I Trained Like Michael B. Jordan for 30 Days

I Trained Like Michael B. Jordan for 30 Days

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  1. So there is a lot of things different from the 2 photos like his skin is darker there is better lighting he has hair his hair and beard got a cut and he is flexing

  2. Trainer is good but dude be talking about himself way too much…"with me we'll do this,with me we'll do that"…it was annoying

  3. Wow…. I never in my life thought I would click the like button on a Buzzfeed video but here we are LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Bro u look the same the only difference is that one pic u weren’t tensing and in terrible lighting and the other is with u tensing and in very good lighting

  5. He’s should’ve kept going, he was like 1/3 of the way to lookin’ like Michael B. Jordan. Idk but if I was given that opportunity, I would’ve kept going.

  6. I'm surprised a lot of the comment section says the workouts are fine the food is hard. I LOVE prepping my own meals and get a really good meal cause it just makes you feel so good and energized, but getting up every day and busting your ass for hours working out is what gets me cause then you gotta drive out there and back, shower or smell the rest of the day, and calm yourself down because you're gonna be drained and have low energy for a while.

  7. hey guys where do you get your fitness products from? i get mine from @t because their fast and cheap and their quality is always good!

  8. ONE WORD “STEROIDS” Simple as that.
    You need “6-12” months to build real muscle bulk.
    No one can transform they body in 30 or 60 days unless you already have developed muscles

  9. It’s all Muscle memory he didn’t work out for a month then did this video. If you already had the Muscle and lose it it’s easier to get it back then start from scratch

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