Inktoberfest Day 1 – Stretch your stencils with embossing ink and Nuvo Drops

Inktoberfest Day 1 – Stretch your stencils with embossing ink and Nuvo Drops

hi everyone welcome to hedge hog hollow
today is a super exciting day here at had choco there are so many different
things going on so in this video we are joining Justine
Hovey with her 50 cards for 50k so there’s a big blog hop going on there’s
prizes to win you want to make sure you keep hopping below we’ll add the next
video in the hot there’s over 50 cards and techniques to learn and amongst the
video harp so we’re gonna be showing you two different techniques in this one I’m
your showing you ways to stretch your stencils and I’ve got two different
ideas for you and then you also have some different things going on on the
channel today so today is October 1st and it’s the launch of ink towba fest so
super exciting there as well we’ll be sharing some of those fun things with
you as well so be sure to check out that other video and all month long in
October we have a really fun event going on every single day we teach about a
different type of ink we have giveaways coupons all sorts of fun things and then
Justine has her technique class going on so again there’ll be a link in the
description to that one and the more videos you visit on Justine’s help the
more chances to win amazing prizes and then we also have our own classes and
things going on all the details will be in that description and there’ll be a
link blog post explaining everything too so go check that out
tons of fun things going on between Justine’s blog and the Hedgehog holo
lots of savings lots of new fun things happening October is going to be an
amazing month all around so let’s dive in so the first technique I want to show
you with stencils is all about stretching your embossing powder so what
you can do is you can grab a stencil this is the Tim Holtz scribbles stencil
and I’m going to turn it over and Center up I already have pixie spray on this
stencil I have used it a couple of times so it’s not strong as it used to be but
you can definitely use it a few times on here
I’m gonna take my clear mark embossing pads aren’t true
towba fashion I’m showing you a different way to use this supply and my
stunts it’s not quite centered so I’m using the white part of my Tim Holtz
glass mat to show me exactly where this should be so I’m centering it up
reasonably well and then I’m gonna do a pretty good pounce here maybe kind of
should have pounced it beforehand but I’m not gonna worry because this is one
of those kind of freeform techniques anyway and then I’m gonna take my clear
mark pad this is my favorite embossing ink pad and I’m taking it a little bit
of an angle and I’m going through my stencil and I already like doing this
technique with colored embossing inks you can use your regular and gold
silvers you can even do clear and then use it as an emboss resist technique but
the colored embossing powders come out super super cool on these so I’m just
pressing at this through like this so I’m doing this on black cardstock just
regular this is the lawn fawn black exactly but I’ll make sure there’s links
in the video description for you and they set up over at scrapbook comm and
it’s one of my favorite black cardstock so I’m just making sure I’ve got fairly
even coverage through my stencil so super quick and easy card number one and
I’m gonna lift this up so I have a really nice pretty panel under here and
then I’m gonna pour on top my embossing powder I’m actually gonna use my card
base as my catch-all because I’m going really quick and simple this is the
ocean Sparkle Nouveau embossing powder so it has that really beautiful
turquoise color and it also has a little bit of sparkle in there so even better
again sprinkle all over liberally because we’re not going to have anyways
so it doesn’t matter and then I’m just going to dust down and give it a nice
flick on the back look how you get all of that beautiful texture from your
stencil and I’m just going to pull this back
in really really easy just like this and I’m gonna wipe that away and then I’m
gonna heat this up oh yeah I’m using the one mikito for this you can see a really
nice even heat if you haven’t tried it before
lots of people always ask me what my favorite heat tour is I do use the
Ranger he tipped all when I work with watercolors and things but when I’m
working with embossing powders I have the wild tool upstairs and I have the
Widener one down here I would say they created pretty equal they’re both really
nice tools to use and I just happen to have the two different ones so rather
than buying another one that’s what I tend to use so you can see it going a
really nice solid kind of equity all color as it’s so defying and melting so
I’m just going all over my project here it’s got a little bit of sparkle in it
too so we’ll just go I can oh wait over really pretty and I love how it stands out on the
black cardstock but of course you could don’t I’m pink you could do it on blue
you could do it on white but I just love to kind of you know stark contrast when
you have it on black cardstock just like that so today so that’s my
first panel there so you can see isn’t that super pretty
so I’m gonna pop this one to the side here and now we actually didn’t work on
a second panel so I’m just going to give my surface a quick wipe down and grab my
second set of supplies so for a second card we’re gonna use the same stencil
and a kind of similar ish idea of stretching the stencil not in the ink
blending way but because I want to show you the finished card I’m gonna kind of
do it back to front but bare with me so we’re gonna take our card base here I’m
going to take a piece of light blue cardstock this is actually a hero hues
cardstock again I’ll link all your colors and everything in that video
description for you I’m using my Nouveau deluxe adhesive just because it’s too
hand so why not and whenever I am matting it was do it with the card open
and on this one I actually meant for a bit of a boo boo and a crease so that’s
gonna be the front of my card because it means I cover it up so another top tip
so when you make a mistake that becomes the front of your card because you can
cover it up and I’ve already pre-cut everything so a to card base then five
and a quarter by four inches and then three and three quarters by five inches
so everything is pre-cut in standard layers and if you’ve taken my recent
card-making 101 class which is linked in the description for you and it is still
on sale it’s not the same introductory sale but it is still on sale for a
hedgehog hallo followers I have a complete matting guide for a four
cardstock and eight and a half by eleven card stock so you can take that as a
download so I’ve taken at my piece here I’m taking the same stencil and I’m
going to layer up even ish and I’m gonna take this brand new nouveau drop so this
is ring roads I really love this color it’s
