Iliopsoas Tendonitis (Snapping Hip Syndrome) Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Iliopsoas Tendonitis (Snapping Hip Syndrome) Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo, and I’ve got
Super Girl with me. Today I’m gonna show you some stretches and
exercises for snapping hip syndrome. So let’s get started. So snapping hip syndrome,
which is technically iliopsoas tendonitis or dancer’s hip, is basically when you go
from hip flexion to hip extension and you get a snapping feeling in your hip. And a lot of times it’s very uncomfortable
and painful, so a lot of stretches and exercises will hopefully help that. So let’s start off with some stretches. We’ll start off with a quad stretch first. You can stretch it a whole bunch of different
ways, but I’m gonna stretch it in the lunge position today. The side you want to stretch should be down
on the ground. If you are not on something like carpet or
a yoga mat, make sure you put a pillow underneath your knee just to protect that joint. Put your front foot a little further out in
front of you to give you some balance. And then take your back foot and pull it up
towards your bottom. So you want the heel to go towards your bottom. And try and keep your upper body fairly upright. Some people go like this, but you’re taking
away from the stretch a little, so you want to kind of take your hips and push them forward
almost into a tilt and you’ll feel a nice stretch through that quad area right there. So hold that stretch for about 30 seconds
and do that 3 times. Then if you just want to stay in the same
position, go into a hamstring stretch by then putting your foot out in front of you. Just prop it up on your heel. Try and keep your knee locked out and straight. Keep your back straight and your hips forward. And just lean at your hips until you feel
a stretch in those hamstrings. If you pull up your toes, that helps that
stretch just a little bit. If that’s too much, you can relax it, but
if you can pull them up, that’s gonna get a nice stretch through there and then engage
the calf muscle as well. So holding that again for 30 seconds, then
relaxing and doing that 3 times. Then you want to stretch your glute muscles. And the way, the easiest way to do that is
a figure 4 stretch. So take the side that you want to stretch
and cross it over. And it’s called a figure 4 because if you
look down, your leg almost makes a figure 4. So the ankle is and the thigh part of the
knee. Not actually on the knee, but just sightly
in front of it so you don’t put pressure on that joint. Keep your back straight, and then just lean
forward. You should feel a stretch right in that bottom
area right there. And just pull yourself forward. You can go this way, you can bring your arms
up this way, what ever is comfortable for you. But really until you feel a stretch right
in that bottom area. And again holding it for 30 seconds, relaxing,
and doing that 3 times. Then you also want to stretch out your IT
Band. So I like using a foam roller, some people
just like doing a standing stretch for the IT Band. I feel like the foam roller really gets in
to that area and loosens everything up. So just place the leg you want to stretch
outside on the ground on the roll. You can start up at your hip and go all the
way down to your knee, or you can start off and try and find the spot. And once you get on a spot that’s tender,
you can just hold it there and let it relax out, or you can continuously roll it a little
bit. But usually if it doesn’t hurt, that means
that your IT Band is pretty loose, but when you feel that “ohh” you get a spot, like right
there I got a spot, that’s probably where those tight spots are and you want to focus
a little more on those spots. So you can just do this for a minute. Just kind of rolling it out and getting all
those spots. And you can go all the way up and down if
you want to. So now that’s you’ve got everything stretched
out, you’re gonna do some exercises. So now you’re gonna get on all 4s in that
quadruped position. Try and keep your shoulders down where your
hands are lined up. So you know not out this way, not way over,
but pretty close to up and down. Take your leg and bring it out with your knee
bent and just kick up. So your foot’s going towards the ceiling. And so that’s working those glute muscles. You don’t have to go super high, you’ll feel
those muscles working with just a little kick. So again, start off with maybe 10 of those
and then work your way up to 20 – 25. And then the last exercise, you’re gonna lie
down on your side. The bottom leg can be bent just a little bit,
the top leg you want it to be nice and straight. Kind of in alignment with your body. Your toes are gonna be pulled up and pointing
forward. So when you lift your leg up, you almost want
to lead with your heels. Sometimes people lead with their toes, but
then that’s changing the exercise. You also want your hips upright almost perpendicular
to the floor. So when you lift up your leg, heel first,
and slightly back just a little bit. So again, you don’t have to go super high,
but you want to control that movement. Go slow and controlled. You don’t want to go fast. Cause then that’s not gonna actually work
the muscles, that’s just gonna use momentum. But nice and slow and controlled. So again, just starting off with 10 and work
your way up to 20 – 25. So those were your stretches and exercises
for snapping hip syndrome. If you have any questions, leave them in the
comments section. If you’d like to check out some other videos,
go to Don’t forget to like us. And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope
you feel better soon.

