I Can’t Do Muscle Ups Anymore

I Can’t Do Muscle Ups Anymore

This episode is supported by Skillshare. Last summer I learned how to do muscle ups I went from being able to do no muscle ups to being able to do five With 93 days of really really hard training. I made a video about it. I’m really proud of the video These are super difficult to do. At the end of every year I like to do a recap video where I revisit some of the skills from the previous year and prove that I can still do them, prove that I have retained those skills over a period of time. Every skill featured in the last recap video I did I was pretty confident I could just do; I didn’t need to warm up or practice so, I really wasn’t that worried about filming that video. 16 days before I was due to film my recap video I had some downtime, and I was staying in a hotel and I went to the gym. And I thought I should probably try some muscle ups. Alright, it’s my first time trying muscle ups in… I don’t know months! (Music Plays) Whispered: Damn it. I used to be able to do that. Ooohhh (Breathing sounds) And to my absolute horror I couldn’t do any. Six months of being a lazy slob and not doing any training I have completely lost my ability to do muscle ups. I used to do three sets of five of these on my way to work in June and now I can’t even do one. I said to myself I’m not going to release the end of year video at all unless it features me doing at least three muscle ups this video is all about proving that I’ve retained skills over time and it means nothing if I can’t do one of the most important skills from last year. I had 16 days to go from 0 to 3 muscle ups so installed pull-up bars in my studio no more excuses, and I started training. Hard (Music Plays) Ahhhh! God Damn it ! (Music Continues) Really can’t put into words just how demotivated I was to do this. I mean to go backwards in progress I’m all about going forwards not losing skills and going back. Back to zero muscle ups just killed me. I’ve done all this hard stuff. I’ve done the horrible bets. I should be enjoying the fruits of my labor but here I am back at square one all over again. It’s painful. There’s some clips in this footage that I am straight up not pr0ud off. There’s bits where I am completely losing my s**t. Losing my mind because I just can’t do it. (Music Plays) (Bleeped Cursing/Yelling) (Music Contiunes) ( Bleeped Cursing) Here’s me desperately trying to do just one muscle up for an Instagram post. We just got these pull-up bars installed at the Studio. And eh let’s try them out. Just got these pull-up bars in the studio, let’s see if I can get a muscle up down. Let’s see if I can get a muscle up down okay? Muscle– Bought these pull-up bars– See if I can hold my weight from this– So we just got these eh– It would be remiss of me not to mention how I’m actually training here and I can’t stress this enough don’t train like this. I’m doing 15 sets of as many muscle ups as I can or if I can’t do any muscle ups as many white grip up hanging pull-ups as I can. But what I’m doing is I’m spacing out over like a period of three hours by taking huge breaks like five or ten-minute breaks. I’ll do pull-ups or muscle ups and then I go into the office do some editing and get on with something else and then I come back, and do it again. As far as food or diet I tried to increase my protein intake and eat healthy, but I ended up just the in garbage all December, also not advised. (Music Plays) Yeah Boy (Off Camera) (Sung) There is a life valley and you see the flurry in the cup mighty. Can take what I need to get by? Doesn’t make it easy, the other piece of my heart. Moves slow. Somewhere in the grave you know. When I return from the afterglow, will you carry me like I’m holding you ? (Narrator) So we arrived at the day of the shoot previous to this I had only been able to do to two muscle ups but today I’d have to do three, and I’d have to do it in one take. It was Now or Never. All right We good? (Laughter) (Yelling) then (Laughter) Let’s see if we can do another one. Job done right? Well it felt like I couldn’t put this to rest until I had matched what I achieved six months ago. And that was to be able to do five muscle-ups It didn’t feel right just leaving it at three so I continued to train and into January. With the bar set at five muscle ups. (Music Plays) All right, I’m feeling strong today, I’m getting five today. I know it. (Music Continues) (Yelling) All right so those weren’t the smoothest they weren’t the cleanest muscle-ups I’ve ever done but there were five muscle ups and I can’t tell you how good it feels to be able to do five once again. It’s giving me motivation to continue training and get those clean and smooth and also to just move on and learn other things as well. Ah, this is such a win for me such a big deal, and I’m never going to let that happen again. I’m never going to let myself lose a skill so badly It’s still only January It’s not too late to stick to your new year’s resolution this year and learn something new in 2018. Something that could change your life, luckily for you. Skillshare is given away three months of premium membership for just 99 cents if you sign up in January. Skillshare is an online learning community with more than 17,000 classes in design, photo, and more. Premium membership gives you unlimited access to high-quality classes from the experts working in their fields. You can learn something like generative art from Joshua Davis. Making art using computer programs. Or you can learn how to make money on YouTube from Jazza a YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers Or you can learn how to solve the Rubik’s Cube the fastest way. That’s with CFOP, using my class on Skillshare. Normally Skillshare is just 10 bucks a month for unlimited access but if you sign up before the end of January using the link in the description you get 3 months of Skillshare for just 99 cents. So check out if you want to learn something new this year, and thank you very much for watching.

100 Replies to “I Can’t Do Muscle Ups Anymore”

  1. I think that you couldnt do any muscle ups after that period because you didnt do them with the right form. If youve done it with right form it wouldve been much easier (im not trying to be a dick, im just trying to figure out why he couldnt do any of them)

  2. Exercising is like a mistress, a jealous one, if you stop exercising for more than ten days you start loosing strength and by the 8 week of not attending your "mistress" you'll loose all previous gains.

  3. Sorry, but what the fuck? I’m pretty sure anyone ought to lose all if not most of their athletic abilities after 6 months of doing nothing but sitting with your thumb up your ass?

  4. Y'all should go see (thenx) he shows you how to do muscle ups explosive push ups best form just go check it out y'all won't regret it

  5. Hi Mike, I love your videos and I'd like to learn muscle ups myself. Could you please tell me where I could get the same sort of pull up bar that you got to help you, I'd really appreciate it.

  6. This is stupid. It's like training to do a 6 min mile then not running for 6 months and complaining you lost the "skill".

  7. Obviously, after 6 months, you loose training. I think even a single week can be enough, depending on previous training

  8. When you go up don’t throw your legs down keep them close because you are pulling ur body down by throwing your legs keep em tight

  9. What you should do now is continue training, and don’t eat like shit and in 12 months you’ll do 25 instead of 5 haha

  10. how is it possible that this man is doing pull ups every single day at his level of strength? have any of you tried to do pull ups to exhaustion with no rest every single day? this man is either on something or lying gaining that amount of strength in just 2 weeks

  11. You needed to provide yourself with recovery days, that's why your progress was slow. you would have retained some muscle memory and mass for the muscle up you just needed to work it and give it time to repair.

  12. Good on him, but the guy is basically a midget – it's actually a lot easier for people that short to do muscle ups. But still not very easy as you can see. How many elite gymnasts are over 6 ft? Hardly any. How many over 6.4? None.

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