Ideal Protein Dieter Sara Mulero on Maintaing Weight Loss Success

Ideal Protein Dieter Sara Mulero on Maintaing Weight Loss Success

– It was my first trip ever
in a airplane and I sat down next to a man and he
looks at me and he said, “I figured you’d be the one
that would sit next to me.” That feeling, it was horrible. I never told anybody about
it because it didn’t matter. My name is Sara Mulero. I’m 33. I’m an Ideal Protein lifestyle coach. I was always a big kid, always. I was the biggest kid in
my kindergarten class, the biggest kid in my 3rd grade class. Well sadly, when I went to college my
weight didn’t leave me. It was with me and I just kept
getting heavier and heavier. By the time I was a freshman in college, I was about 300 pounds. My husband and I had tried
to have a baby and it led us to go to a specialist. He sat down next to me,
the doctor did, and said, “Look, you’re too big to conceive.” And the reason why I
was too big to conceive is I had gone up to 460 pounds. And the doctor said, “Look,
I’m not gonna treat you “unless you lose weight
and you gotta lose it “and I don’t care which way you do. “Heres a card to a bariatric surgeon. “You can have surgery “or you can go to this
Ideal Protein consultant.” So I actually made my
husband take me right over to the Ideal Protein consultant’s
office that very same day after we left and the consultant
sat with me for 2 hours and went over basic
physiology of the body. Things clicked for the
first time in my life. I thought, oh my God,
this actually makes sense. I think I can actually
learn from Ideal Protein why when I don’t eat anything
except for 1 meal a day, why I gain weight and why I
don’t actually lose weight, why my 75 pounds turns into
100 pounds or 120 pounds after I lose it. I got started 2 weeks
before Christmas in 2012 on Ideal Protein and I never looked back. It was always about pushing
myself to the next level because I knew I was
worth it and that I could get to my goal and that I
could maintain my weight and that I could always do
anything that I wanted to do at this point if I just pushed myself. After being a successful
dieter with Ideal Protein, I thought I could do this part-time and I could really help some people. It’s changed my life. It’s changed my husband’s life. I would love to help
touch other people’s lives and help them change. My favorite thing to do is
cooking classes because a lot of people struggle with how
do I keep things interesting and how do I keep things fun
because it’s real easy that whenever you’re in a long term commitment to get caught being stagnant. It’s just like keeping
things fun and realistic in a relationship. It’s the same thing. You have a long term
relationship with food. It never goes away. So you have to keep it interesting. And I think my favorite thing
patients always say to me in the end is, “I thought
about having something bad “but then I heard your voice
in the back of my head.” (laughs) That’s my favorite comment from patients. If I can achieve this,
anybody can achieve this. Anyone can do this. It’s just pushing you
to get to that point, to know that your body works
this way and to educate you and some people don’t want the education but you have to have the education. I’ll never forget the first
time I actually fit in the seat and I thought, oh my God, this is what normal people feel like. I’m a normal person now.

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  1. Knowing Sara personally, made this extra special as I watched with tears rolling down my cheeks. Sara, you truly are an inspiration!

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