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  1. Thank you. I never heard of snapping hip syndrome. but I have had those symptoms I can remember as early as High School. I first noticed it and dance class more than 30 years ago. It's only noticeable during exercise and <not> in daily activities of living. Even when I have been extremely fit that snapping has always happened. I just thought that was normal for me. Is that a potential problem?

  2. Would you please do a video for back of knee pain? . I wake up with really tight & burning hamstrings & quads. They get so tight until it feels like my muscles will rupture if I put pressure on them. Please help. My hams, quads & glutes are really weak…'s difficult to sit down because of the burning glutes.

  3. The Figure 4 Stretch.
    Wouldn't this stretch more of the Piriformis, not the Gluteus musculature (piriformis becomes an internal rotator above 60 degree of Hip Flexion)

  4. i did lunges and after that i got stretched my right leg …..since 3 months i am in pain in my groin area and hip and right abdomen . is it the iliopsoas mucle stretched?? also a popping sound comes when i lift my right leg ??? plz tell me

  5. Wow! I didn't know this was even a thing–and a thing with a bad-ass name! Great video, thank you! So if I mostly experience the popping when biking or doing Pilates moves like the bicycle, would it help to do all these stretches before? after? both? For daily maintenance or long-term improvement of the issue, how often would you recommend? (All 3 together a few times a week? One each day? etc.). Thanks again!!

  6. I have a pain in sartorius and below this bone part . Got MRI done nothing came out but the pain is very insane . no doc has helped yet …can you tell me what it might be .. people like you are the hope am left with .. it's frustrating … btw I do powerlifting so squats heavy weight but since the injury I have left squating but pain nnever went away .. used corticosteroids ..they helped but pain came right back :'( please help

  7. Hi Doctor Jo, I have popping hip syndrome and tight calf muscles. I am also suffering from plantar fasciitis in BOTH of my feet (started in right foot first but left is now the more painful of the two). Could this popping hip syndrome be contributing to my plantar fasciitis at all?

  8. So I've had Internal snapping hip for 3 years after I had a minor stress fracture in my L-4. With an ultrasound it's confirmed the psoas is causing my snapping but I can't seem to fix the problem. Tried physical therapy, chiropractic, prolotherapy, etc. I really don't want to turn to surgery for an answer so is there anything else you can recommend to me? Thank you.

  9. Thank you for this! I was born with a leg defect- well, they were turned in. Needed casts. R hip been "popping" for years. It gets tight and uncomfortable, which started after a lot of stress. I am active and dance. I am going to make this part of my practice.
    PS: Any tips on getting a foam roller? I have tender IT bands.
    PPS: Do you have videos on Piriformis?

  10. Thank you Doctor Jo for showing these 'very helpful' exercises. I can use these easily at home. I'm a fan from now on. 🙂 Kind regards, Charlie.

  11. hi~ doctor  I'm korean student, i did english study   Sorry…1st stretching is quadriceps muscle stretching?2st stretching is hamstring muscle stretching?3st what?4st stretching is IB stretching or massage ?5,6st movement is gluteus muscle, vastus lateralis?

  12. do these stretches work for an interior or exterior snapping hip? my external IT band is super tight and has been for 10 years since high school. it cause me great pain when I'm on my feet all day and nothing I do seems to help. I've changed my walking posture, done wall stretches and no improvement. any advice?

  13. You're a brilliant teacher doc! Thanks so much. I am getting better daily because of your excellent way of communicating and the way you take your time to show the movement. God bless you .

  14. Hey !!!!! Your video seems helpful, can you please tell if hip popping or snapping is a result of pelvic shift?? I had pelvic shift on the left side, but now it seems ok. However, I still have that snapping sound in the left hip, and I also experience pain in that area. Request you to please reply…:-)

  15. Hello. You Said iliopsoas snapping sydrome is when snapps from flexion to extension?!
    But for me is opposite. To me it's snapps when I lift my Leg. Can IT can be also iliopsoas or hip? I feel only snap not pain.
    Thanks for answer.

  16. I have a snapping (popping) at the upper inner thigh when internal rotating my thigh. Often without hurting. When doing some internal rotation reps, it stops snapping but it starts snapping again the day after. I first felt the snapping, without pain, in the deep squat position during the warm up.

