Increasing Protein Intake After Age 65

Increasing Protein Intake After Age 65

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  1. Hello doctor, i have a question for you:

    I think i have lost the taste for life. Everything, and mostly everyone, seems really bland for me. I started to obsess with the concept of general intelligence and how almost every skill and trait i used to value are correlated with it. Like for example creativity, personality and empathy, that recent theories shows that are way more linked to general intelligence than we used to thought.
    Now its really hard for me to see people differences as something unique or special, it looks like flaws that are rooted in their incapability of developing certain skills due to their low intelligence. Life doesn’t feel beautiful anymore, with multiple layers of complexity and various ways for people to be different and valuable.
    As a consequence, my self esteem is no existent and for example the relationship with my gf, which i was really proud of, looks shallow and extremely liked to our intelligence, because everything that is good looks to be linked to general intelligence. Income, happiness, stable marriage, empathy and so on.
    Working as a engineer really made things worsts. It’s almost like anything matters but the ability to solve the problem at hand that is practically 100% of the time solved by the most intelligent person on our group.
    I know this is a very reductionist mindset, but i am not finding myself able to change it and its pretty much destroying my life. I also think this is a more modern problem, that was born with the concept of I.Q. and G Factor and the findings that support these theories, but nevertheless i find myself in such a depressive state that i wan’t to ask if you can give me any advice that can help me see this issue at another perspective.

  2. Hi Greg, What diet would you recommend for top sport?? carbs+beans+fruit&veg?
    if you get this one right everyone will stand up and take notice!

  3. Bless you Dr.Greger. You are the reason why my father no longer has high cholesterol. He hasn't given up chicken, but, he has given up eggs and dairy and has lost a fair amount of weight, lowered his risk of colon cancer, and does eat more plant based.

    You are my hero. Thank you for sharing your studies.

  4. Current diet 3200 calories

    Recommended protein intake (6-10) I used 8% = 256 grams of protien

    6'4, 218 pounds, work out all the time.

    Dont eat more then 160 grams of protein a day.

  5. Righto I had to look back through all the clips eating fish gives you diabetes !? no it doesn't being inactive eating shit food and having a family history of diabetes will give you diabetes … Why do Eskimos have such a lower rate of heart disease and heart problems ? … eating fish , this is nothing but Vegan Propaganda .

  6. What is the correlation between acids and essential amino acids that are proven to fight off aging related muscle loss (sarcopenia)? I am confused. I though we have to use amino acids…

  7. And what about the study that says that you should decrease your consumption of food about 30% , to extend life 20%

  8. Totally off topic but…
    Some really strange trolls feel the need to say weird or obscene things here.
    Nothing better to do?

  9. Great confirmation for eating less animal protein. I have cut my animal protein by more than 50% in favor of beans, peas, and lentils. I use small amounts of meat to flavor my veggie protein foods. The Mediterranean in a nutshell. Thank your Dr. Greger.

  10. lol this channel is full of shit ……why dont find a group thats eats organic meats and not fast food burgers this whole chanel is full of vegan bullshit

  11. Dammit! The hippies were right again!!!!! I just don't get it! How did the hippies figure this out while my medical textbooks fed me a bunch of bullshit!?!?!?!

  12. dude i'm not ashamed to admit i have a total man crush on you. I'm so grateful to you and your team for putting together an awesome channel and website that i can't get enough of. Much love dude…..

    I'm currently learning to phase out animal products from my diet, and perfecting an intermittent fasting regime. I'm loving it…..

    I'm confused and I'd love your audience or someone to help me understand something…..

    I've heard of numerous studies that in obese men, split into 3 groups, where the first group was asked to reduce their calories by 20%, the second group was to reduce calories by 20% AND add resistance training AND supplement with a whey protein shake within X mins .of training. A third group repeated the second group protocol but instead of whey they swapped out for the slower digesting Casein protein…..

    The alleged results were minimal weight loss and no muscle gain in group one….
    Good weight loss and increased lean muscle mass in group two, whey protein….
    Good weight loss and even MORE increased muscle mass in group three, casein protein….

    what am I missing here?…. should we have had a fourth group with decreased calories, resistance training, and no supplement?….Why aren't older people benefiting from resistance training and protein supplements like the younger crowd?…is that where the systemic acidic nature of an elder persons system is blocking protein production? Does a younger body have better way of dealing with the acid…hence maybe the animal whey and casein protein is being utilised more effectively?

