Infraspinatus Muscle

Infraspinatus Muscle

In this video we are going over the
infraspinatus muscle so we’re going to go back to the posterior view which we
are in right now and it’s going to be this muscle here. If you see the
number it’s number seven but this actual muscle right through here. okay the
infraspinatus it originates in the infraspinous fossa of the scapula so
we’re going to go ahead and bring out the scapula. Again note that this is the
anterior view. To see the infraspinous fossa you got to go to the posterior
view and you have to go inferior to the spine of the scapula
so if we’re looking back at the muscle this is the spine of the scapula this is
going to be the infraspinatus muscle. Now where does it go so it inserts into the
greater tubercle so we know what the greater tubercle is it’s gonna be this
little bump right here well not little it is the greater bump. We’re going
to note that three muscles actually attach here I’m sorry um
insert there it’s gonna be the supraspinatus, infraspinatus and the
teres minor. We’re going to go over that muscle in another video so once I’ve
attached what do I do? I rotate the arm laterally so my rotating to the exact
opposite of medial. We’re going away from the body if my arms are bent at a 90
degree angle and then it’s going to adduct the arms so DD. In this case
this means that you’re bringing the arms from out like look at the chicken
dance again now that my arms are out though you have to bring your arms down
in line with your body. That is what add ducting is it’s bringing the arms toward
the body while abducting abd is bringing the arms away from the body

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  1. HI, Annie! It would be helpful to see you perform the action (rotating arm laterally; adducting the arm) The camera should point to you at this point rather than the muscle. Thanks!

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