  17. I currently have an issue where my left hip pops when I lift and lower my leg. I have horrible flexibility issues and in the last week, it has turned into an issue where I cannot actually stand on my toes. I tell my body to toe life and its as if the nerves arent telling the muscles to do anything. I can barely lift my legs, they feel like they weigh a million pounds. I feel paralyzed and Im only 32. No trauma or weird stuff. Pain is in lower back but transitions down through legs. I just am so depressed and gaining weight.

  18. I have a herniated disc between L4 & 5 (protrusion) and I think it caused snapping hip on the lateral side (it feels like great trochanter and IT band snap)
    Can this stretching be helpful for me? I am afraid of acute pain by disc herniation

  19. my hip pops but its not painful and it only pops when I am walking. it doesn't pop when I am running or sprinting. I feel it only while walking on the right side.. will these stretches help and what should I do about it ?

  20. Hello doctor your videos are very useful . I have learnt a lot from them and I often share it with my physiotherapist to learn the finer points. Can you please consider making a video series for patients with limitation. For example I suffer from chronic abdominal muscular pain and I have to find and improvise on exercises for upper body so that I do not strained the abdominal muscles further. I therefore found a way to exercise biceps and triceps by lying down. It would be great if you can perhaps describe more for exercises for upper body which people with back or abdominal pain can do while lying down. You can make similar search series for people with other limitation also. Thank you and may God bless you for taking the time out to share and educate on such important topics 🙂

  21. Good stuff! I noticed a regular snapping sound coming from my right hip during a run a few weeks back. No pain, but not a sound it should be making. It's been coming and going, a bit more frequently of late. The foam-roller IT massage really hit the spot, just below the hip joint.

    BR, Tobias

  22. Recently I just started to feel snapping hip maybe for few weeks, it doesn't hurt but I could definately feel that uncomfortableness, fortunately I found this video and it works really really well. Thank you so much for sharing.

  23. I hear and feel cracking in my hips (both) and sometimes in lower back but i don't feel pain. Are these exercises good for it? Thanks 🙂

  24. @AskDoctorJo
    The stretches felt great but sadly didn't do much for my problem, perhaps you have an idea what my issue might be. Essentially standing or laying on my back, if I stretch my leg all the way up straight and back down I hear a pop in my hip, almost feels like it rides up my spine, if I just raise my knee up an down the same thing happens. It doesn't hurt but it doesn't feel right either, any idea what this could be? Thank you.

  25. I have snapping hip chronically tight psoas' but stretching them always makes them feel so much worse. I've tried doing it very gently and have excellent posture in doing it. Mechanically, what would the psoas be overreacting to for it to be so tight? I have strong glutes but they struggle to fight my psoas' even with constant glute activation light exercises as well.

  26. I had a cycling accident two months ago and fractured s4. I have severe backache and also the feeling that the right hip joint isnt rotating smoothly when I walk/run, there is pain and this weird feeling. Now I have plantar pain too on same side foot. Is this an SI alignment issue due to trauma or psoas issue? I am in physio and working on back and hip strength and flexibility.

  27. I had a stroke a year ago and have had soooooo many difficulties since then. I have an impinged rt FAI and lt shoulder and tendonitis everywhere in addition to bilateral feet pain and soreness. It's a process!!!! I have had P.T. and watched your videos. Let me just say that your videos are awesome and very helpful. Kudos to you for taking the time to help people in their homes

  28. Hi Doctor Jo I have cracking in the groin and also on the side of the hip but with no pain, not sure will these stretches help at all?

  29. I did this stretching two times already but on the second time i did this after the stretching my hip is getting hurt. Is it okay to continue this?

  30. Ok this stretch instantly gave me a tight feeling in the muscles behind buttocks and leg. It released without too much Charlie horse type of pain.

  31. Hello , great video 🙂 I have snapping hip issue, when I do stretches it makes my hip area groin area worse. To the point where I can't walk . 🙁 it seems I am fearful of doing any more exercises, any advice would be greatly appreciated

  32. Doctor jo
    If I'm laying on my back and lift my hips in the air.
    With my feet ten shoulders touching the floor I get a snap elastic feeling on the side of my right leg on the outside of it between my knee and but almost in the center.
    Also I have numbness in the side of my leg in the same area sometimes it gets worse.
    Any idea where I should be and what would fix that thank you

  33. Hi Dr. Jo, love your videos! How many sets should I do of the leg strengthening exercises, and how many times a week is optimal? Thanks 🙂