an iridescent pink and I’m gonna splat some on my surface now I heard you all
go oh what’s she doing I heard it on the other side of YouTube but it’s really ok
and you just going to produce a really really pretty effect so bear with me and
take my media spatula and I’m taking this smaller angled one so I’m gonna
pick up some of that medium remember I have pixie spray on here so it helps me
stick it down and it stops a little bit of that using and if I get something
it’s okay it’s a hand make hard don’t panic and remember you have a sentiment
to go on here if you need a big sentiment because you had a lot of it
using then we put a big sentiment on here if you didn’t get a lot of oozing
we put a small sentiment on here so remember we fix mistakes and my cards go
wrong too so don’t worry about it and I’m just gonna be fairly even about
going up to the matting layer I kinda didn’t think that bit through I should
have put some masking tape there Greg’s kind of chuckling because I made
a mistake but you know its life but again maybe that’s where my sentiment
goes I don’t know we’ll work that bit out as we go along later so sometimes I
forget steps in videos and then I have to go back to it later anyway I’m gonna
put my Nouveau drops through and I’m not doing a super thick layer I kind of just
want a background iridescent you know just kind of that hint of pink and I’m
trying to be kind of gentle ish at the top there and here I need a little bit
of cover-up so I stick my spatula in more you could also split where okay so
it’s going on the back or do you know what I do if I do that well first of all
you wouldn’t have it mounted on your card
it’s just that Justine wanted us to show finish cards so I was making sure that I
had it mounted into my card before I did it on that because I don’t have to wait
for it to dry and I’ve got limited time with Greg this week and I videographer
isn’t here so I’m trying to be expedient so that I can do everything I’m
multitasking on – Greg yeah it’s like yesterday whatever you tell
yourself for every you want yes dear isn’t that the key to a happy marriage
the key to a happy marriage okay so if I really did get this I would tend to cut
the front off of my card and then I just mount it on a new card base so and I’m
if that happens to you at home because it probably has don’t worry you haven’t
ruined your card you don’t need to throw in the trash and it happens to me all
the time John I make mistakes Craig he says not being able to keep his face
straight anyway well I was trying to not have drying time because Justine wanted
finish cards in her heart so I was trying to not like you know have to dry
it anyway don’t get the idea so when you are done and of course at home you have
more drying time and you don’t have it on a finished card panel you pick it off
and you have this really pretty shimmery design it is pretty though isn’t it
Gregg yeah so it’s really cool that you can use your Nouveau drops as a medium
you don’t have to use them just as what’s the word I’m looking for as an
embellishment and I’m gonna take this piece of card and I’m gonna scrape this
off and I sure did a pretty good job of fixing that and I’ll take my sander
razor to it and see if it comes off and if it doesn’t then I’ll just add it to a
new card place later something else I thought you could do that would add a
really cool effect if you wanted to you don’t have to would be that you could
just kind of this is so gonna go wrong I’m taking this to the idea but I was
like yes thank you dear why did I marry an engineer well I
thought what you could do wish you could add a little bit of sparkle if you want
it to and this is the new tonic Bluebell and it’s got little bits of pink in the
blue and I thought well all the blue and the pink and I didn’t do them but what
you can do of course because Nouveau drops if you didn’t know has a beautiful
amount of sparkle in it and it’s an amazing adhesive Nouveau drops so it
works like a beautiful glue so you can add re pretty amounts of glitter and
just add some sparkle into your card so when that’s dry that glitters gonna
stick on there and then you’ll have these really cool amounts of glitter in
your Nouveau drops so I thought that was a really cool idea that you could add
like glittery centers to your roses you could sprinkle it on there or you could
just like add a light iridescent to the top if you use one of like the
translucent glitters all those kinds of things I thought it was a cool idea
Gregg is nodding at me so I’m gonna go with he thinks it’s a cool idea too
and then for my first card I’m gonna go back to that piece of pink cardstock
that I just used to help me clear up and I’m gonna stick this down again with my
deluxe adhesive and I just used small dots
I don’t put glue all over or anything like that again I’m matting with my card
base open my lid out the way and the great thing about clear adhesive core
liquid adhesive is the fact that I get some wiggle room and some time to move
everything around and then to either of these cards you could add any sentiment
you could have happy birthday happy Mother’s Day happy Easter you know
there’s so many different Center it’s just to say hi you know excuse me so
many different options I’m out doing one this and I’m just
matching on a little bit of pink same layer sizes again and nice press down
it’s gonna hold that for a second and that’s it really really simple cards
couple of makes in a few minutes there and then I’ll go and wash my stencil in
warm soapy dawn or fairy liquid depending on what country or continent
you’re on but there you go there are two cards with the same stencil that look
completely different because we’ve used embossing powder on one we’ve you’ve new
row drops and glitter on the other and then you can add we’ll add our
sentiments on afterwards super super simple and I hope you’ve enjoyed finding
ways to stretch your stencils you really don’t have to use supplies and mediums
and those things in the ways that they kind of are recommended you can think of
all sorts of fun out-of-the-box ideas as I say don’t forget to keep on hopping to
entries into the giveaways here for Justine’s
fifty cars for 50k congratulations on that milestone Justine and don’t forget
to check out her technique cards check out the Hedgehog holo blog pose and of
course check out inktober first here at Hedgehog hollow as well we have my own
favorite ink companies sponsoring us range you’re gonna be here Katherine
Pula is here artist breeze so many different fun companies we can’t wait to
share it all with you so we’ll be back again very very soon the meantime happy
crafting and have a fantastic day don’t forget to hit subscribe subscribe to the
playlist join our community for extra savings and previews for inktober first
and behind the scenes info and follow along all month long I’ll see you soon

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