“I Brought a Mayan God back To Life” Creepypasta Original

“I Brought a Mayan God back To Life” Creepypasta Original

It all started on a Sunday before the
fourth of July and I was chasing a legend a family legend in fact I live in
a small town called Johnsonville in West Texas
my great-grandfather founded it legend has it that the money he used to do it
came from his farm here don’t believe me well that water tower on her property
clearly reads Johnson Villa and my name is Garrett Johnson you do the math the
stories were pretty crazy though they say my great-grandfather was able to
grow exotic things like bananas and coconuts in the rough Texas soil and not
only that he had cantaloupes the size of beach balls carrots as long as your arm
and if you believe the craziest parts flytraps that could eat your dog if it
made the mistake of coming too close they also say that great-grandpa made a
deal with the devil to get these things but I guess if you got giant in man
eating vegetables and fruits then adding the devil just seems a natural way to
round things out everybody knows the old stories at being a small town and all
and growing up with that sort of thing had about the effect that you’d expect
now but I didn’t think that grandpa made a deal with the devil of course being
his great-grandson meant that I had access to parts of the story that no one
else got to see like his diary it’s mostly agricultural tallies and yes he
apparently grew bananas somehow along with recipes for fertilizers that he’d
concocted and even a nasty solution you could use the salt the earth so that
nothing will grow like kind of how they talked about in the Bible
great-grandpa called it a toe 13 a toe being the name of the Lot’s wife
according to the Jewish version of the story she’s the one that turned back the
look at Sodom and got turned into a pillar of salt for her troubles great
grandpa had a sense of humor you could say and he’d circled the name
so that nobody could miss his little joke he also had a mean streak though
and I imagine that little recipe wasn’t so funny for a lot of the other farmers
the last entry in his diary was the most interest to me but it was very cryptic
it just mentioned that he’d found something called the seed and it stops
right there the last pages look like they were cut out anyway it was because
of these stories that are geared my education towards agricultural chemistry
the art of making things grow essentially these days my father wasn’t
around sharing the spot in the same cemetery where his father and my
great-grandpa were buried I was the eldest Johnson of a three-person clan it
was just me and my wife and my son Joseph living in a beautiful southern
colonial with the second-story balcony were our little family ate meals when
the weather was right in the Sunday when everything started I was outside of the
house playing with some of the GPS features for to agricultural drones that
I had acquired now I don’t know if you’ve ever used them but it requires a
pilot license if you’re serious about farming then they can’t really be beat
you could get mapping of huge acreage areas to see where your crops are
healthy or dying and if you paid the big bucks then you can carry all kinds of
things that dump spray or otherwise distribute I’d like to use them to spray
my latest test compounds and the DPS link meant I could predefined custom
routes for my drones targeting precise rows and sections of crops with laser
accuracy now I hadn’t been having a lot of luck with great Grandpa’s land and
was setting up a new route for my drones to try out my latest fertilizer
experiments when my son came outside and joined me for a moment he was tall thin
and long-haired dressed in his usual combination of blue jeans and a t-shirt
that looked like a the advertisement which he says is for a
band named Rock Gore which should tell you that intelligence does not
guaranteed that taste in music at the time he had a triangle half toast in his
mouth and was looking at my GPS controller tablet with amusement you’re
planting a big middle finger right around spooky
really he asked between crunchy mouthfuls I gave my son a huge grin well
what else he gonna use a three thousand dollar drone for he laughed
Spooky’s our scarecrow he’s the only one in town with a sombrero and I’d like to
test around him because he’s easy to find and because nothing seems to grow
there at all the results are great grandpa’s out of
13 testing I reck’n’d Joe looked down at the ground for a moment and spoke
breaking me out of my reveries hey you know I was thinking about making some
rockets and roman candles for Thursday you mind if I use the lab now I have a
large barn that I’ve converted into my very own mad scientist lab it’s my
mancave I guess you could say and it even has a newly installed custom
sunroof which my Agra drones can open up remotely and land inside Joe loves it
and I think sometimes he hangs out there more than I do you blow your damn
fingers off I told them why don’t you stick to sparklers come on dad
sparklers are just for kids strontium for red color magnesium for white and
don’t miss breakfast hotshot toast doesn’t count I said Joe threw his hands
down in frustration and said yeah yeah I got your toast before storming his way
over to the barn he slammed the double doors behind him and perfect angry teen
form with the drones set on their amusing paths for fertilizing and
