acids,  had the information to build every tree blade of grass and every living thing on this planet? Oh yeah it evolved?  yet how did it do this?   Explain?  Some decided to be Elephant's and some Trees?  Why  ?   And what about those animals and plants and everything else that haven't change ever?  Why did they not evolve?   I guess they were just happy?

  31. So how did dna evolve? How does a molecule evolve? By the way. When they compared the human genome to the chimpanzee gnome they failed to mention that they left out 2.8 billion letters and only checked a section of each genome. It was only these two sections that were similar. So actually The human genome and the chimpanzee genome are very very different. You have to ignore a lot of information to say that they are similar.

  32. Just got done watching a video that also proves that "evolution" is the the stupidest THEORY ever.. aside from the THEORY of a big bang.

  33. DNA refutes the current belief of evolution of millions of yrs…..evolution more likely accured more rapidly with help from crispr organisms. PS we are fungi not monkeys(only smarties will get this)

  34. Please do your homework first. If that was true then according your words We and apes can reproduce, since different nationalities also diverse with little deference in DNA and can reproduce. And if evolution existed from a single cell why the need for male & female?

  35. If everything is from a process of evolution. truth as a constant can’t exist meaning nothing is true. And you can’t know that to be true either.

  36. You’re DNA proves that it’s more complex and there would need to be a Creator. It takes reason to grow and have an objective but when you don’t have an objective you can’t get things done and non living things don’t have an objective they just move. If every thing is evolving, truth as a constant doesn’t exist therefore you can’t say that evolution is true because the constant isn’t constant and truth doesn’t exist. But obviously you’d say that isn’t so meaning truth is a constant.

  37. The body would need to be created instantaneous because if something lacks other the body would not survive. Each system is dependent of one another.

  38. Useless organs and inefficient organs are proof that if humans were created, that it was done by someone less intelligent then most humans.
    Ironically even creationists aren't dumb enough to make something like the appendix or tonsils.

  39. Or possibly this is all evidence that a creator used a similar process in creating all things. Like how many or all of an authors books have a familiar ring to them. Or how one can usually identify the work of an artist by observing familiar traits.
    I've studied much evolution and creation and in the story of DNA I find it very difficult if not impossible to imagine how so much detailed information contained within each strand could've been arranged through natural mechanical processes.

  40. As a FORMER believer in evolution I didn't realize there was another side to the evolution controversy as it's been kept hidden from us and I use to read all of the popular science mags, i.e., Omni, Discover, Science (year) etc. They never ever mention an alternative to evolution.

    I've only listened to just a few moments of this, but that's enough. Firstly, the coccyx is not evidence of a tail, but rather it's useful for sitting as otherwise our bowels would empty and you would be quite uncomfortable sitting.

    As for DNA proving evolution exactly the opposite is true. Anyone who's done any programming knows how just one slip in a crucial section of your code makes it useless and yet DNA coding is so fantastically complex, ie., beyond the reach of our most intelligent coders on the planet that to believe this came about without a guiding intelligence behind it is just insane! If there were trillions of year and trillions of universes the odds DNA molecules could come about by chance is ZERO. Information theory proves this. Why do people ignore this impossibility? I would've thought DNA would've opened the eyes of the most resolute evolutionists as to how lacking their theory is.

  41. When you know what to imagine up, you'll think up ways to imagine evolution from apes etc…yea..two chromosomes just got stuck..accidentally. .just like how the billion odd cells the imaginators just imagined out of the 'similarities'.

  42. If God isn’t real, Real isn’t.
    What I’m saying is, that if we actually came from apes, wouldn’t we still be evolving and not just stayed humans for millions of years? Wouldn’t we be studying a forever evolving species? And if we really did come from apes, why are there still any apes left, that aren’t humans? Explain that.

  43. After reading comments for more than haft an hours I came to the conclusion that people those are arguing against evolution know nothing about biology. They just watch some youtube video or read an article to support their beliefs

  44. Darwin taught very racist and sexist things that are part of the theory. The tail bone in humans is a total lie! We know what it is used for. DNA is actually proof of an intelligent Designer. How in the world could the base pairs in DNA organize themselves in just the right way for all of the information that we have in the "book of life". What would your definition of evolution be?

  45. In the physical perhaps ..
    But not in the spiritual ..
    If Aliens are God .. I can't wait till they come back and say as they they are wasting all you dumbasses what part of heaven or he'll didn't you fking understand .. 😂😂😂

  46. So we’re supposed to just believe and have faith in these scientists that they are correct. Pfft.. hahaha just like everything else they tell us. A good theory , but ultimately no real proof. An 8 minute video to convince you of this.
    It takes years of college and school just to understand the complexities of a cell structure, much less expect the general public to get in an 8 minute video. Ugh.. the gullible are the masses who have faith in science. Oh I personally think science has done wonders for humanity, but they also have screwed, modern science has killed more in the name of science than at any other time in history.

  47. Chimps were coped from a different common ancestor than that of humans. We know this because chimps have extraneous instruction and we have instruction that chimps do not have. It's not complicated.

  48. Do you know that Darwin thought that the the first living cell was like a simple blob of jelly or such like. If he was alive today and knowing just how complicated the simplest cell is, he would be the first to say that this video is a load of crap. And I would agree with him.

  49. DNA is evidence for creation. What this video does is equal to siphoning gas from a car and claiming it was yours all along.

  50. Hey all, gotta watch this one:

    It's called "How to shut up pesky creationists", and covers the subject of the fusing of a pair of primate chromosomes in our evolutionary past.

  51. You are told since birth God created you and man has carried this with him for thousands of years. So what do we expect when we tell the Faithful that man made an error and its all a natural process. Of course they will retaliate when you take away 90% of people long held beliefs. We all thought flat earth was true too but it isnt. Couldnt go past the speed of sound but we did. We cant take away a god that isnt there. It either existed or didnt. Science has told humans that the whole planet and really the universe is slowly evolving. Thats the bottom line. No reason or purpose. Stars form and the big ones spew out the elements that can make life , then stars die and many wipe out the life they created?? Stupid isnt it, but thats how it is. We are smart? and start wars over invisible gods and resources and races. Are we smarter than nature?
    We cant change what we find and only creationist and idiot "science" fakers can try to murky the waters to try and keep their gods alive and keeping man in the horrible ignorant past. Time for man to move on and grow…

  52. We now know that Man evolved and not gods made man at least not remotely as in the scriptures. OK, so what about the newly discovered universe we know now? created? Well.. Look at the mess and life and death all fruitless with no direction. Impossible large rafts of deathly space and only very small places for life to get a foot hold. So good for life? no .
    Could the universe (s) have a sort of unconscious mover? tricky as the mover has to be explained. Quantum theory like the moon rocks brought back, are producing more questions than answers and the very laws of physics are under threat if we try to explain the start of the BB. Problem is that it happened and now we have to explain it or go back to witch burning in the public square- Great family day out!! Hmm…

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