Ideal Number Of Sets & Reps For Muscle Growth | YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!

Ideal Number Of Sets & Reps For Muscle Growth | YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!

What’s going on Nation? Ever since I started training clients people have asked me What is the ideal number of sets and reps that they need to do to maximize muscle growth well today, I’m here to tell you that this is a myth There is no magical number or range of reps and sets that works best for everyone who is trying to build muscle This is an old-school mentality The truth of the matter is that the number of sets and reps that you should be doing depends on how you’re genetically built So let me tell you guys how it works in Simple terms you can fall into three different categories Number one you have a higher ratio of Fast twitch muscle fibers number two you have a higher ratio of slow twitch muscle fibers and number three you can have a balance of both types now in the first case your muscles have a predominance of Fast Twitch muscle fibers these fibers are the Responsible for short to moderate duration activities of high intensity an easy way to understand this is to think about a runner Olympic Sprint Runners for example tend to have a higher ratio of Fast twitch muscle fibers They run balls to the wall for very short distance with maximum intensity power lifters are another example They can lift ridiculously high amounts of weight for one rep so max intensity for a short amount of time These types of athletes tend to have a higher ratio of fast twitch muscle fibers so if you fall into this category you will get the maximum amount of growth by stimulating these fibers which equals very high intensity lifts with a low Repetition range this means doing the old-school bodybuilder format with very heavy weights and five to eight reps per set Now if you’re the second case which is actually how I’m built you’ll have a higher ratio of Slow twitch muscle fibers this type of fiber is responsible for long duration movements with moderate to low Intensity now let’s go look at that runner example for this type of muscle fiber You would be like a marathon runner that has amazing endurance and does moderate intensity exercise for long periods of time and/or distances if you’re this kind of person Doing heavy weights with low reps is not going to do much for you Since you have a higher ratio of slow twitch muscle fibers you have to structure your workouts to stimulate those Fibers in this case you have to do moderate intensity and more reps which means higher Volume workouts now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying go light guys your weight should still be challenging, but just not as close to your 1 rep Max Another thing you should know about slow twitch muscle fibers Is that they have more limited growth ability. So if you really want to maximize your size You should focus on High-volume workouts but still sprinkle in some heavy weight low reps to get the smaller percentage of Fast twitch muscle fibers to grow and to help with the overall size now This is actually the basis for my shredded 12-week transformation challenge the third case should be easy to figure out by now if you have a Balance you should incorporate both training strategies into your workout high volume and heavy weights with low reps But how can you find out if you have a higher ratio of slow or fast twitch muscle fibers? Well there’s three ways to find out number one your first option you can do a six-week test using each one of the protocols so do six weeks of training with super heavy weights with a 5 to 8 rep range per set and then switch to six weeks with slightly lighter weights and a rep range of 10 to 15 reps per set and see which one causes the better response and more muscle growth Number two the second option is to do a test now this is a This is a rough test It will not be 100% accurate But should give you a general idea and here’s what you have to do go to the gym and pick any exercise Find out what the maximum weight you can use is for one rep also known as your one rep Max rest for 15 minutes And then use 80% of your one rep max and see what the maximum number of reps You can do is for example if you chose to do a barbell bicep curl and your one rep max was 100 pounds Calculate 80% of that which would be 80 pounds After resting 15 minutes do as many reps as you can with the 80 Pounds this will help you determine the ratio of slow twitch to fast twitch muscle fibers And this is why this is what the breakdown is going to be if you did less than seven repetitions you have a higher ratio of fast twitch muscle fibers if you did seven to twelve reps you have a Balance of fast and slow twitch, if you did more than 12 reps you have a higher ratio of slow twitch muscle fibers Now the third way to find out which is the most accurate is to do a genetic test And that’s how I figured out my genetic makeup of having a higher ratio of slow twitch muscle fibers if you would like to try The Fitness genes test. I’ll put a link down in the info section below now hopefully you can better understand How you should be structuring your workouts and also you should have a better idea on why certain guys are naturally bigger than others if you Have a higher ratio of fast twitch muscle fibers. You can grow bigger, and you have a better chance at success Practicing sports such as sprinting or powerlifting for example if you are Predominantly slow twitch like me you will have to work harder for growth, and you will have a more limited potential for size But that doesn’t mean you can’t look big and aesthetic You can still be big just not a natural Monster, on the other hand you will do much better at endurance type sports such as boxing soccer and football I hope you guys enjoyed this video be sure to hit that like button Subscribe and if you’re looking for a new program proven to build muscle and strength Be sure to check out my shredded 12-week transformation challenge and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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  1. I'd do 3-5 sets for compound exercises for low reps (4-6) and 2-3 for isolation exercises for medium reps (10-15). I would only do 1 isolation exercise per body part- 2 max. And I'd train the same body parts 2x a week as opposed to once