seeding I went into the house the see what was for breakfast
passing through the living room I smelled something heavenly coming from
the kitchen I can make out bacon grease onions fried
eggs and peppers Jenny my wife was making Hawaii voice rancheros she smiled
as I entered the kitchen and pointed at a cardboard box on the kitchen table can
you move that to the floor and have a seat I’ve got something you’re gonna
like and I’ll tell you after breakfast present huh
well I like presents I said walking over and setting the box on the floor next to
me Jenny brought over my plate first loaded up with the eggs and beans and
Jenny’s culinary love and then brought over play for herself and Joseph never
one to miss a meal Joe showed up just as his plate hit the table
Jenny sat down and lit up a joint now I know you’re thinking but although my
Jenny looks just as slim and trim as she did the first day we met her only
respectful not to age being a little salt and pepper on her now a short head
of hair she’d been fighting cancer for the last
three years breast cancer to be specific she’s winning mind you but the marijuana
has been a welcome part of it she says that it helps her to eat and when you
have as much land as we do it’s not hard to hide a patch or three of wacky
tabacky and I figured what the law doesn’t know can’t hurt them or us
besides I’d do anything for that woman Joseph had already started on his
breakfast shoveling beans and eggs into his mouth
like it was a contest and Jenny told me to go ahead and start on mine before it
gets cold promising to catch up after we D and she
smiled at me and said I found some pages from your grandpa’s diary god I wish
she’d never found them those three sheets of paper were the end
of everything I just didn’t know it yet in two of them
he described how he found this seed and how it made everything grow hell I
thought those tallies were some kind of joke but he really grew bananas in Texas
bananas the third sheet was a map with a crudely drawn well on it looks like you
boys are going on a treasure hunt Jenny said grinning well pack you both some
lunches and you to figure out what kind of gear you’ll need so you could check
it out while it’s still daylight Joseph and I looked at each other and I’ll
never forget the feeling for a moment we were like two kids about to dig up a
pirate treasure we loaded up a pack with some rope
two flashlights in the two brown bag lunches that Jenny had packed for us and
after consulting an aerial map of our property we were able to use the map
after a bit of walking and clowning around
Jose spotted the well we were looking for it wasn’t anything special just the
ring of stone with a round wooden cover on the top of it pulled it off
wiping some dust from it onto my pants and we both looked down it just looked
like any other well Joe had picked up a rock and lobbed it down it splashed I
looked at Joseph nervously as I thought about the broken back I’d be explaining
at the hospital later I’ll go first ad he said you could lower me down
that way we aren’t risking you know breaking the Rope Hey
I exclaimed and although secretly relieved that paracord repacked is rated
for 1,200 pounds wisenheimer Joseph snickered and continued okay okay
but I really should go first in for a penny in for a pound I thought I took
some rope out of the sack and began knotting it every few feet before
securing it to a nearby tree it was naughty and ugly but it looked
like it would hold Joseph tied the other end of the rope to himself and knotted
it through his belt for extra security hopping up on the wels edge dangling his
feet into the darkness Hey I began come on dad let’s see what’s inside
lower Joseph’s down into the darkness until he asked me to stop give me a few
feet of slack on the count of three he said I said okay and then he did the
damnedest thing kicking against the wall he pushed himself outward a little
before I released the few feet of rope and the result was Joseph going out down
and then swinging inside of the well come on down he said you can’t see but
there’s a hole I looped a little rope in my hand after giving a test pole on it
to make sure it was firm on that tree and began lowering myself down about 15
feet down I saw Joe behind me framed in an oval opening of the well that I
hadn’t seen from above I kicked against the side of the well and he grabbed me
pulling me into the tunnel now I’m not sure what I expected but what I saw was
amazing the tunnel was carved from solid rock with steps going down into the
darkness Joe not bothering to get one of the flashlights was lighting our way
with the mobile phone and after descending what felt like many minutes
we came to a large open cavern inside it was a Mayan Step Pyramid but oddly
enough there was a rectangular entrance at the base and instead of a central set
of stairs to the top there appeared to be inverted steps that went down inside
of it even stranger there was light coming
from inside of it your turn to go first said Joe and this time he was the one
looking nervous it’s hard to be a coward in front of your son so I walked down
the steps into a large central chamber inside the pyramid
it was odd the pyramid shape was the same inside only inverted creating a
diamond shape in the interior that looked like had been made with a giant
Lego building block the central portion of the pyramid was filled with black
