I was given Tizanidine 4mg for muscle spasticity. Did it affect my spasms?

I was given Tizanidine 4mg for muscle spasticity. Did it affect my spasms?

tis a Nadeem or ties a Nadeem depends if
you say to me toward tomato or vitamin A vitamin brand name of XANA flex now I
was prescribed tis a Nadine I call it because of muscle spasms I was getting
in the night was one of the first drugs that I went on to deal with my multiple
sclerosis now is primarily a muscle relaxant and things I found out since
being prescribed it may explain why I came off it now it’s got a peak time
about one or two hours after you take it normally to take it into milligram
levels but I know people that take it like 16 milligrams a day the maximum is
32 milligrams or 16 milligrams I suppose and it’s got a peak time like I said
about an hour two hours so you take it when you’re likely to get problems with
the muscles go into spasm II and about six hours it’s gone and that’s why you
take about 3-4 times a day if you’re up all day so they say
for me it wasn’t good well I’d hoped it wasn’t bad say I
didn’t kill me but yeah it didn’t really do it made me knocked out it really made
me tired soon as I took a was a car well I couldn’t work I couldn’t think I
couldn’t code I can conduce much really but after a couple hours it did settle
down and it did seem to help in a way and then when I started having it at
night instead of in the morning I was able to sleep better this for sentiment
I was still wake up late in the night and stuff but so it wasn’t perfect for
me and I was quite lucky because there was no withdrawal from there’s a Nadine
for me because I wasn’t on it for long enough to get Jonesy from me I’m I’m
alright like that I’m okay with stuff mostly not doing it as well which how
the case may be so it was alright for me but I ended up
coming off it because I didn’t like the way it made me tired and and just just
really zombified I I couldn’t really understand stuff I could not maintain my
cognitive capability I couldn’t even say cognitive capability at the time so I
came off tis a Nadine ties a Nadine’s Ana flicks as they call it the brand
name so it doesn’t really work for me I know for sure some people that take a
lot of it some someone said to me before my Facebook page I can’t get out of bed
until I’ve had my so much as anything and those are all so it works for some
people but it doesn’t really work for me and then coming off it luckily I wasn’t
on it for a long time if you’ve been on it for a long time and you want to get
off it they say two milligrams every couple of weeks or so less reduction
reducing I just went ain’t about no more ain’t nobody got time for that so tis a
nadine or ties anything or Zanna flex or Dini flex heavy if you really stupid
nobody causes any it’s alright it’s primarily a muscle
relaxant mr. parez oh I’d really like to be given
advance notice when I need it do you know oh really
as if as if you know today you won’t be able to walk I’ll give you two hours
notice near yeah yeah that’d be nice if I was given notice would Oh

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  1. So do you take baclofen or something else instead I’m currently on 100 mg a day baclofen and clonazepam 50 mg 3 times a day but it’s not really cutting it I’ve asked to try sativex I don’t fancy the deep Botox muscular injections 😩

  2. I'm stopping tizanidine right now. I've been on it for 7 years. It messed up my blood pressure ultimately, did that happen to you? The cognitive and sleepiness also made it difficult for daytime use. Going cold turkey though, it can put your blood pressure through the roof. Glad it worked out okay for you, but people should realize before deciding not to taper. I was going to taper but the blood pressure med they've put me on makes my blood pressure so low that taking any tizanidine makes it dangerously low. Of course it's a weekend so no doctor to talk to, accck.

  3. I had some laying around the house and I took one this morning because I had terrible pain and cramps in the legs from planting trees all day the day before jumped out odf bed screaming in pain at 4am took a tizanidine 2 mg and 60 sec later had no pain or cramps at all GOOD SHIT

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