  2. I have had excellent results with three really hard sets per muscle.  So why do most people do three or more exercises for each muscle group?

  3. I think this is BS. If anything having fast twitch fibers is worse not better. I could swear I have very little slow twitch muscle fibers. I can't seem to take the volume that other people can so I can't overload the muscles with metabolic fatigue like many other people. Even though I can outsprint or outlift a lot of people I have no endurance past two or three sets.

  4. I hate the idea of an "ideal" number of reps. If your reps are shit, then it doesn't matter. You can do 8, 15, 25… if you're not doing good, focused, slow reps it doesn't matter.

    Just focus on a weight that is intense enough that you feel a slow, undeniable burn while you contract your muscle, and slow your sets down so each rep gets 3-4 seconds of focused, hard tension. Time under tension.

  5. Strength and conditioning research says: "Strength training causes an increase in type I, type IIA, and type IIX muscle fiber areas, in both trained and untrained individuals. The effect of load on fiber type adaptations is unclear, but it seems unlikely that heavy loads cause greater gains in type II fiber area or that light loads cause greater gains in type I fiber area."
    Note. Type I is "slow", Type IIA and IIX are "fast".

  6. Scott, let me ask you- is there any medical examination that can outline what muscle fibers you have in your muscle groups? Because that genetic test you propose for knowing if I can become a natural monstah is not for foreign customers.

  7. I swear I am a freak of nature. My lower body is fast twitch but my upper body seems to really struggle and seems more built for endurance… Deadlifts and squats no problem. Sprinting, all day buddy. But damn, best biceps, forearms, wrists… brutal.

  8. Total bullshit. Whether you have fat or slow fibers is completely irrelevant. If you have predominantly fast fibers you simply cannot get as big as someone with slow fibers. But everyone gets bigger by doing more reps. Don't listen to this fool. If you have fast fibers you will get bigger if you do higher reps than if you do lower ones like he is saying. Totally wrong.

  9. Extremely well explained, that's some new info I've never heard before and i've researched this topic for a while.

  10. Hmm not sure i agree with this. Even if a person has more slow twitch fibers, that doesn't necessarily mean they should do high volume. Total volume in the way most people define it is total poundage. You can do high reps per set and still have low overall volume by doing few sets, conversely you can do heavy weight with low reps and do a high volume workout by doing many sets.

    So the reps and weight per set maybe are linked to the fiber makeup but that has nothing to do with overall volume, ie number of sets we should do.

  11. This is the only advice about rep range that I agree 100%. Everyone else is telling to do particular number of reps to everyone.

  12. 15-20 sets for large muscle groups and 12-15 sets for small muscle group. Do you mean per workout? So for example if you train upper body twice a week, by the end of the week you would have done 30-40 sets?

  13. Your unnatural smile and your high pitch voice acting makes me want to vomit and you sound like a girl. #nooffense

  14. something i notice alot is the size of our wrists, mine, are pretty small so i'm pretty close to you are on the amount of reps i need to complete to get proper muscle growth, my dad whom also is a bodybuilding/powerlifter is 6.5ft bulky but not slender build has massive wrists.. he also puts on weight 10x faster and can lift heavy with little to no problems then i and he builds muscle quick. i even notice this in jeff the size of his wrist and the body type associated with that, maybe that and your metabolism is a key indicator? i'm not sure if this is even irrelevant , just something i noticed along the way lol