  13. Yet another science backed message telling the World to — EAT PLANT BASED and you will live longer and be healthier along the way !!!

  14. So Eggs are acidic , Bread (made out of wheat) is acidic and pasta (made out of eggs and wheat) is alkaline ? Thats kinda confusing 0.o

  15. Could it be that those who have other risk factors like genetics, smoking, etc, don't survive to ages >65 as often if on a high protein diet? Selection bias? Results on nutrition are very difficult to interpret, unfortunately.

  16. Love Dr. Greger's videos. The constant proof and enforcement of the benefits of a plant based, starch based diet makes me smile from ear to ear. This diet has changed my life. I have floored my Doctor by dropping 32 pounds, lowering my cholesterol from 235 to 173, reducing my ha1c by 2 complete points and lowering my blood pressure to normal ranges in just 60 DAYS! I have the blood work papers to prove it. Dr. McDougall and Dr. Greger are to thank!

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  18. This video didn't cover the use of Branch Chain Amino Acids, in the test results! BCAA's are important when consuming Protein. Not all Proteins, come with BCAA's.

  19. yeah that's because vegans die sooner than meat eaters and don't get a chance to die from heart disease because they died from a lack of vitamin B12

  20. The conclusion section of the study you cite showing the same requirement for older as younger people clearly notes that .8 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight will meet the "minimum" requirements of most people. Newer studies have shown that 1.0 to 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight in senior women (Adventist 2 study) show fewer hip fractures and greater survival after hip fractures. Bone health for those eating under that number shows a deterioration for every ten below that figure. And let's not forget that 100 year old Okinawan women get 1.1 gram of protein for every kilogram of healthy body weight.

  21. I'm not sure if the doctor is being disingenuous or simply lacks an understanding of protein requirements of the body? The reality is that whole food plant based diet might get adequate TOTAL protein that seems to be the equivalent of what an omnivore gets, but it isn't. As a vegan you total protein on an application like the Cron-o-meter might show you getting sixty grams, but that isn't the same as what an omnivore gets. Looks at the individual essential amino acid profile of the vegan's sixty grams. You'll find that various critical aminos like Lysine are sitting at say 55%, and Leucine might be even less while total protein continues to look adequate. In order for the body to make use of the ingested protein the percentage of each essential amino has to be at 100%. Whatever fraction isn't at the 100% level will be used as energy instead of a building block of muscles and organs. Therefore, if total protein is 60 grams which you target as adequate, but the Lysine value shows up as 55%, multiple 60 grams time .55 and you'll discover effective usable protein by the body is actually 33 grams. This is below the RDA for a 160 pound male. On the other hand an Omnivore eating 60 grams of protein from animal sources will show ALL essential aminos at or well above 100% and therefore his body can use every gram of that protein for maintenance. Remember that RDA is based on a PER (quality) of protein of one, not simply on total protein that is short essential aminos.

  22. I couldn't agree more. Vegetables are important. In fact they should always fill most of your plate. It doesn't matter what kind of diet you eat, vegan, sad, keto, meditaranean, paleo, etc. Vegetables are key and should always be your main food source,… in volume.

    Not carbs like potatoes or rice, not meat, not fat, but vegetables,.. in volume. In calories they're never the main food source.

  23. Thank you Dr. Gregers thank you for caring about people of all ages, that is a sign of a great healer. The older generation is why the younger generation is here a lot of us are very young at heart and have a lot to share.

  24. What the fuck is going on, vegans don't seem to live any longer than meat eaters. I ask again what is going on , why do vegans is not live longer??

  25. At 64 , I work out almost daily and need higher amounts of protein more than most. Try to limit my animal protein but often cannot get enough from other sources. I do stay away from red meat.

  26. Just a week or so in to committing to going strictly vegan. I think it may be one of the best decisions I ever made. After doing a good bit of research I am not aware of one single 'downside' to being vegan.
    Kudos to you Dr. Greger for your tireless humanitarian work.