  34. Hi. Tried this once and felt relief. Thank you. A couple times a day with this or only when we feel pain, or what?

  35. Doctor Jo when I do leg raises I feel a deep crack in the inner side of my hip,this occurs since I started some hip exercises ,would it get better if I do this exercises you suggested? I don't feel any pain doing them

  36. Does this help with hip “catching” and “locking”? I have this in my left hip and it feels unstable :/

  37. Hello! I get a popping feeling when I do for example leg raises and situps in my left hip. It gets really frustrating and can also happen sometimes when just laying down in bed and rotating/lifting the leg up or down a little. Found this video, will these exercises posiblly help? I have no known recent injuries and it started happening when I was doing sit ups at a situp bench a few weeks ago.

  38. Hi Doctor Jo,

    I’ve done this but in exercise form. The single leg split lunge. Now i think i bend the leg too far putting it up on the bench. It resulted in a snapping kneecap and snapping hip 😫

    I’m curious what i did wrong. Is it possible to fix the popping?

  39. Definitely going to try these.
    Been feeling my groin pulling when I’m walking suddenly or just getting up from seated/lying position.

  40. If just of my hips is popping, is there any real importance to also do these for the "leg", it's additional time, or just focus on the hip that's popping.

  41. I have a snapping hip, I also have scoliosis, so my hips aren't aligned together. Does this affect any of these exercises?

  42. Can anyone tell me if these exercises should be done every day, or is it best to leave gaps? Also how long should I expect it to take for these stretches to start taking effect?

  43. You are amazingly funneh yeeehhhhh hahaha
    Honestly, I lost it when you came out in the pink supergirl outfit.
    Lol good one O fair maiden

  44. I had the hip cracking problem for years, i wasn't able to do lower ab workous cuz of it and it was really frustrating. After doing the first stretching exercise for the first time, it decreased the tension for 90%! Thank you!

  45. Hi Jo! So a couple of months ago i experienced my first injury since going to the gym. I had a groin strain on my right side and the weird thing is after it healed i noticed that my left hip started clicking whenever i would squat or lifted my left knee up. It doesn’t hurt nor did it ever hurt but sometimes my left side feels kind of irritated. Also i did start experiencing lower back aching here and there could that signify an imbalanced hip?? To this day i still experience these symptoms and I haven’t had a chance to get checked out bc i don’t have insurance at the moment ): Do you think these exercises will help?

  46. Hello dr Jo
    My both hips have pain in my groin and snapping . My doctor sad it's looks like I have tendons problem (all x-rays and MRI done and pretty normal)
    Other youtubers saying need geve a time to rest and heal
    My Q is what about the streching… is it going to make it worse …what about to go for PT

  47. do glucosamine and chondroitin supplements help with this issue? i got this snapping in my right hip after forcing my joint because riding the bycicle on the uphills but this snapping persists from almost a year now. it is not painful but it's a little concering

  48. Thank you so much! I got so much relief, especially in the figure 4 stretch. I was like yep that’s the spot. I never knew what my snapping hip was called, and I’m a dancer. I was searching on the internet and found your video! I was a dance major in college, and even my anatomy for dancers teacher wasn’t entirely sure what to tell me about my snapping hip except try to keep it from snapping and that it must need stretched. I feel so much better now! I definitely could’ve used this knowledge four years ago! 😂

  49. Thnx! Couple of questions:
    1. How often should you do these excercises?
    2. So it is not wrong to stretch before excercising?
    3. What if hips and it band is loose but adductors and outher hip keep hurting while doing the last two excercises?

    Thnx , Anne !

  50. I have had this snapping hip for a number of years now and it's making it really difficult to do certain things, I do a lot of stretched etc but I also have hypermobility so I need to be careful, I can do a really intense gym work and be fine but if I try and run I'm in agony, I was signed up to do a race yesterday (10k obstacle course) I had to pull out at 6km because the pain in my knee was so sore, now today my knee feels so much worse as well as my hip flexor, I know the knee pain is caused by the snapping hip, but my question is can snapping hip be fixed through stretches etc without surgery or will this always be an issue?

  51. Teaching is a real skill…. you’re a great teacher! Thank you Doc, wish you all the best and every success 👍👏✌️

  52. I am doing the stretches and excercise right now at this very minute, my legs are burning like hot LAVA! It is like my butt is breathing for the first in a long time with the IT band stretch :). For the figure 4 stretch, can I lie down on my back and stretch? Amazing video 🙂

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