  15. there is no magical number of sets and reps but of course it is critical to form your routine based on your goals then reps sets poundage will change based there upon….the point is say just shape and fitness goal its not about sets and reps its about the most muscle fibers being recruited thus for me it no more then 8 sets per body part very slow motion when doing the ecercise to pretty close to failure regardless of what the reps might be….its muscle fiber recruitment

  16. Don't let this confuse you; a higher ratio of one type means you still have a certain % of the other and they need to be trained for optimal performance. Just focus training more on where your dominant

  17. 5min warming

    2 sets handstand push up to planche
    2 sets adv planche
    2 sets dumbbells raise for planche and planche lean

    2sets push ups max weighted
    2 sets pull ups
    2 sets walking lunges
    2 sets calves weighted
    2 sets bicep dumbbells single handed (switching)
    2 sets weighted dips

    35 min run or sprint

    ( all day same routine only change from planche to front lever day by other day and switch some exercise but same muscle groups all day)

    Good? 5 days per week

    The two free days flips or learning it on trampoline

  18. Great repost, Scott. Seeing a lot of stuff about BCAA. Can you do a supplement video? Specifically, am I good with only BCAA while working out? If not, what should I be taking? I’m making progress, but I still have about 15 pounds of fat to lose. Thank you as always for delivering knowledge. I did the Cheat and Recover back and bis last night as well as replicated the meal you made!

  19. From what I see I am a fast twitch, I can life a lot but I lower the weight because I cannot do 12-15 reps each exercise for 4-5 sets, also at running I run sprints very good but long runs super badly. I’ll try and incorporate the fast twitch workout and hope results will be better

  20. if you ain't on the roids go heavy as fukk ….seeing as volume really stresses muscles and recovery is too sloooooow…..

  21. That’s not how muscles work. If you do your one rep max all your muscle fibers will be recruited. As your muscles fatigue they start with only recruiting your slow twitch fibers and later recruit the fast twitch muscles as they are needed.

  22. Hmm not sure. I usually feel like I do a better workout in a mix workout of both. I was a halve a mile to a 1 mile runner, not fast enough to be a sprinter but couldnt keep a long distance pace and need to slow down unlike my partners in the 2 miles squats

  23. Why the pentagram shirt…stinking marketing core people…worship the devil to gain sales…what is it to gain the whole world and lose your soul, or what would one give in exchange for the soul

  24. Don't agree with this… I am an ectomorph but am almost totally fast twitch. Body type is not the same as the type of muscle fiber that you have. Very different stuff. I am 1anky and kong but explosive. High jumpers and sprinters are both explosive but the sprinter most of the time is more of a mesomorph with some ecto's sprinters as well. But most every high jumper who is also explosive is ectomorph and would not ever get as big lifting as a sprinter who is more of a mesomorph but they both still are fast twitch guys. I don't think your statement on this video is valid in many cases.

  25. Scott the link that should lead to the genetic testing kit just leads to a error page it doesn't lead anywhere thought you should know dude

  26. Word! Thank you! That's a frequent question that has a complex answer. Thank you for explaining it so well 👊🏼👊🏼

  27. 8-12 reps by 2 sets with a little bit of heavy load and high protein meal works for me. gets me the pump I need

  28. In your opinion how accurate is the gym exercise test. If you think it's less than 80% I might try the genetic test if it's not too expensive

  29. I remember this dude talking normal the first few times I watched his old videos. Did he move to Boston recently?

  30. This was a horrible video. You should quit and get a waitressing job. That shirt make you look like you have tits btw

  31. Do a lil bit of everything and you good. Dont be a lil bitch when u get to the gym. Leave the ego home and practice proper form 1hr to 1.5 hrs then eat real food and sleep well. Try to get in 5 days a week and you will see results. People over analize shit.

  32. How is football endurance when the plays are 3 seconds long? Its all explosive action then rest. Soccer is endurance but for cunts who like to fake injury for fouls

  33. I do a p/p/l split and do 6-8 reps at the start of the week and 8-12 reps the second half of the week. I find doing both each week gives me better results.

  34. So confusing!!!! My opinion, just get off your butt and lift. That's it, all this stuff is very confusing. I know guys that go in the joint skinny and come out huge!!!! And they aren't doing any of this stuff. Just do something and watch what goes in your mouth…. especially if your in the joint!! Lol

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