I tried the Wim Hof Breathing & Cold Therapy Method for 7 Days | Sorelle Amore

I tried the Wim Hof Breathing & Cold Therapy Method for 7 Days | Sorelle Amore

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  1. Hi Sorelle !
    Thanks for your post. You mention ear-ringing. For me and others it has not gone away…. I also see some people get worsened tinnitus after the breathing. The problem can be a very serious health issue, with for instance loss of sleep as a consequence. I therefore wanted to ask you:
     #1 whether you have got rid of it ?
    #2) have you seen someone posting something on how to "cure" this condition, or do you yourself have any suggestions ?

    Best regards from Norway 😉

  2. Just a word of warning… Wim Hof's breathing technique induces OXYGEN TOXICITY (aka Hyperoxia).

    Too much oxygen in the body is NOT A GOOD THING. This is exactly the reason why MATT (from YesTheory) started having a SEIZURE.

    OXYGEN TOXICITY manifests as:

    visual changes, ringing in the ears, nausea, twitching (especially of the face), behavioral changes (irritability, anxiety, confusion), and dizziness. This may often be followed by a tonic–clonic SEIZURE.

    I'm all for deep breathing, but this technique is DANGEROUS.

    Do your research and find out for yourself.

  3. I found your videos a few days ago and .. I'm in love! You're like the person I want to be and you're motivating me to pursue my goals. Love your videos so much .. Continue the good work!

  4. I have had the ringing in my ears and it got really loud. but this method is awesome. I had noticed a lot of good changes.

  5. I think this method puts you into a state similar to transcendental meditation. It is merely intense focus on breathing and then lowering your heartbeat, lopwering the amount of energy your body needs, and the amount of oxygen, then, holding your breath for as long as you can. during this time, you can disconnect from your mind, and go into the you that asks the mind to think. the you that the mind is thinking for, you are outside your mind, and outside your emotions, outside of all those processes, that is the real you. I hear it takes a extremely long time to reach the point of complete withdrawl back into the most quiet part of you.

  6. You are doing the WHM breathing incorrectly. You were only doing shallow abdominal breathing with your chest barely expanding until you took the deep breath after the breath retention. You are supposed to be doing full belly and chest breathing (Wim says all the way up into your head) the whole time.

  7. Is the twerking a side effect of the Wim Hof method? Asking for a friend (who is also absolutely sh!t at it)… 🤣

  8. As someone that always used to take a hot shower, taking a Cold one for the first time felt.. how can i say, very different. It was very hard entering the cold shower but once i left the shower i felt good through the day, as you said, a sensation of warmth and somehow dunno, it just feels nice.

    I also did the Breathing exercise and i got the same results as you in terms of push ups, from 20 to 30 on my first try.
    It's crazy how effective this Breathing method is.

    Btw nice video, pretty entertaining to see your experience with the Wim Hof method.

  9. i held my breath for 2:27 minutes on the first round…you need to exhale slower and don't exhale fully

  10. Ever since I was a kid my skin has been either cold and I feel warm or after exercise I'm a living volcano and everyone likes to side beside me in the winter.

  11. So Wim Hoff method is basically doing Kapal Bhati in Shavasna and bath only with normal or cold water what my grandfather used to tell me and I do bath with cold water. Nice. Love and cheers from India.

  12. I stay way too hot for hours on end, so I've backed off a bit. Can't do this before bed, can't meditate before bed either. Too much energy in the body

  13. Thanks to a very toothy oral interaction last night, I'm unable to fully appreciate this video. You might be the best looking woman alive. Oh and the method; It's amazing and life-altering. As a child, I fell through an old bridge and went through the ice. The incident was scary, I was almost unable to claw my small body out of that frozen hole. In the end, I felt baptized through ice, as if I had been reborn. I was always attracted to the cold, I would even do ice swims without any breathing exercises. I would simply breathe slowly and suppress my need hyperventilate. The Wim Hof experience makes it far safer and more enjoyable to experience that primitive aspect of life. I mean it's part of my life now, and I do it basically every morning. But seriously sweetheart, marry me. Whatever your boyfriend does, I can do more and make more. I'm half kidding, but very cool video.

  14. Hi Sorelle. Are you still doing the breathing exercises and the cold showers? Please can you update🙂. P. S. I love your energy and work. Lots of love from our little family❤️

  15. I did the breathing method. On the second week i held my breath for 4 minutes. I love it. I haven’t done the cold showers.

  16. I'm freezing in air conditioning in Florida (public places etc.) have started to bring in cold water to my shower but only the last few minutes of my shower because I could never shave in cold water. Wondering if you're shaving in cold water? So do the goosebumps go away after a while? trying to understand, thank u

  17. I did the Wim Hof method and died after day 3. I’m in heaven right now. The internet speed is insane here!

  18. Thank you very much! Yours was one of the videos that got me into Win Hof, and out of having undiagnosed flu symptoms on a daily to weekly basis! All the best until the next, and it's nice to fly! 😁

  19. Icelandic woman living in Sweden over here!! I love swimming in cold sea. Love this video, will definitely try this, you are beautiful 🙂

  20. Oh man. I was a freshman in high school when "Ice Ice Baby" came out.
    I always said if I ever hear that song again it will be too soon. And it is. It will ALWAYS be too soon.
    That said, I will sacrifice for the Sorelle. Always the Sorelle.

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