liquid surrounding a central island connected to the stairs by a thin stone
bridge on the central island there was a nodded arrangement of live trees leaves
in all force crooked and grown together into what looked like nothing more than
a large living throne some sort of phosphorescent moss was growing all over
the ceiling glowing brightly enough that the flashlights we brought were
pointless carved towards the top of the throne was the stark face of a man with
a handlebar moustache he was smiling there was a quick flash of light and I
jumped sorry dad Joseph said he had taken a picture now I
felt sick to my stomach but proceeded down to the bridge because I had to I’d
seen what was on the throne the seed oval-shaped the seed appeared to be a
shiny black stone lovingly polished I think it was comprised of jet and looked
back at it now it makes sense Jezz compressed wood after all anyway to
make a long story shorter we went back home with the seed it was getting dark
as we walked back home but we grabbed the Spade and we planted it together Joe
and I now I know we should have let Jenny see at first but we felt compelled
I guess you could say we put it in front of my test patch in front of spooky
as the sky darkened I noticed that the clouds had gathered and the light rain
had begun I saw a helicopter pass the police like the flyover farms most
nights to see if anyone was growing anything that they shouldn’t but despite
what the TV tells you small patches of marijuana are pretty hard to see it
especially grown with a few rows of short corn it looked like the weather
was driving them back to base and the rain was officially picking up upgraded
from light drizzle the full-on cats and dogs hey Joe we better get inside we
raced each other back to the house and we told Jenny our story over dinner
meatloaf and mashed potatoes which was my favorite that night I had a dream I
was walking through some of the wheat in the heavy rain heading for the spot
where we planted it I saw spooky on his crossed poles
situated in the center of a circular pit as I watched water began pooling from
beside the pit and rushing into it filling it quickly then there was an
enormous splash of mud at water and the seed came up again cocooned at the base
by sickly green tendrils and looking like a tulip bulb the jet bulb began to
melt downward revealing the smiling face of the man I’d seen before in the
carving the rain cleared almost instantly following the eruption of the
seed and in the moonlight I could see ax well him clearly
it was a head a living head with the handlebar mustache in the skin
with the complexion of a rotten olive in dark contrast with its full red lips it
opened its eyes and smiled at me then it spoke in a voice that sounded both
gravely yet childlike in its enthusiasm everything will grow it said everything
will grow you will give me the first and everything will grow I woke up with the
star breathing heavily on my side of the bed
a warm wetness that was already starting to get colder courtesy of central air
conditioning reminded me that it was just a dream Jenny hadn’t budged and so
I got out of bed embarrassed and changed my clothes and decided to sleep on the
couch and to explain my bedwetting in the morning I woke up early the next
morning and immediately went to check in on Joseph jenny was sleeping in Joe
wasn’t in his room but his computer was on and I saw what was on it
the face like one from my dreams was attached to a Wikipedia entry curious
I gave it a cursory read the text described as a Mayan deity called
maximum some sort of fertility and agricultural God that became San Simon
when the Catholics couldn’t get the locals to stop worshipping him they have
a shrine to him in many churches apparently where he’s wearing a hat and
has a cigar in his mouth the legends about him were contrary some
stating that he helps those in need including criminals but others say that
he was a trickster spirit made when some villagers in need of protections carved
him from wood when his mischief was too much
the villagers tore off his arms and legs to make him behave what the hell and I
said to myself I thought about my dream and then my panic for Joseph flooded
back into me running downstairs and out of the front door I started heading for
spooky with my heart and my stomach it was like running in a dream again the
transformation of the farm was uncanny everywhere I’d planted all the wheat
sure corn and even Jenny’s personal garden seemed to have been swapped out
with giant vegetation tomatoes the size of basketballs were attached to a vine
thick as my wrists which circled the nearby tree carrot tops poked up like
spikes set in a Vietnamese pit trap even the sunflowers were affected ringed wide
like yellow tires I ran to the place where I planted the seed and saw
something I’ll never be able to unsee in front of the scarecrow laid Joseph his
head was intact but this was the only part of him which had not been stripped
a mix of torn flesh and riped organs for splayed on other side of him and the
seed this living head was perched on top of Joseph’s rib cage it’s supported
itself with gelatinous legs made of the black liquid which had surrounded it
from inside the temple it had the effect like the head was trying to flow upwards
but was being restricted by tar it was wearing the Scarecrow’s somber era when
doing something to Joseph’s bones Joseph’s rib cage and one of his arms