  27. I just turned 65 and and am concerned with muscle loss. Thanks Dr. Greger! I will eat my veggies like an athlete!

  28. From what the vegan raw foodist Brian Clement was saying is that fruit is acidic because it is picked unripe for shelf life and does not have the ability to ripen after picked. The only fruit that does is the banana. But he said to stay away from fruit all together because of the sugar. So I wonder if the fruitarians are burning up there muscle from the acidic fruit, unless they are picking it ripe.

  29. Well Dr. G. you, if it was you with the microphone. You sound you sound like you're either plastered or trying desperately to have a crap. What did you have to eat last night? Do you really talk like that? Are you a vegan? You seem to be missing a lot of vitamin B12 or something. Anyway it was interesting listening to you, as a meat and fish eater I think I'll stick to my diet.

  30. How well would our bodies be able to utilize a Vegan protein powder to aid in the prevention of muscle loss during a calorie deficit?

  31. Dr. Michael,
    As usual, you hit it hard and long with the facts. One bit of common confusion that you can clarify is the use of the word protein vs the use of the words animal protein. In other words, as you allude to toward the end of the bit, it is important to clarify the difference between animal protein and plant protein when designing studies and designing diets.
    Bottom line? Seems to me that the Modified Mediterranean diet (what I call The Peasant Diet) that uses animal protein for flavor and plant protein for medicinal and nutrient benefit fits the bill for achievable diet that’s best for our health. But … can we prove it? Has sufficient research been done to prove this? And, what is the optimal diet & protein requirement for healthy vs sick folks. We deal with this issue in the ICU on a regular basis but, I’m not satisfied with our ability to individualize and optimize nutrition on account of our lack of definitive markers for malnutrition and suboptimal nutrition.
    But … we carry on … best we can with what we know to be true.
    Seeking transparency and truth about optimal health and nutrition? Grandmothers and others who have come before us had simple rules: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Fresh Air, Sunshine, Exercise & Plenty of Sleep
    But, for individuals, with ailments, individualized plans are needed. That’s where the grandmothers’ knowledge and skill set stops.
    But, since you like stories of grandmothers … my two Italian grandmothers … their diets and health and lives and deaths tell a great story, as do the stories of my parents lives, life style, diets and deaths. But that long story is for another forum.
    The short story is this: One was fat and one was skinny. Skinny Grandma (I called her Granola Granny) ate more of a plant based diet … but not exclusively. Fat Grandma (famous for saying “Have you ever seen a sausage with wrinkles?” in response to my baby brother’s question, “Grandma, why don’t you have any wrinkles?”) ate the usual Italian immigrant diet. Both of these ladies died from the same thing at around the same age. In there 80s, the both developed atrial fibrillation and they each suffered a hemispheric stroke as a result of embolic complications of atrial fibrillation … before the days of anticoagulation for prevention of clot and emboli.
    Fast forward to today … are we able to recommend (with evidence) non pharmacologic and diet based preventions for atrial fibrillation and embolic complications? In other words, do we have evidence based preventive and therapeutic strategies for specific ailments like atrial fibrillation and the embolic complications that generally follow?
    When I see patients in the ICU who are suffering from all sorts of ailments, especially cardiovascular disease related events like Acute Coronary Syndromes, ischemic events and related events … I tell them about the options for diet and exercise. The short and sweet message? “Don’t eat anything that has a mother & don’t eat anything that come from a mother. Walk at least 30 minutes daily … working up to 4 miles daily.” But, I believe we need to put the message into a short check list and a short video that can be used repeatedly for the long haul and for the family and for the friends of the patient and the family … to help spread the word and the action.

    Do you have such a thing?

    We look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial cooperative action, with and for all the folks we serve.

    Keep up the good work.

    Dr. Mike @ the non profit [email protected]

  32. This was super interesting; studies that Valter Longo and his associates did in blue zones were cause for concern because of the frailty factor, which led to more breakage of bones etc. in individuals beginning age 65 to 70. Slightly increasing protein from legumes and whole grains however did seem to make a measurable difference with no deleterious effects. These people were not athletes but moved constantly through the day. I'd LOVE to watch a conversation between you two guys; would be awesome (i'm 64 and suddenly writing like a valley girl which in itself may be cause for concern ……

  33. link to video on nutritionfacts doesnt work. here is the right one

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