now appeared to be made of jet like the seed in its primal form
as I watched in horror it retched and spit forth more of the black liquid
coating the remaining arm I looked up at me and grinned a black tendril shot up
from its base to the Scarecrow’s post and it began dragging the ribcage in the
arms upward they tinkled like chimes as they bounced up the pole the Scarecrow
had been knocked off of the cross post but as the head bounced to the top it
spit more of the black substance into the spine and secured the bones firmly
to the post the seed looked at me and the gelatinous portion of it began
slithering down in twining the bones of the arms than the hands and the fingers
forming a molted green musculature it raised my son’s arms wide on the post as
of mocking the crucifixion and it spoke to me you did not give me your first so
I took it I took it and I have punished you as well as big lips formed a pout
and then broke into a wide smile I forgive you now see everything grows
without another word and slithered down the post again and began working on the
remaining bones its fashioning the body from my son I thought doli what happens
when it can walk paralyzed by shock I heard his words again in my mind I have
punished you as well Jenny oh my god it ignored me as I
stumbled away regaining some of my composure in my panic as I broke into a
run straight for home but I found my wife dead on the living room couch with
an unfinished coffee in front of her in her face frozen Anna rictus of fear the
left side of her shirt was grotesquely swollen I listed it and I wish to God I
hadn’t lifted it but I did and I saw what had happened everything had grown
including my wife’s cancer the doctor had gotten rid of most of it but
apparently what little was still there was enough to be susceptible to this
perversion of life energy produced by the seed her chest was a heavy mass of
red and yellow bubbles dripping pus my heart was still beating fast from the
running and all of it was suddenly too much my chest felt like it was being
assaulted with slivers and shards of glass and I suddenly couldn’t breathe
the heart attack didn’t kill me but I dreamt
maxime on set on the Thrones similar to what I had seen in the temple entwined
at vines and leaves at the apex of living cross that once was spooky the
Scarecrow’s roost my son’s bones were now becoming cloth
than black and green flesh that glistened like ebony and slime though
only the arms and half of his torso were currently sheath than the stuff leaving
half of an exposed ribcage Jo’s ribcage whatever he was made of takes a long
time to grow it seems men from the neighboring farms were
surrounding him offering the first of their crops some had even brought
infants screaming and crying maximun was smiling the cigar clamped between his
teeth and a bottle of rum in his right hand he took the cigar out of his mouth
and drained the bottle in a mighty pole his bulging eyes looking down as the
liquor ran out from the cavity at the base of his ribs he cackled dat the
sight like it was the funniest thing he had ever seen and finally stopping with
his hands holding his sides to shout hoarsely to the farmers everything will
grow it fell to their knees in supplication as I watched in horror the
men rose up and took splashing steps into the black pool that surrounded the
creature carrying their offerings with them to an enormous bulb plant had
maximum side it opened up like a Venus flytrap filled with teeth like darning
needles and worse in the center of the black mouth was my son’s face shaking
and crying as the plant began to chomp down the offerings my son started
streaming and I think I would have lost my mind right then and there if I hadn’t
heard Jenny’s voice at my side you’ve got to stop him Garrett he can’t come
back by himself if you stop him he’ll have to go back until some other fool
plants him again she said I looked to my side and saw her she looked young and
healthy and uncorrupted again with tears in my eyes i blubbered I’m so sorry
Jenny I’m so sorry and she silenced me by
placing her hand on my arm it was cold though her smile was sad and
warm and as she spoke to me she began slowly fading it can’t hurt me anymore
but it’s hurting Joseph and it’s calling those men this will happen if you don’t
stop it Gary stop it save our son I woke up on the
living room floor feeling weak my chest hurt like the time in my teens when I
tried to cure a bad case of pneumonia with nothing but ibuprofen and told
Jenny threatened to kick my ass if I didn’t go to the hospital I think she
did the same thing that evening coming back from that heart attack the way I
did I needed to get help if I was going to kill this thing and save whatever was
left out there of my son I tried the phone but it was no good and I guess
with all the new and crazy vegetation spreading everything the landlines must
have been toasted I didn’t own a cell phone either Jenny and I were old school
and didn’t truck with such things and and Joseph’s phone would be impossible
to get with that thing there I grabbed the keys to my truck and went outside
I’d apparently spent a lot of time on that floor because it was nighttime
already I ran from my truck and stopped abruptly it was coated in vines and
around a dozen watermelon sized bulbs were protruding in various places all
over the truck as if they sensed my approach a number of them opened up and
began a frenzied snapping in my direction shit what about my lab I ran
in and grabbed the flashlight out of one of the kitchen drawers that we kept for
power emergencies running back out and keeping my distance from the truck I
shined a beam at the barn which housed all of my chemistry experiments Bynes
were growing on it and there were bulbs there as well I got an idea I ran
upstairs to my bedroom to get my drone remote the tablet worked like a phone in
that I used GPS but it was proprietary it never designed for making phone calls
calling wasn’t what I wanted though running downstairs I went into Joe’s
room and got the sack we used that the well tossing the drone remote inside and
going out with my flashlight I ran to the side of the barn and had my
genuinely good luck the latter I’d propped up on the side of it when I had
the Sun roof installed still in place I’d forgotten to put it away instead
spending the rest of that evening landing and launching my drones through
the new electric roof I made my way inside the building and looked up
shining my flashlight to get her better view only one of the bulbs looked like
it might have a chance to get me and it was close to the top but I figured I had
to risk it I started climbing the ladder slowly hoping as I got closer to the
thing that I wouldn’t notice me you know I’d make it to the roof without
being pushed off and getting a shattered spine for my troubles as I crept up
nearing the top the bull remained still seeming not to notice me until it
suddenly came to violent life and began thrashing about the position of the bulb
nudged the ladder slightly to the left and in a panic I stomped and scrambled
and climbed making it to the roof before the ladder flew backwards and landed
with a clatter below shaking I climbed the shingles to where the sunroof was
installed on slinging Joe’s pack and pulling out the drone remote I turned on
the tablet and selected the icon for drone one below in my lab the machine
responded waking up from its sleep mode and I select the B icon for manually
opening the sunroof doors the plexi glass panes slid immediately away from
the center with the pneumatic hiss it was about a 20-foot drop down to the
floor and while I had a rope in my pack there was nothing to tie it to dangling
my feet through the hole in the roof i grimaced and pushed with my hands hoping
for the best as I landed my left leg hit first and I collapsed shouting in a
world of pain I rubbed out my ankle trying to feel if any bones were broken
and couldn’t really tell one way or the other
I rose slowly pushing myself to my feet while it hurt like hell
it appeared I’d gotten lucky again I could at least limp on it I had an idea
how I could get some help to arrive and how to put them exactly where they
needed to be but no idea if it would be enough I had to try so I fetched drone
one and attached a module that I purchased to distribute seed it was
high-capacity but this baby had a propellers it could do some heavy
lifting I loaded it up with seeds from marijuana strains I’ve been working on
for Jenny’s cancer I sent drone one out to scatter those seeds in the middle
finger pattern Joseph had caught me configuring and had a certain justice to
it I think with any luck the mojo that freak was using on all the plants would
do its thing and maybe one of the helicopters would notice the DEA and
local police will be all over this place in a couple of days maybe sooner they
figured I was prepared to get a sold during the firework show looking back I
regret that decision but hindsight is always 20/20 right after drone one came
back I closed up the sunroof and started working on my backup plan I had
everything I needed theoretically I saw a great Grandpa’s recipe book and also
spied the pile of sparklers that Joseph had made for that 4th of July
an idea came to my mind I began gathering every piece of steel wall that
I had in the workshop and piling it up on a heat-resistant platform in my lab I
liberally doused it with some alcohol and began looking for the spot where I
kept my batteries I was going to need a lot of rust and a few other things for
this to work just then I heard a helicopter flying overhead and with any
luck they’d just gotten the biggest middle finger in Johnsonville and I knew
I had a chance now the next day was a massacre 15 men died
three local cops and 12 DEA agents I don’t know what expected them to
accomplish with pistols the DEA led the Vanguard in an armored vehicle bursting
through the vine-covered gate into chaos I watched it briefly on my table as the
footage broadcast from jaren one only calling it back for my backup plan once
it was obvious that I doomed the poor bastards I loaded up drone one and two
with their payloads and sent them out grabbing a blowtorch
I proceeded to cut open the barn doors so that I could limp over to this beast
severing one of the bulbs from its lifeline and kicking it away as a
twitched and snapped in its death throes the thing in my test patch killed me
then fine I didn’t want to live anymore anyways but if my plan worked
staggering outside I started limping with a lip blowtorch in my hand and my
drone tablet and my left eye was heading towards the Scarecrow and a soon to be
very angry Mayan God looking up I saw my drones going to where I’d sent them
drone one was already sprinkling it’s liquid payload on test patch and drone
two was heading off for the Johnsonville water tower as I’d planned getting to
maxima and proved to be easier than I thought the bulbs in my path snapped a
bit but closed themselves tightly with the metallic shriek when burned long
enough for me to limp past as fast as I could when I made it to the point I’d
marked on my GPS synchronized map I stopped at what I hope was the very edge
of location that I’d hoarded the drone to soak and I knelt down pushing the
blowtorch slowly forward the grass blackening in a thin line in front of
the torch maxime on saw me and cocked his head suspiciously then a scowl of
pure rage crossed his features beside him
the plant which housed my son’s head opened its mod began snapping his jaws
were Joseph crying and screaming daddy over and over inside of it just like it
was in my dream although Maximas musculature was
incomplete he was apparently still very much mobile and he began climbing down
quickly from his cross landing in the black pond with a heavy splash which was
then answered with an enormous woosh as my flame found the gasoline at last in a
vast middle finger of corn and marijuana was suddenly ablaze quickly incinerating
the vegetation trapping Joseph’s head and given maximum the biggest fuck-you
of his life with the shriek the flaming creature let backwards burst into the
pools depths then springing out of them on to the only high ground now available
his flaming dying cross his hat was still attached and burned tatters as he
seemed to be collecting himself into a deep focus looking down coldly and
assessing the mess before him he gestured at the pool and the black
waters Rose spiking and undulating until all the remaining gasoline had been
pushed to the sides his fishy lips spread wide enough to oma
swallow his ears and he pointed a single shaking finger at me
two glistening black orbs shot forward from the pool yanking my drone tablet
away from me crushing it and pulling the now-empty blowtorch inside the pools
inky mass the fire was no longer a threat but in the distance there was a
groan as drone number two’s payload did what I’d hoped it would do all that rust
that I gathered a mixed fifty-fifty with powdered aluminum and ignited with the
magnesium from Joseph’s homemade sparklers the drones payload of thermite
burned through the steel at the top of the tower and continued to burn
despite all the water until it sank low enough to continue its fiery descent
through and out of the bottom of it I’d stacked a present on top of that
thermite bucket for the creature insulating it as best as I could while
still guaranteeing dispersal if it wasn’t accidently incinerated my look
had apparently held and the second payload of great Grandpa’s out of a 13
made it safely into the tank the intense heat from the thermite reaction served
to wildly agitate the water mixing the payload as best as I could hope for and
one and a half million gallons of the town’s backup water supply began
spraying like a fire hose out of the new hole on its base it’s the gravity you
see that’s why they place those towers so high water pressure and as the
flooding began the effect on the supercharged plans was instantaneous
they began blackening as they’re hungry roots pulled then the chemicals great
grandpa used to crush his competition Maximas cross was no exception
the vines on the pole darkened as they pulled and painted water and carried it
to the flesh that had started to form on Joseph’s bones it turned gray and
started flaking apart as I watched the seed looked up at me with hatred as its
head blackened once more to jet and have formed gelatinous legs like living ink
that stretched it up and away and impossible strides over the flooded
grounds visible steamed hiss with each inky step as a flood away it was going
back home and that’s how the police found me surrounded by dead cops on
flooded land in front of my son’s curiously mineralized bones which
appeared to be hung in effigy on a makeshift cross with his blackened meaty
skull nearby I also had a grotesquely bloated and
very dead wife at home I didn’t stand a chance really they still have the death
penalty in Texas and although there were a number of unanswered questions they
did have a ton of bodies a blown up water tower and a half crazy chemist to
blame it on the news loves it the story is worldwide and it will
probably be told every Halloween for the rest of time I imagine if you’re reading
this then well I figured that they have already given me my cocktail execution
and I’ve officially left the land of living I just hope that one of you
believes me and can do what I didn’t have the chance to do find it fill it
with rocks and cement better yet explosives whatever you do
please destroy that well you don’t want to plant the seed that’s waiting for you
inside of it

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  6. Wow excellent job both in writing and narration. I am a father of two and this story really disturbed me(which is a good thing) I was rooting for him to destroy the God and save his son. 🖤🖤 your channel, keep it rolling 🤙

  7. I love the longer stories Mr. CGS!! Even more because of the scary Mayan God! I enjoy the ancient histories of the Mayan and Egyptian cultures and hearing stories of long lost Gods is even more perfect! But what ever story you decide to tell, I'll keep listening! Amazing job Mr CGS!!

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